How To Setup Kayfun Prime (Pro Tips, Tricks & Pics)

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How To Setup Kayfun Prime – A Guide on How To Set Up One of the Best (and Most Expensive) MTL Vape Tanks Around!

You might not have heard of Kayfun.

They’re a European vape tank designer, and they make some of the best MTL vape tanks in existence.

And this isn’t just my opinion; no, many seasoned vapers swear by Kayfun.

For this reason: many view Kayfun tanks as the last word when it comes to MTL vaping.

I recently got myself the Kayfun Prime. My first ever Kayfun purchase.

And I have been more than impressed by it – big time!

This is a guide on how to setup the Kayfun Prime properly.

I’ll include loads of pictures and detail every step you need to take in order to get the best possible vape from your Kayfun Prime.

How You Setup Kayfun Prime – What You Need To Know

The Kayfun Prime is an MTL vape tank.

It is not designed for high-power vaping.

You run this vape tank under 15W usually. But you still get great vapor production and truly amazing flavor.

The deck, however, is very small.

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The Kayfun Prime Deck – It’s Small But Very Well Put Together

And this means you will have to create your own coils. This is super-easy, however – all you need is some wire and a coil-rolling kit like this one from Coil Master.

Clapton’s and bigger types of coil simply WILL NOT fit on the Kayfun Prime’s deck.

I’ve tried, believe me, and there’s simply not enough room.

My preferred build for the Kayfun Prime is 7-wrap 26g Kanthal coil.

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A Simple Coil I Made (It Came Out At 0.89 ohms)

I usually get anything from 0.9ohms to 1.2ohms.

Installing The Coil

There are two screws, one for each terminal.

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Secure Your Coil’s Leads Under The Screws

Once you have your coil made, simply unscrew them to create a gap beneath in which you insert your lead.

When the leads are secure, tighten the screws and snip the excess wire.

Kayfun Prime Coil Placement

For the BEST possible flavor, you want to ensure the coil is placed squarely over the airflow hole.

Leave a gap of 1-2mm, so it sits just above it. This is the optimal positioning.

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Make Sure Your Coil Is Directly Above The Airflow

I did my first wrong (it wasn’t quite centred) and the flavor was impaired pretty dramatically.

In this respect, precision is key.

Wicking The Kayfun Prime

If you’re used to RDA and RTA tanks, wicking the Kayfun Prime might feel a little weird.

Less is more in this context. The coil is A LOT smaller, so you don’t need too much cotton to wick it properly.

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You’ll Want About This Much Cotton For Your Wick (I Use Cotton Bacon)

You’ll want to make sure the cotton is fluffed up correctly and the right thickness.

There should be a slight resistance when you pull it through the coil but not enough to make the coil move.

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Clip The Cotton To Around The Outer Layer of The Tank

How To Setup Kayfun PrimePin

Next, you need to trim the cotton down. I tend to align my cut with the outer rim of the tank.

Once I’ve done this, I’ll thin out the ends with my scissors.

The Kayfun Prime doesn’t need MASSES of cotton. Again, less is more in this regard.

Time To Pack That Cotton Down

There are two slots either side of the coil. This is where the ends of the cotton need to go.

How To Setup Kayfun PrimePin
Tuck It In And, BOOM, You’re Done!

Carefully push the cotton into these slots, and ensure they are covered but not too stuffed.

You want it to wick, but you don’t want big clumps of cotton.

Make sure your cotton is nice and fluffy before you put it in there.

Do this and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Remember: less is more with Kayfun tanks.

Reassembling The Kayfun Prime

This is the easy part.

Simply screw everything back together, open the juice flow slightly, and start vaping.

The Kayfun Prime Juice Flow Control System

The juice flow control system on the Kayfun Prime was the only aspect of the tank that confused me.

I didn’t really get how it worked. And this affected my first couple of vapes with the tank.

Basically, to lock the juice flow control, you turn the tank all the way to the left.

How To Setup Kayfun PrimePin

This ensures no juice gets to the coil.

And you’ll want it closed when you refill with E Juice. I use Nic Salts E Juice because it hits better and Kayfun tanks are not sub ohm. My #1 Nic Salt E Juices that I’m using right now are listed in the table below:

[ninja_tables id=”7009″]

Once your tank is full of vape juice, turn the Kayfun Prime tank right a few twists. You will see bubbles. This means the juice is flowing to your coil.

You’re now ready to vape.

Interested in picking up a Kayfun tank? VaporFi has a range of Kayfuns. 

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