SMOANT and VooPoo – Two Vape Brands Y’all Should Know About

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 10/20/17 •  4 min read

SMOANT and VooPoo are two brands I didn’t have much experience with until 2017. But I am now 100% convinced that they are two of the best vape brands in operation right now.

I have used multiple products from both VooPoo and SMOANT and every single one of them have surpassed all my highest expectations. I think VooPoo was the biggest surprise of all, though, as I had never even heard of them until the VooPoo DRAG turned up on my doorstep.

I enjoy premium mods, I even own a few DNA mods, but for the most part I don’t really like parting with more than $100 for a mod. I’d rather save some dough and spend on important things like E Juice and clothes and my investment portfolio.

Up to now, the sub-$100 mod space is probably the most active segment of the entire market; you have thousands of options. But every now and then, a device (or two) comes along and blows your expectations out of the water.

This is what happened with VooPoo and SMOANT; both companies mods SERIOUSLY impressed me. I couldn’t believe, after Googling prices, that the VooPoo DRAG or ALPHAOne, for instance, retailed for less than $100.

I mean, just look at them!


The VooPoo DRAG – Now Just $55.99


Available In TONS of Options (Including Resin Finishes) – Click For More Details

In fact, I think I’d go as far as saying the VooPoo DRAG is perhaps the best (or at least, my favourite) mod of 2017. I don’t recall using anything that quite gave me as much pleasure as that mod did.

The VooPoo DRAG looks fantastic, is available in a range of colour options, and runs the GENE Chipset, which is easily one of the best pieces of vaping silicone around right now – even compared to YiHi and DNA chipsets. It kicks like mule on PCP and looks freakin’ awesome doing it – what more could you want from a mod?

You can read my full review of the VooPoo DRAG for a detailed breakdown on the mod itself, but for the sake of brevity, I have included one of our new review-snippet-boxes below for your viewing pleasure.

[letsreviewunique title=”VooPoo DRAG Review – Verdict ” conclusion_title=”The Best Mod of 2017. Period.” affiliate_title=”Best Price – $55.99 ” pros_title=”PROS” pros=”STUNNING Design ,AMAZING Performance,GENE Chip is Fantastic,Exceptional Value For Money ” affiliate=”BUY IT NOW ,″ accent=”#eeee22″ final_score=”95″ format=”1″ skin=”1″ animation=”1″ design=”2″ main_image=”3609″]The name is weird, granted, but the performance and reliability of this mod is pretty much unrivaled at this price point. I mean, think about: can you name a mod that is made from zinc alloy, features laser-etching, a super accurate chipset, upgradable firmware, and a stunning overall design and finish for $55?[/letsreviewunique]

So What About SMOANT?

Same kind of deal, really. I tested two of its mods in 2017 and both were really good – like exceptionally good.

I did really enjoying testing and using both, but given the choice I would almost certainly choose the VooPoo DRAG of AlphaONE over them.


The VooPoo AlphaONE, A Truly EPIC Mod For Under $100

I just can’t get enough of the design and that GENE Chip.

You can read more about them below:

The Charon TS, which is a touchscreen mod, was one of my favourites, but my absolute heart belongs to the SMOANY RABOX, simply because it looks like something from a parallel dimension.


The SMOANT Charon TS Mod – Click Here For Price Deals

The take-away from this article is simple: if you’re looking for a high-powered, high-performance mod, but don’t want to spend DNA/YiHi money, you NEED to be looking at VooPoo’s mods.

Most notably the VooPoo DRAG, as you can pick it up for just $55.99 right now from VaporDNA (down from $64.99). And for that price you’re getting A LOT of mod. Trust me.

Drake Equation

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