Nic Salts Juice EXPLAINED: It’s E Juice (But Not As You Know It)

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 04/23/18 •  4 min read

Nic Salts Juice is taking the US by storm. But what is Nic Salts E Juice and, more importantly… should you be vaping it?

Nic Salts E Juice is fast-becoming a very big deal in the US.

A lot of this is down to JUUL, and its growing successes.

But another reason is that it is slightly different to standard E Juice – both in the way it vapes AND the way it hits you.

Nic Salts E Juice is basically designed to give you a bigger nicotine hit.

And it’s a pretty new trend in the vaping scene.

And even if you have heard of nic salts juice, you might still be a little confused about what it ACTUALLY is.

You’re probably wondering:

All of these questions will be answer below.

Nic Salts Juice – A Quick Definition



I’ll try and keep this as simple as possible.

But if you don’t like science-y stuff, just skip this section 😉

First, Let’s Look At How Nicotine Works In Standard E Juice

Put simply: standard E Juices, the ones that most of us are used to, use freebase nicotine.

This is the standard for the vast majority of the market at the moment.

Freebase Nicotine is created using nicotine salts derived from tobacco plants which are then treated with ammonia to increase the PH level – this process returns the nicotine to a neutral, freebase state.

Got it? Good!

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OK, So What About Nic Salts Juice?

Both forms of vape juice – Nic salts juice and standard E Juice – require Nic salts.

However, with Nic salt juice, things get a little different…

In order to create Nic salts juice, manufacturers use the same nic salts that are used when creating freebase nicotine.

Only here Benzoic acid is added. And Benzoic acid has the opposite effect of ammonia – it reduces alkalinity and makes the juice smoother.

This is why nic salt juices, despite having high concentrations of nicotine in them, vape really smoothly.

It’s all down to the reduced alkalinity.

Nic Salts Juice Advantages

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Nic Salts Juice was created to make vaping more like smoking; to give the same style hit.

PAX labs, the creator of the JUUL, were the first people to use it commercially.

This is one of the reasons the JUUL is so successful; it provides a massive hit, similar to smoking, but is still very, very smooth and tasty.

Other Benefits of Nic Salts Juice

Nic Salts Juice – Probably Not Great For Your RDA

High VG juices are great, especially when vaped with low nicotine levels, as you get a really smooth vape that’s packed with flavor.

Chuck some Nic Salts Juice into the mix, however, and while you will get a smooth vape, you might make yourself sick from too much nicotine.

Why? Nicotine levels are WAY higher than they are in standard juice.

nic salts juicePin


For this reason, you probably want to stick to MTL tanks and pod systems when vaping Nic Salts Juice.

Basically, Nic Salts Juice is NOT for cloud chasers.

Nic Salts Juice is for those looking for a cigarette-like nicotine hit; those that don’t like the taste of high-nicotine, traditional E Juice; and, finally, those that want to maybe vape less.

Interested in Nic Salts Juice?

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