How To Set-Up And Use The Aspire Atlantis Tank Properly


How to setup, refill and get the best vapor production from the Aspire Atlantis tank

FYI – This Tank is Now Pretty Old, So…

You might want to consider a) getting a newer model, or b) having a look at what’s available right now.

The Atlantis, while pretty epic back in the day, is now a few years old which, in the world of vaping, might as well be 100 years old.

Sub-Ohm technology has moved on LOADS in the past few years, adding in bigger performance, better flavor, improved coil systems, and even more epic clouds.

I’d point you in the direction of our Best Sub-Ohm Tanks article, as this is where we put all the best tanks we’ve tested – the newest ones are always at the top.

The tanks in this list are the BEST of THE BEST, so whichever you go for you’re sure to have a splendid time vaping on it.

If you’re after an Aspire tank, you might want to check out the Aspire Cleito which is rated for 120W and produces some bloody excellent clouds and flavor.

The EPIC Sense Blazer 200Pin
The EPIC Sense Blazer 200

My personal favorite – and the one I am using right now – is the Sense Blazer 200, which is rated for 200W of power, will run SMOK’s TFV8 coils, as well as its own, and can hold up to 6ml of E Juice.

You can also run the Sense Blazer 200 as an RBA (though that bit comes separately).

If you really want to go the Aspire route, however, there really is only one tank you should be looking at – the Aspire Cleito.

This tank, favored by VapeBeat’s very on Rob Goodwin, is one hell of a sub-ohm tank. The coil system is immense and the airflow, while different to a lot of setups, is very satisfying with its more focused draw.

It is also one of the best looking sub-ohm vape tanks around. Period. And – because it’s Aspire – you know you’re supporting American workers, as Aspire is based in the States. Double bonus!

You can pick up the Aspire Ceito via Direct Vapor for $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING.


If you’re having trouble with the Aspire Atlantis tank you’re not alone. Plenty of people do not understand how to get the most out of this awesome setup. Thankfully, we’re here – with a bit of help from Reddit – to ensure you always get the most epic of vaping experience possible from one of the best tanks in the business.

As noted in our Aspire Atlantis V2 Review, you get pretty much sweet FA with respect to instructions inside the Aspire Atlantis box. It’s just the tank, some coils and that’s about it – no user guides, no manuals and no safety information. This is rather perplexing for a number of reasons, but mostly because it assumes the buyer is a seasoned player, whereas a lot of people using it will not be.

So, if that sounds like you, relax: this guide on how to get the most out the Aspire Atlantis tank is for YOU. First, let’s get the basics out of the way.

How To Refill The Aspire Atlantis Tank Properly

Like most BIG BOY tanks, the Aspire Atlantis unscrews from the bottom in a counter clock-wise direction. Be warned, though, it is rather tough to get off the first time, so a little force is necessary. Once you’ve unscrewed the bottom portion of the device, set it aside and follow these steps to the letter:

  • Unscrew the coil and place it to one side.
  • Now it’s time to fill it with juice. The Aspire Atlantis holds 5ml, but it fills up quickly, so be careful.
  • It’s also a fairly tight squeeze getting your juice in, so take your time and rest the tip of your juice dripper on the glass and slowly pour the eliquid down the side of the glass, careful not to get any in the hole in the middle. You want that clean as a whistle, or else you’ll get a mouthful of eliquid!
  • Depending on the size of you juice dispenser, the tank usually fills after four or five loads.
  • With the tank full, screw in the coil. Make sure it’s securely fitted but don’t do it too tight as you’ll have to remove it at a later date.
  • Now it’s time to prime the coil. Along the side of the coil you’ll see openings (four of them). Dab juice onto each of these a couple of times – the more saturated the cotton is the better.
  • Next, attach the bottom part of the tank to the top and screw onto your mod.
  • Let it sit for five minutes or so – this lets more eliquid enter the coil and ensures you don’t get a dry hit.

That’s it for the basics, though I really want to reinforce how important prepping the coil is – you do not want to burn out a coil quickly, and not prepping it is the fastest way to do this.

Next up, your gear.

Using The Aspire Atlantis With The Right Box-Mod

This is a sub-ohm tank and it works best when clocked between 35W and 40W, so you’re going to need a decent box mod to get the best vapor experience out of the Aspire Atlantis.

A 20W setup will work, but the results will be weak. Ideally, you need something with a 50W top end at the very least. When you’re sub-ohm vaping, the more power you have at your disposal the better.

Check out VapeBeat’s guide to The Best Box Mods For 2016 for a more in-depth look at what’s available and how much one will set you back.

Extra Tips & Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of The Aspire Atlantis

I love Reddit, so much so I even did a post on the Best Vaping SubReddits on Reddit. I came across an excellent post the other day, which relates to the Aspire Atlantis, and figured I’d share it in this article because it covers a lot of the things I mentioned above, as well as a few other tricks which are will worth implementing before you get started with the Aspire Atlantis tank.

You can read the full post here. But, for the sake of brevity, below is the gist of the article:

  • Saturate the coil head before installing and hitting it the first time. You see those little holes where the juice goes into the coils? Dab it with some juice, install the head, fill the tank and let it sit for a few minutes. Then prime the juice into the coil wick by covering the air flow hole and suck in through the drip tip like you’re taking a hit. This forces juice into the coil head and moistens the wick. Do this a few times and the wick should be ready to use.
  • Heat up the coil a bit before breathing in. The wire in those .5 heads is very thick. It takes a bit for the coil to heat up sometimes, especially if the battery is running low. Press the fire a button for a second or two before breathing in and you’ll notices the vapor will be a lot warmer. I found that the best technique for me is pressing the fire button for a sec, take a couple of quick puffs, re-fire the button and then take a lung hit. When I figured this out, it made a world of difference.
  • Screw the coil head into the top part to fill up to the max. The Atlantis’ 2 ml max just doesn’t cut it most of the time. When you disassemble the tank, screw in the coil head to the top part of the tank (the part attached to the drip tip). Turn it over, and now you can fill it up almost to the top of the glass. You don’t have to worry about overfilling it and juice going down the bore. Keep in mind, though, that you still have to leave a little space for that white plastic barrier when you screw it back together.
  • Do you ever get drops of juice on your tongue, or get a mouth full of juice taste and no vapor? The wick has probably over saturated and is dripping juice down the bottom basin of the tank. You can get that juice out by removing the drip tip, placing a folded paper towel on top of the tank, keep it wrapped tight around the tank, then turn it up-side-down and quickly swing it towards the ground. This drains out those juices that were hanging out and giving you a bad time.
  • As with most clearomizers, it take a little while to get the best performance with a new coil head. Be patient. It may take 50-100 hits before you’re in cloud city.


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