The Clean Vape Review: Great Flavours Across The Board

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We review Clean Vape’s E Juice Line to see if it has the chops to break into our daily circulation of e juices

I recently received a sample of The Clean Vape’s range of e juices. I was pretty eager to try them out as the flavours sounded delicious and right in the ballpark of what I like. So, what makes The Clean Vape so “Clean”?

Well, their juices DON’T have Diacetyl, Acetyl, and Propionyl and are also Acetone free. The ratio of VG to PG is 70VG/30PG on all there ejuice. So, now the question is, just how good are the e juices? Follow us on done the line as we talk a little about each flavour that we received.

The Clean Vape Review: LOOPS

This one definitely hits the nail on the head as far as the flavour profile. Very good on the inhale and very good on the exhale. I can run this ejuice from 30W all they up to 120W and it never lost any flavour for me, simply superb. If you like a good cereal vape in the morning, or even all day then this is the best one that i have tried.

The Clean Vape Review: GRAMBERRY

Pure flavor in a bottle! I really enjoyed vaping the Gramberry. It’s graham cracker with strawberry milk and blended so well you are sure to enjoy. The inhale and the exhale was never a disappointment with this ejuice. I tested this ejuice from, 30W to 125W and found no burn taste at all. Perhaps one of the best combination of flavours i have had.

The Clean Vape Review: THORNY STRAPPLE

With a blend of Cactus, Apples and Strawberries this ejuice is a great fruity combination. Vaping from the 30W-135W range yielded NO burn taste but pure amazing flavour. This one i will say is probably my favourite. I just love the mixture and on the inhale and the exhale as the flavour is outstanding. My only problem with this ejuice….I’m all out

The Clean Vape Review: CHOCOLATE PB&J

Yes, this is 100% spot on to what the title says. I really enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the added chocolate just sweetens the deal. This ejuice was vaped from 30W-140W and surprisingly never tasted burned. The inhale was delicious but the exhale was even better. I really enjoyed dripping this ejuice, amazing for flavour.

The Clean Vape Review: PURPLE CACTUS

Grape, Cactus and Lychee sound like an offbeat mix don’t they? Well, to me it sure did. But after my second puff off this ejuice i was immediately hooked. Tasting the amazing flavour no matter which wattage i was using and I did run this ejuice up to 150W and never got a burn taste at all, just got better flavour. Like the Thorny Strapple, my only problem with this ejuice is….I’m all out.

The Clean Vape Review: Final Thoughts

The e juices from The Clean Vape are great. Never losing flavour from both the low to high end of the power settings says a lot about an ejuice. The box that was shipped was well labeled and the bottles were protected by foam and each bottle had it’s own place. An information sheet along with a couple other pieces of information were also present. From the box to my taste buds The Clean Vape did not disappoint. On a rating scale of 1-10 (10 being the best all around) this one is a tough call but i give The Clean Vape a 9/10.

The Clean Vape Review: Great Flavours Across The BoardPin

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