First Look: Wotofo Profile RDTA

By Christopher Horton •  Updated: 07/16/20 •  3 min read

Wotofo released images of the new Profile RDTA on their Instagram yesterday. The Profile series introduced rebuildable mesh to many vapers and many people swear by it. We take a look at what we know so far about their newest device.

A New Addition To The Profile Family

Wotofo and vape reviewer MrJustright have had a massive amount of success with their Profile series. Both the RDA and the Profile RTA have been best sellers for Wotofo over the past year or so. Just a few months ago they revisited the Profile with the V2, updating the airflow and the aesthetics slightly.

With the popularity of RDTAs taking the market by storm, Wotofo is joining the game and adding their personal touch. Not much has been released as we of right now, but we do know a few key features.

First Look: Wotofo Profile RDTAPin

New Features

The new Profile RDTA will have the same familiar build deck we have seen with all of the Profile devices. In it’s basic form it still functions as an RDA. You build and wick it just like the original Profile and the mesh strips are all cross-compatible, so you will be instantly familiar with the design.

The new Profile will come in the usual Wotofo assortment of colors. It will also have the same matching drip tip that the original Profile had. Judging from the pictures the airflow looks exactly like the Profile V2 , but I may be wrong about that.


Where it makes some changes, is the bottom tank section. From the diagrams I’ve seen it uses stainless steel rods as a wicking element. Much like the Vandy Vape Mato, and many other popular RDTA tanks that have came out this past year. Using stainless steel as a wick is actually pretty old technology as tanks years ago used the same technology!

The juice will travel up the stainless wicks to your cotton. Your cotton will sit on top of the stainless rods, two per side. So four rods will be inside the tank, constantly feeding your cotton with juice.

The tank section has a metal cage protecting the glass. We have seen this on tons of newer tanks and I am always interested in a little added protection. The fact that the tank section is modular makes this new tank super versatile.

The Hype Is Real

There has been a lot of conversation on vape forums regarding the new Profile RDTA. Both concern and excitement have been expressed by vapers. Will the stainless steel wicks be able to keep up with mesh? Will you have to constantly refill it, like the RTA version?

I guess we will see. I’m certainly excited to see what Wotofo has hidden under their sleeve for this new Profile. This comes at a great time for vaping, as recently there hasn’t been much coming from China that isn’t a pod system/pod mod.

The new Profile RDTA should be hitting the shelves in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I hope we continue to see more innovation from Wotofo and MrJustright!

Christopher Horton