Wotofo Profile RDTA Review: Have Wotofo Redeemed Themselves?

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In the fast-moving world of vape hardware, companies are allowed to have one, maybe two missteps. For Wotofo, this was the COG RTA. An RTA that’s airflow was so bad, it may as well not have had any. The Profile RDTA may not be related to the COG RTA in any way, but it’s so good, I’d be forgiven for forgetting about the COG ever existed. Based on their infamous Profile RDA and Profile Unity RTA, or as it’s known in the community, the Sieve RTA, the Profile RDTA puts a new spin on Wotofos’ most popular atomizers.

Wotofo Profile RDTA Verdict – 89%

Wotofo Profile RDTA Pros:

  • Steel wick tanks are sexy AF
  • No more wicking issues
  • Flavourful, cool vape
  • Can be converted to mesh RDA
  • Clapton Mesh certainly is interesting

Wotofo Profile RDTA Cons:

TL;DR – The Wotofo Profile RDTA is less a cash grab on the Profile series and more an attempt to fix the consistent wicking issues on both the previous RDA and RTA version. The inclusion of stainless steel wicks ensures saturated cotton right through the tank and this in itself makes the Profile RDTA version a step better than the previous incarnations. It may not be for everyone and RDTAs come with their own set of issues, but this atomizer is my favorite in the series thus far.

Wotofo Profile RDTA ReviewPinBest Place To Buy? Wotofo (Direct) + $39.95


The Profile RDTA looks like your typical steel wick atomizer. An RDA atop a tank, but instead of cotton wicks hanging down into it, steel cables are placed down the channels. This allows juice to travel up into your deck and the reliance on proper wicking technique is mitigated. Of course, this adds another maintenance to your device in that these wicks need to be kept clean, but the ease of wicking mitigates this added complexity.

The atomizer is similar in looks to the Widowmaker, a tall tank of note that will turn the shortest mod into a skyscraper. The deck is identical to that of the Profile RDA, two slots for your mesh, a ceramic cotton hold, and a top cap. It’s 25mm as well. The RDTA version adds a tank section with 4 holes that allow the stainless steel cables to drop down into the tank.


How it works is simple, wick the RDA section like any mesh RDA and make sure your cotton lies atop the steel cables. The steel wicks take care of juice transportation and it’s about as simple as that. Steel wicking virtually eliminates all wicking issues people had with the Profile Unity.

Building on the Profile RDTA is fairly easy with the included bending rod. Once your mesh is rounded, drop it into the slots, tighten the screws and push the included shoelace cotton through and cut to preference. I did find that you still need to cut your cotton at 45 degrees to prevent dry hits.

The upside of the new wicking method is that if you wick too lightly, it still won’t leak as the Unity did. The RDTA acts like a normal RDA, but remember that as with all RDTAs, leaving it on its side will dump the juice at an astonishing rate, but heaven only knows why you would want to do that.

As expected, the RDTA comes with an 810 driptip, perfect for the huge amounts of airflow available on the Profile. Two honeycomb airflow slots sit on either side of the chamber and provide smooth as silk, but perhaps a bit too much airflow for my personal liking. Still, it’s nice to have options and the airflow can always be reduced.

Flavour is spot on, as good as on the RDA, but be aware that mesh is generally a much cooler vape than round coils. The included Clapton mesh is interesting too, a tiny increase of flavour. Wotofo also includes regular mesh strips as well if that’s more to your liking.

Wotofo Profile RDTA ReviewPin


  • Diameter: 25ml
  • Capacity: 6ml
  • Wicking Material: Stainless steel

Wotofo Profile RDTA Review Conclusion

Wotofo Profile RDTA ReviewPin

Wotofo has taken their classic Profile Unity and instead of rehashing it as a V2, completely eliminated the biggest complaint users had with it; wicking the damned thing. The Unity was a pain in the arse to get to work properly. It would either dry hit or leak like a sieve.

With the change to steel wicking from a bottom feed tank, the new Profile perform like a mesh tank should. Flavour remains as good and it’s still built as solid as anything from Wotofo.

While the Geekvape Mesh X still remains on top thanks to its refusal to leak, the Profile RDTA is a solid second place.

Best Place To Buy? Wotofo (Direct) + $39.95


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