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OBS Draco Kit Review: The “Porsche 911” of Pen Mods

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The OBS Draco Kit is a tube mod with a mesh coil sub-ohm tank, and I just spent a couple of weeks testing it out…

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It has been a LONG ASS time since I reviewed a tube mod, let alone a tube mod that comes with a mesh coil-rockin’ sub ohm tank.

But that is exactly what the OBS Draco Kit is – a portable, good-looking tube mod vape that is aimed at vapers that prefer their vapes cylindrical.

I am firmly in the “box mod” camp; I live and breathe box mods. Literally.

My #1 vape mods are listed inside our Best Vape Mod Guide.

But there is a distinct lack of tube mods in that article. Can the OBS DRACO change that?

But I did use mechs and tube mods quite a lot back in the day.

But I just prefer the utility and battery life of vape mods (or box mods).

So how did the OBS Draco Kit perform during my testing?

As always, read on to find out!

OBS Draco Kit Review

OBS DracoPin
The Packaging. All Very Much On Point.

Design & Styling

From the packaging to the machining, the OBS Draco is very impressive indeed.

I like the clean, eye-catching design on the box, the way everything is stored inside it, and I love the minimal nature of the mod and tank’s design.

OBS DracoPin
What You Get In The Box

It’s a beautifully machined, stainless steel tube that fits more or less exactly in the palm of my hand. The 510 thread is buttery-smooth and you have a USB port on the side for charging.

And that’s literally it, save for the fire button (which illuminates to red when the battery is low) and a “DRACO” logo on the bottom.

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Fully Assembled

It’s a nice weight in the hand, even without the tank, and this is ALL down to its beast-mode 3000mAh internal battery.

The OBS Draco Kit is available in black or silver; mine’s the silver version obviously.

The tank is a squat little affair that can hold 2/3.5ml of E Juice (there’s a bubble glass converter in the pack) that rocks a very impressive mesh coil setup.

OBS DracoPin
The Tank. The Tank I Love So Very Much…

The mod itself will fire out up to 80W, so you got plenty of power under the hood. The fire button is large enough to hit blind and it has a nice click to it.

All told, it’s a solid little setup that is very pleasing to the eye.

It’s simple, especially when compared to multi-function box mods like the GeekVape AEGIS Legend.

I’m a big fan of the design, style, and overall gait of the OBS Draco.

OBS Draco Kit Specs

  • Size: 24 x 87mm
  • Max wattage: 80W
  • Battery: built-in 3000mAh
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Thread: 510

Features – No Temp Control Vaping, No Variable Mode

OBS DracoPin
The Pen Mod – So Portable. Love It!

This is a tube mod, essentially. And like a mech mod, there is no variable mode, no TC, and no bells and whistles.

It’s just you, the tank, and a battery.

Not that you’ll need any of this anyway! The OBS Draco hits like a monster and, like a proper mech mod, power drops off as the battery wanes.

This setup is ALL about simplicity – and power.

You get both of these things in spades.

Performance – How’s It Vape?

Like a goddamn freight train! I was seriously taken aback by just how potent this kit was. The flavor is utterly brilliant too.

As noted earlier, you got 80W to play with – that’s more than enough for most RDAs, let alone a sub-ohm tank.

The tank it comes with runs on mesh coils and they’re very, very, VERY good. Flavor is intense and precise, you taste everything.

OBS DracoPin

I’d almost run of E Juice when I tested the OBS DRACO. I had one bottle left of some stuff I wasn’t too keen on. I didn’t have a choice though, so I loaded some up.

It tasted unreal! Completely different to how it tasted in another tank; it was like vaping a completely different E Juice!

And that should tell you everything you need to know about the vape tank that comes with the OBS DRACO.

What About The Vape Tank’s Coil Performance?

Put it this way: I started testing the OBS DRACO two days before the VooPoo Caliber and now, five days later, the OBS DRACO’s is still going strong whereas the VooPoo coil died after a couple of days.

OBS DracoPin
The Mesh Coil – And It Is A Very Good Mesh Coil Too

And THAT ladies and gentlemen… is why mesh coils are a thousand times better than standard, wire coils.

They have better flavor and they last A LOT longer.

OBS DRACO Battery Life

It’s packing a 3000mAh cell inside it, and when you use it you can tell. Battery life is very good. It gets through a full day of vaping easy enough.

As long as you remember to charge it overnight, every night, you will not have any issues with this setup.

OBS DracoPin
All The Goodies (Inc. Bubble Glass)

I’ve been running it hassle-free now for over a week and it has performed consistently across the board with respect to power usage.

Obviously, the more you vape the more battery power you’re going to use, so overall performance will be subject to your exact style of vaping.

It works fine for me, and I vape A LOT.

Average to moderate vapers will have no issues in this regard.

Should You Buy The OBS DRACO?

OBS DracoPin
This Is My New Go-To Pen Vape

[letsreviewaffiliate url=”https://fave.co/2vSisBA” text=”BUY NOW | $39 ” size=”big” rel=”nofollow” target=”newwindow” accent=”#dd3333″ border=”on”]

To be honest, I’ve been kind of blown away by this kit. Mostly by the tank, which is freakin’ superb.

But I also like the mod too; the whole style of this setup is very much my kinda thing.

It’s portable, sleek, easy to use, and the tank rocks some of the best mesh coils I have ever used.

In fact, knowing what I know now, I’d probably buy this kit just to get my hands on this tank.

It really is that good.

And best of all? The entire kit only costs $39!


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