Build Guide: Which Vape Coil Is Right For You?

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Vaping has gained tremendous popularity as a satisfying alternative to traditional smoking. The coil, a crucial component of vaping devices, significantly influences vapor production and flavour intensity. Coils come in a wide array of types, each offering their own unique characteristics. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the various types of vape coils and materials available and help you understand which coil best suits your vaping style. Which vape coil is right for you?


Coils come in a magnitude of material choices, each having their own benefits and draw backs. Certain materials work great for temperature control, but not at all in high power situations. Let’s look at the most popular materials we can build coils from:

Kanthal: Kanthal coils are made from a blend of iron, chromium, and aluminum. They are the most common and widely used coils in the vaping industry. Known for their durability and heat resistance, Kanthal wires offer a reliable and consistent vaping experience. Kanthal coils may, however, have slower ramp-up times compared to other coil types, resulting in a slightly delayed vapor production. Additionally, their resistance limits the ability to achieve extremely low ohm builds for sub-ohm vaping enthusiasts. Despite these limitations, Kanthal coils remain a popular choice among vapers seeking longevity and a satisfying vaping experience.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel coils have gained popularity due to their versatility. These coils are compatible with both variable wattage and temperature control modes, offering a wide range of vaping options. One potential drawback of stainless steel coils is that they may have a slightly muted flavor compared to other coil materials. Additionally, the responsiveness and performance of stainless steel coils can vary depending on the specific alloy used, so it’s essential to choose high-quality wires from reputable manufacturers. That said, stainless steel coils remain popular for temperature control vapers.

Build Guide: Which Vape Coil Is Right For You?Pin

Nickel (Ni200): Nickel coils again, are primarily used in temperature control vaping. They provide precise temperature regulation and prevent dry hits. A significant drawback of nickel coils is that they can be challenging to work with, requiring careful handling due to their low resistance. Additionally, some vapers may be sensitive or allergic to nickel, which can lead to discomfort or adverse reactions. It’s important to ensure proper precautions and limit usage to devices specifically designed for temperature control vaping. Vapers who value accurate temperature control and want to minimize the risk of burnt hits may still find nickel coils suitable for their vaping needs.

Titanium: Titanium coils share similar characteristics with nickel coils, making them suitable for temperature control vaping. They offer fast ramp-up times and excellent heat conductivity. They can be tough to work with and require expertise to avoid health risks. Titanium coils can produce harmful titanium dioxide particles when heated to high temperatures, which can be harmful if inhaled. Additionally, using titanium coils with incompatible devices or settings can lead to overheating and coil degradation. It’s crucial to exercise caution, follow manufacturer guidelines, and ensure proper compatibility and usage to minimize these risks. When used correctly though, titanium coils can provide a clean and pure flavor profile for temperature control enthusiasts.

Coil Types

Once you’ve determined which material best suits what you want from your vaping experience, it’s time to decide which type of build you want. This is where you can get really creative with wild coil builds from extreme Flat Bastard Coils to regular round wire coils. To keep things simple, we’ll focus on the most common and easiest to build and source coils.

Round Wire Coils: Round wire coils are the simplest and most basic coil type, consisting of a single wire wrapped around a rod or screwdriver. They are easy to build and install, making them ideal for beginners and vapers seeking a straightforward vaping experience. Round wire coils offer a balance between vapor production and flavor. However, they may not produce the densest clouds compared to more intricate coil types.

Fused Clapton Coils: Fused clapton, undoubtedly the most popular build, are a step up from round wire coils in terms of complexity and performance. They consist of two or more parallel wires (usually round) wrapped with a thinner wire. This construction maximizes the coil’s surface area, resulting in increased vapor production and enhanced flavor. Fused clapton coils require more power to operate efficiently and offer a warmer and denser vape. They are particularly popular among cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts who seek massive clouds, but flavour remains full bodied.

Build Guide: Which Vape Coil Is Right For You?Pin

Clapton Coils: Clapton coils are another popular coil type for flavour chasers. They consist of a thicker core wire with a thinner wire wrapped around it. The wrap wire forms small gaps, increasing the surface area and improving vaporization. Clapton coils produce intense flavor and moderate vapor production. Clapton coils strike a balance between complexity and ease of use, making them suitable for vapers looking for increased flavour without venturing into intricate coil builds.

Alien Coils: Alien coils get really complex, but deliver exceptional flavour and vapor production. They are created by carefully wrapping a flat ribbon wire around a round wire core and then deforming the wrap to create a wavy pattern. This unique construction increases the coil’s surface area, resulting in greater flavour production. Alien coils provide a balance between the warmth and density of fused clapton coils and the quick ramp-up time of round wire coils. They offer a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience, making them a favorite among flavour chasers.

Mesh Coils: Mesh coils utilize a mesh-like wire structure instead of traditional round or flat wires. The mesh provides a large surface area, resulting in rapid and even heating of the e-liquid, thus maximizing flavour and vapor production. Mesh coils are known for their quick ramp-up times, smooth draws, and long lifespan. They are ideal for vapers who prioritize flavour and seek a consistent vaping experience without the need for complex coil builds. Mesh coils are commonly found in sub-ohm tanks and are often pre-built for convenience, but require huge amounts of wick making dry hits more common.


Understanding the different types of coil builds and materials can help you achieve that perfect vape consistently. From the simplicity of round wire coils to the intricate designs of fused claptons and aliens, each type offers unique benefits and performance characteristics. Whether you prioritize flavour, cloud production, or ease of use, there is a coil and material suited to your style. Experiment with various coil and material types and discover the perfect balance that aligns with your vaping style, but remember, it’s a a deep and dark rabbit hole once you start building. Good luck!

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