Vapor Shark DNA 200 Reviews: What’s The Verdict?

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It took a while to get official but the Vapor Shark DNA200 is now widely available in the US and UK. Talked about endlessly, speculated about heavily and lusted after by nearly every one I know, the Vapor Shark DNA200 doesn’t really need any introduction — it’s basically the iPhone of the vaping world.

Why? Simple: Vapor Shark have a long and discerning track record when it comes to producing premium, high-end box-mods. Once used, people seldom go else. Yes, they cost more than your average setup but once you’ve experienced the quality of Vapor Shark’s machines, well, nothing else really compares.

We’ve covered the Vapor Shark DNA200 pretty extensively. You can see how it compares to its nearest rival — the Lavabox DNA 200 — in our comparison piece, Vapor Shark DNA200 vs Volcano Lavabox DNA 200. And for a full break down of the Vapor Shark DNA200’s specs, hardware profile, cost and features you can check out Vape Beat’s Vapor Shark DNA200 Hub.

So what’s the Vapor Shark DNA200 actually like? Is it any good? And, most importantly, does it live up to the HYPE!? Let’s have a look and see what the verdict is from around the Vapesphere.

Vapour Exp

“Now the DNA200 family of chips supports a new feature, the use of software to make more customizations and modifications to your device. This software is called Escribe and can be downloaded here. There is a plethora of options in the Escribe software to work with so I won’t get in to all that, but what I will say is that there is some very cool stuff such as being able to add your own logos on the screen or setup profiles for your different tanks. The profiles feature is incredibly useful for setting up temperature control. Think of it as presets for your different uses and there is even some profiles already created for some very popular tanks. Another great feature of Escribe is the ability to adjust all kinds of things on your mod, like screen brightness or the layout of the screen, how long to have the display lit for and lot’s of other options. The one downside is Escribe is only available for Windows which sucks for us Mac users, I had to rig a demo copy of Windows 10 to try the software. The interface is not bad but will take a little time to get up to speed with it. If your a super power user of vaping devices you’ll really like the real time monitoring of devices and the ability to compare logs and stats of the device’s performance, once again very cool stuff and to me, one of the best features is reliable and easy to use firmware updating.

“The bottom line is this, if you can spare $200 this is a great device. It’s not perfect (nothing is) but it’s got all the things that make it pretty special for me, quality, power and reliability. I also want to thank you for reading this post, if you made it this far you’ve earned my respect.”

Quit Day

“VaporShark’s latest product, the DNA 200 offers users a host of functions and features not found in other mods. It is sleek, portable, powerful, and highly customizable. Constructed out of 6031 aluminum, which makes it lighter than its predecessors, the DNA 200 is also finished with a black anodization process, followed by black paint, then a light rubberized coating. This makes the DNA 200 VaporShark’s toughest mod yet.

“However, what makes the DNA 200 stand out is the inclusion of Escribe. Escribe is a controlling software that is capable of up to 93 customizable options. Users can dial in their personal settings for the perfect vape, with the ability to save up to eight profiles to match their tank or atomizer setups. Additionally, the DNA 200 is future-proof because of its USB upgradeable software, making it, quite possibly, the last mod one will ever need.”

Jarvey45, Writing on REDDIT

“The wait for this mod to be released has been a tough one for me as I jumped the gun when I heard about the chip and sold off all my mods besides my evic vt in preparation. Upon receiving it I put this dual nickel clapton build on it that ohms out at .03. The velocity looks incredible on this sexy little box, and on that note I was really impressed at how small this mod is offering so much power. Wicked it up and primed it. HOLY SHIT the warm dense Vapor from these claptons at 200 watts and 480° is out of this world. Just as good as kanthal claptons but without the overheating towards the end of the drag. The board got a little warm and I could feel it in the front of the mod but I would expect that from a device throwing damn near 55 amps through the chip. Next I put my trusty herakles on it with vaporshark Atlantis coil installed. The chip read it at .16 which seems accurate as they are usually .01 off from the factory. It was much more of a civilized vape than the monsterous dual clapton rda build. I would say more about the accuracy but I’m not sure because the evic vt is wildly inaccurate and has ruined my knowledge of what a certain degree points should vape like on an accurate mod. For those wondering the battery is replacable.

“All in all I would say from first impression that this was a great buy and I won’t be needing a new mod for a long time.”

Ten Habits via Dash Vapes

“This mod can handle everything you can throw at it. From super sub ohm to surface area builds, the performance is incredible. Evolv chip will probably go down in the books as one of the greats. Vaporshark isn’t the flashiest design, but ergonomics are solid. Yes, it has a small LiPo battery, but for me it is more than offset by the 2 amp charging. Without question, you will spend more vaping and less time charging with this mod over any other DNA 200 currently available.”

That’s it for now. We’ll be adding more reviews and user comments into this piece as we come across them. But for now the word seems to be very positive — Vapor Shark have hit the ball out of the park AGAIN.

Props, guys!

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