VooPoo Drag X Pro Starter Kit Battery Life: Is It Any Good? 

VooPoo Drag X Pro Starter Kit Battery Life: Is It Any Good? Pin

Why VooPoo Drag X Pro isn’t your ordinary vape device- been using it for a month now and I’m about to show you why.

VooPoo Drag X Pro Battery Life

As far as I know, VooPoo has a knack for crafting quality products, and the DRAG X Pro is no exception. I could tell that every little detail had been carefully thought out, resulting in a sleek, solid, and incredibly ergonomic piece of kit.

You know, I scrutinize even the tiniest details, but truth be told, I couldn’t find a single flaw that needed improvement.  

The VOOPOO DRAG X Pro keeps that classic aesthetic intact, sporting a fresh TPP X pod that resembles the classic sub-ohm tank in appearance.

I’d rate it an 8.5 out of 10. Compared to similar kits, it offers fantastic value. It’s only slightly pricier than the original, but trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Now, let’s dive into what Voopoo has brought to the table with the new Drag X Pro!

VooPoo Drag X Pro Specs

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21700 mah Battery

These batteries, with measurements of 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length, are pretty much the standard. They’re like the trusty Swiss army knife of vaping – compact and easy to use.

Now, here’s where things get really interesting – the VooPoo Drag X Pro can also work with larger 21700 batteries. 

So, whether you prefer the classic 18650s for their familiarity and convenience or the beefier 21700s for the extra power and longer vaping time, the VooPoo Drag X Pro has you covered. 

It’s like having two different modes to choose from, each designed to fit your vaping preferences and ensure you have an awesome vaping experience.

The Gene Fan 3.0 Chipset

Now, let’s talk about what makes the VooPoo Drag X Pro roar to life – the Gene Fan 3.0 chipset. This is like the brain and heart of the device.

One of the standout features of this chipset is its ability to crank up the voltage output, reaching an impressive 8.5 volts. This voltage boost isn’t just about raw power; it’s about ensuring that your vaping remains consistently satisfying even as your battery drains.

Gene Fan 3.0 chipset and its enhanced voltage output, the VooPoo Drag X Pro is ready to deliver a vaping experience that’s not only powerful but also consistently satisfying. 

USB Type-C

This USB Type-C port boasts a fast charge rate of 5V/2.5A. Picture it like having a charger that can rapidly replenish your device, just like how your smartphone charges up in a snap. 

So, thanks to the speedy charging of the USB Type-C port, the VooPoo Drag X Pro lets you spend less time waiting and more time savoring your e-liquids. It’s like having a fast track to vaping satisfaction, along with the convenience of staying in the loop with the latest vaping innovations.

Factors Affecting Battery Life

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  1. Battery type and size: You’ve got options with this kit – you can choose between 18650 and 21700 batteries. If you go for the larger 21700 batteries, they tend to have more juice in them, so you’ll get longer vaping sessions before needing to recharge.
  1. Voltage output: This kit comes with the Gene Fan 3.0 chipset, and it can crank up the voltage output to a whopping 8.5 volts. What’s cool about this is that it ensures your vaping experience remains satisfying even as your battery level drops. So, you’re not sacrificing performance.
  1. Efficiency of the chipset: The efficiency of the chipset matters too. A more efficient chipset can make better use of your battery’s power, so you can vape longer before it’s time to recharge.
  1. Battery door security: There’s a clever battery bay design that keeps the battery door securely closed while you’re vaping. This prevents any unexpected disruptions in power or fast battery drain, which can help extend your battery life.
  1. Charging speed: The USB Type-C port charges at a speedy 5V/2.5A rate. So, when it’s time to recharge, you won’t be waiting around for ages. Plus, you can use the same port for software updates, keeping your vape fresh and potentially optimizing battery efficiency.
  1. User behavior: Your own vaping habits play a role too. How often you vape, how long your sessions are, the wattage settings you choose, and the type of coil you use can all impact how quickly your battery runs out.
  1. Battery capacity: The VooPoo Drag X Pro comes with a 21700mAh battery, which packs a lot of energy. More capacity means you can enjoy longer vaping sessions before needing to recharge.

How long my VooPoo Drag X Pro’s battery lasts depends on various factors. It boils down to the type of batteries I choose, how efficient the chipset is, the design of the battery bay, the charging speed, my vaping habits, and, of course, the battery’s capacity.

Tips for maximizing battery life

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Monitor Coil Resistance

  • Coil selection: Choose your coils wisely. Different coils have different resistance levels. Lower-resistance coils draw more power and can drain your battery faster.
  • Optimal resistance: Find a coil resistance that suits your vaping preferences without unnecessarily taxing the battery. Experiment to discover the right balance.

Vaping Style Matters

  • Puff Duration: Be mindful of how long you puff continuously. Extended vaping sessions can put more strain on your battery. Consider taking short breaks between puffs to give your battery a breather. 
  • Frequency: How often you vape also affects battery life. Limiting frequent, short puffs can help conserve battery power.

Charge Smartly

Utilize the USB Type-C port for fast charging. This ensures your battery gets charged quickly when needed, reducing downtime.

Try to avoid letting your batteries drain completely. Charge them before they reach a critically low level, as this can extend their lifespan.

Battery Type and Size

  • Choose battery type: Depending on your vaping preferences, you have the option to use either 18650 or 21700 batteries with the VooPoo Drag X Pro. Keep in mind that 21700 batteries typically have a higher capacity, providing longer vaping sessions before needing to recharge. 
  • Voltage output: The Gene Fan 3.0 chipset in the VooPoo Drag X Pro can crank up the voltage output to an impressive 8.5 volts. This higher voltage output allows for more power to be delivered to the atomizer, potentially reducing battery drain for the same vaping experience. 

Carry a Spare or Power Bank

If you’re planning to be away from a charging source for an extended period, carry spare batteries. Swapping out a depleted battery for a fully charged one allows you to continue vaping without interruption. 

Pros and Cons

If you’re considering buying the VooPoo Drag X Pro, here’s a quick overview of its main PROS and CONS that you should definitely check out before pulling the trigger.


  1. Battery Flexibility: One cool thing about the VooPoo Drag X Pro is that you can choose between two types of batteries, 18650 and 21700. This means you have options. If you want longer vaping sessions and more power, go for the 21700 batteries. It’s like cranking up the volume for an extra kick in your vaping experience.
  1. Gene Fan 3.0 Chipset: Now, let’s talk about the brains behind this device – the Gene Fan 3.0 chipset. It can push the voltage output all the way up to 8.5 volts. That’s a lot of power. What’s great is that this high voltage doesn’t just mean raw power; it means your vaping remains consistently satisfying even as your battery level goes down.
  1. Smart Battery Bay Design: The battery bay design is clever. There’s a small switch at the base that keeps the battery door securely closed while you’re vaping. No surprises here, and that’s peace of mind.
  1. Fast USB Type-C Charging: When it’s time to recharge, the VooPoo Drag X Pro is lightning-fast. The USB Type-C port charges at 5V/2.5A, which means you’ll be back to vaping in no time. What’s even cooler is that this port isn’t just for charging; it’s also your gateway to software updates. Keep your vape fresh with the latest enhancements.
  1. Dual Battery Compatibility:  Whether you like the classic 18650s or the beefier 21700s for extra power and longer sessions, this device has you covered. It’s like having two modes to choose from, giving you a vaping experience tailored to your preferences.


Like all vaping devices, proper battery care is important. You need to keep an eye on your battery’s health, avoid deep discharges, and store them safely. Neglecting battery maintenance can lead to reduced performance and lifespan.

Killer Flavor. Epic Coils. Massive Battery Life
VooPoo Drag X Pod Mod

The original VooPoo Drag vape mod was something of a game-changer. Keen to reinvent the wheel again, VooPoo has returned with the VooPoo Drag X pod vape – and this thing is brilliant. It will run both Nic Salts and High VG vape juice, it has a HUGE battery life, and the coils last for weeks at a time. As pod vapes go, the Drag X is damn-near perfect.


The VooPoo Drag X Pro offers a lot of advantages when it comes to battery life and performance. The flexibility of battery choice, high voltage output, and smart design features make it an appealing option for vapers. Just be mindful of battery maintenance and the potential cost of having multiple sets of batteries. 

Why VooPoo’s Battery Rules Pod Tanks

I’ve got to hand it to VooPoo for their killer batteries. Here’s why they’re the best:

VooPoo lets you pick your battery poison – 18650 or 21700. Want longer sessions or prefer compact convenience? You’ve got it. It’s like having the perfect tool for any vaping mood.

It sweats the small stuff. Even the airflow control ring knurling is different, but both feel spot on. They’ve got the details down pat.

Surprisingly, the taller ‘X’ version feels even better in your hand. It’s got this leather padding that fills your palm perfectly. It’s like they’ve thought of everything for a top-notch grip.

That’s why, in my book, VooPoo’s batteries reign supreme in the world of pod tanks.

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