How To Make Your Vape Products Last Longer (Our #1 Tips)

How To Make Your Vape Products Last Longer (Our #1 Tips)Pin

Any quality vape kit today stands as an investment. Even if you’ve done absolutely no modifications to your device, getting a good quality vape kit and regularly replacing the coils, and using the right vape juice is of the utmost importance.

One of the best ways that you can save money on vaping is to work at maintaining your devices correctly.

Paying for an entirely new vape device and all of the newest accessories to go with it could be quite an expensive investment. Wear and tear with any vape kit is going to be something that you need to account for.

In order to make sure that your device continues functioning at a high-level, you need to make sure that all of the components onboard receive regular maintenance. Here are some of the best ways that you can extend the life of your vape products, so you get more bang for your buck!

Looking After Your Vape Batteries

How To Make Your Vape Products Last Longer (Our #1 Tips)Pin

The battery in your vaping stands as one of the main components that you will need to take care of. In order to enjoy the best level of experience, you need to make sure that your battery is going to be functioning at its maximum capacity.

Batteries will wear out over time especially as they are recharged or when they are stored improperly. Here are some of the best ways that you can keep your device battery in the best condition:

1. Don’t Overcharge

Make sure that the battery has a chance to actually work unplugged. Many devices can take a long time to charge and this can leave you quite tempted to leave it plugged in. If you plug in your device and leave it over a few days, this could very quickly start to damage your battery.

Regularly using your kit and making sure that it can wear out and get charged regularly can be important. A battery will quickly start to degrade when it is simply left plugged in. Taking a few puffs off of the device when it is at different stages of charge and making sure to plug it in as long as it is necessary to recharge can keep your battery life at peak.

2. Turn Off Your Vape Device

Pony, the experienced vaper who is working in Vape4Ever, suggests the users keeping the vape device in standby mode or always fully charged. Make it so that the overall storage in the battery can quickly degrade over time.

Make sure that you are regularly using your device and then turning it off after every use. Storing your battery over a long period of time and not using it can eventually lead to its starting to wear out. Making sure that you are diligent with turning your device off can preserve everything from the coils to the screen and the battery as well.

3. Remove The Atomizer

The atomizer will likely continue to use up the battery in your vape. Quickly detaching mods that drain battery power or the atomizer can make sure that you can extend the battery life of your vape kit and the overall battery life that you have out of the main battery that comes with the device.

4. Check Your Mod’s Battery Compartment Regularly 

If you have been messing with refilling your e-liquid or you store your kit in properly, this can often lead to the battery compartment starting to build up with dust or gunk.

When does starts to build up inside the battery compartment, this can clog some of the threading and components that can break circuits in your device.

Preventing this build-up and doing regular cleaning of your vape kit can be a good idea. This could help to prevent short-circuiting and severe damage to your battery as well as ensure that the device will regularly power on.

5. Get A Replacement Battery

Running your mod with a battery that has become worn out can be frustrating and it can also increase the load on other components in your kit. Making sure that your device is functioning well means having a battery that can hold a charge and deliver sufficient power output.

Many vape product companies will offer the chance to replace your battery with a manufacturer’s specified replacement battery. Certain types of vape pens will come with a battery that is attached in a compartment that cannot be opened.

If you have a vape battery that can be removed and replaced, make sure that you are regularly replacing these batteries or even purchasing a few extra batteries for fast swapping.

Replacement Coils

vape mesh coilPin

Coils can be one of the most expensive aspects of your vape kit. As the heart of the heating source, you’re going to need to take care of your coils in order to enjoy a better quality vaping experience.

Straining your coils can make sure that they will need ongoing replacement. If you want to keep them in the best possible shape, here are some top strategies that you can use for maintaining your coils with any vape product:

1. Changing Your Vape Juice

Your e juice needs to be changed out regularly. If you aren’t changing out e-juice or you are using your device occasionally, it doesn’t take long for your coils to start building up with vape juice and burning out. If you’re not going to be using your kit for a while, take out the oil and make sure that you are able to resell the coil when you want to activate it again.

Most e juice is also a product that will be transparent. Using an e juice that contains items like heavy flavoring or dyes could be dangerous for your health as well as for the health of your E juice. Make sure that you are only using newer E juice and a product that has a clear color.

2. Cleaning Your Coils Regularly

You can often extend the life of your coils by cleaning them out. Running any coil under warm water and rinsing out some of the e juice can help to extend the life of your coils by a few days.

Drying your coils out on a paper towel for 24 hours can help to remove some of the gunk that may have formed on that. It’s a good idea to use rubbing alcohol or Everclear to make sure that you can remove all of the extra gunk that may have formed on it.

3. Always Prime Your Coils Before Using Them

It’s likely that you will need to perform at least a few coil replacements with any vape kit that has a replaceable coil. The first time that you have to replace a coil, make sure that you are priming it properly. Most devices come with a user manual that includes step-by-step instructions that are required to prime your coil.

The basics of coil priming essentially mean that the holes along the side of the coils have had a chance to fill up with vape juice. When this vape juice makes its way in through the ventilation holes and interacts with the cotton in the coil this can lead to absorption through the coil and safer operation.

Priming ensures the cotton wick is properly soaked and ready to fire.

Failure to properly prime your coils could lead to what is called a dry hit. This occurs when the coil is not properly soaked in vape juice. A dry hit will often cause a coil to burn out quickly and cause a need for replacement.

To ensure that your coil is primed well, start the process of soaking the wick and then after a few minutes of soaking, make sure that you can take a few very small drags from your kit. By taking a few small hits from your vaping, you’ll be able to see if the coil is well saturated and if it’s time for you to enjoy the larger hits that you are more accustomed to.

After using the kit with smaller hits for the first few times after a coil replacement, you can enjoy it as you normally would, and without risking a dry hit.

Store Your Vape Products Correctly


Many vape products come with carrying cases or the option to install case mods around sensitive components. Making sure that you are always carrying the vape kit in a safe bag or a proper storage area can really extend its lifespan. Keeping your kit in your pocket or purse with a number of other components could lead to items getting broken.

Having a proper carrying case for the kit will also make sure that you can prevent breakages that occurred due to drops and more.

The temperature that you store your device at is also quite important. When temperatures get too hot or when the e juice gets exposed to sunlight, this can often change the flavor profile of the vapor and lead to components inside the kit wearing down quickly.

Exposure to high heat or cool temperatures can quickly compromise the structure of it. If you want to maintain longevity in your device, make sure that it’s only being used at comfortable temperatures and that it is always stored in a safe place.

And don’t forget to ONLY use the best quality vape juice possible – this is what the VapeBeat team use (and it’s all we use).

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