Fireluke Mesh Review: Is The HYPE 100% Legit?

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 06/06/18 •  7 min read

I’ve just finished testing the Fireluke Mesh, and while I’m kinda late to the party, I wanted to offer my 2¢ on this interesting sub ohm tank!


Coils. The BANE of any sub ohm tank user’s life.

For the longest time, 99.9% of sub ohm tanks on the market had RUBBISH coils.

SMOK’s sucked big time! And so did pretty much everybody else’s – with a couple of exceptions (hello, Sense!)

But then something happened. Mesh coils arrived and nothing has really been the same since.

Why? Because they ACTUALLY work pretty well. And they kick out awesome flavor too.

Bottomline: if you’re using a sub-ohm tank, you NEED to be using one that rocks mesh coils – they’re just better.

For flavor, for durability, for everything really.

The Fireluke Mesh is touted by many as the best in the business. It’s a great looking piece of kit and I’ve just spent a few weeks using it.

Fireluke Mesh

The Box – Nicely Packaged 😉

What follows is my honest review of one of 2018’s most popular vape tanks.

Fireluke Mesh Design

Fireluke Mesh

Fully Assembled

This is one BAD ASS looking tank. I freakin’ love the design of the Fireluke Mesh.

It’s premium-looking, interesting, well proportioned, and it’s clearly built to look stellar on top of any mod.

Fireluke Mesh

JUICED ‘N Ready To Go

My review unit was the blue resin model, but there is a myriad of options for color schemes. And some of them are just bonkers!

I mean, look at this one!

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The drip tip is nice and wide, so it’s ideal for high power vaping. I really like everything about the way this tank looks.

There are no wonky bits on it; everything is manufactured to a high standard and putting it together is a cinch.

If you’re after something that is simple and looks completely BADASS, you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Fireluke Mesh Coils

The Mesh coils are what make the Fireluke Mesh so special; they’re essentially its USP and the main reason why you’d get it over, say, the UWELL Valyrian 2 Pro.

Fireluke Mesh

Coil Head Connection + Drip Tip

This is my first experience with mesh coils, and I have a few observations about how they differ from traditional coil heads.

These are ALL good things. But, please note: the mesh coils take A LONG time to prime.

Fireluke Mesh

The Mesh Coil… It’s SO DENSE

My first attempt yielded a dry hit, which forced me to go back to priming it all over again. Thankfully, I didn’t ruin the coil.

You need to flob A LOT of E Juice onto the cotton in order to get it primed correctly. I’d say a good 1-2ml. Easy.

You need the cotton super-saturated before you start vaping. Do this and you’ll have a brilliant experience. Skip it and you’ll be greeted with a big ‘ol dry hit.

How long do the coils last? A decent amount of time.

I’ve now used both coils that came with the tank and I got three and half week’s worth of vaping out of them.

Not too bad at all.

Fireluke Mesh Specs

Fireluke Mesh

Wide-Bore Resin Drip Tip

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Fireluke Mesh’s specs and key features:

As I said: this thing is a beast. It’s kitted out and designed with performance in mind. This is why Freemax has earned such a good reputation so quickly.

It makes bangin’ vape tanks, and the Fireluke Mesh is easily the best thing it has made so far.

I’d heard A LOT about this tank before I got my hands on one. I knew what to expect, more or less, but I was still taken aback by just how good it was.

Hype is seldom deserved in the vape space. But the Fireluke Mesh is one of those rare instances where it is completely warranted.

Fireluke Mesh Performance

Performance is easy to gauge on sub ohm tanks, as there are so many options to compare it to.

The Fireluke Mesh kicks a lot of ass in almost every area; the flavor is great, the clouds are immense, and the coils last 7+ days easily with correct priming.

The flavor is precise and detailed; you can REALLY taste your juice. The airflow is also very smooth and this only adds to the pleasure of using this tank on a daily basis.

I like the airflow wide open, but you can tighten it up for a more focused, restricted lung hit.

Things heat up a bit when you do this, and there is some whistle, but the overall smoothness and flavor remain intact.

Fireluke Mesh

The FireLuke Mesh – In Pieces

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Really, though, this vape tank is most at home in wattage mode with the airflow wide open. I’ve run about 500ml of E Juice through it while I’ve had it and it hasn’t missed a beat.

Not once.

Is it better than the UWELL Valyrian? Honestly, I don’t know – they’re both exceptional sub ohm tanks.

I definitely prefer mesh coils. They seem to be more reliable and consistent. So that’s one thing. But to say the Fireluke Mesh was better overall might be a bridge too far.

I love the UWELL Valyrian. It is one of the most complete, solid, reliable tanks I have ever owned.

The Fireluke Mesh is similar, it’s just as good, but I just don’t know which I’d pick if I had a gun to my head.

The Valyrian is just so dear to me, though I think, after a few months, I’ll feel this way about the Mesh too.

I will say this though: the Fireluke Mesh definitely looks better. It’s so freakin’ stylish-looking.

Fireluke Mesh – Should You Buy It?

Short answer: yes – it’s a very impressive setup.

Longer answer? It’s reliable and delivers consistent performance. This is mostly down to its mesh coils, which are awesome, and the fact that it has been properly designed.

The flavor is brilliant and the airflow is near-perfect, if you like an airy vape, as I do.

Mostly though, I just love the way it looks.

I thought I’d seen it all, that sub ohm tanks were getting a little tired and dull, and then something like this comes along and completely takes your breath away.

If you’re after a reliable, flavor-chucker that looks superb and is well priced, it’s almost impossible not to love the Fireluke Mesh.

And this is why I included it in my post about the 3 Best Sub-Ohm Tanks You Can Buy In 2018.


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