UWELL Valyrian 3 Coils Compatibility: What You Need To Know…

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 02/24/23 •  3 min read

What coils are compatible with UWELL Valyrian 3? Here’s everything you need to know…

If you’re running or thinking about getting the UWELL Valyrian 3, you either already know or are about to find out just how good it is.

I reviewed the UWELL Valyrian 3 earlier this year, and it really did blow me away.

The flavor is incredible, the design is on point, and the coils – each and every one of them – have excellent lifespans (upwards of 14 days in some instances).

But what about coil support for the UWELL Valyrian 3? What coils are compatible with UWELL Valyrian 3? Once again, there’s plenty of good news in this regard.

Here’s everything you need to know…

UWELL Valyrian 3 Coils

With coils, you have several options (detailed below) and the UWELL Valyrian 3 will run the UWELL Valyrian 2 coils.

That’s right, if you’re coming from the Valyrian 2 and you have coils left over, perhaps you’re one for planning in advance and don’t like to be caught short, then you can use them in the Valyrian 3.

This kind of thing, backwards compatibility, really doesn’t happen often enough with vape tanks, so it is great to see UWELL doing something positive in this regard.

Compatible UWELL Valyrian Coils

Best Coil For The UWELL Valyrian 3

FeCrAl 0.14ohm Valyrian 3 Coil

If you want to REALLY experience what this tank can do, you’ll want to start with the FeCrAl 0.14ohm Valyrian 3 coil – it comes with the kit and it is utterly bad ass.

The FeCrAl 0.14ohm Valyrian 3 coil is the most potent coil that you can currently run in the UWELL Valyrian 3. I’ve had mine up and around 100W and it really sings.

The flavor and clouds it delivers are insane, making it ideal for cloud chasers and vape trick fans.

SS316 0.32ohm UN2 Valyrian 3 Coil

For a more laid back vaping experience, the SS316 0.32ohm UN2 Valyrian 3 coil is ideal. It isn’t as potent as the FeCrAl 0.14ohm Valyrian 3 coil but the flavor is still very much on point.

You’ll just want to keep the power considerably lower in order to extract the optimal performance from this one.

We’ve already covered the Valyrian 2 coil performance when that tank came out. Suffice to say, they’re very good and, like UWELL’s new Valyrian 3 coils, they have excellent life span, averaging around 10-12 days between changes which is great.

Need to know more about this tank? Check out my full and detailed UWELL Valyrian 3 review for all the performance and specs details.

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