The BEST VooPoo Mod: DRAG, Alpha One or VooPoo Too?

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VooPoo makes a lot of mods… but what are the BEST VooPoo mods for 2018? Let’s take a look at three of my favorite VooPoo box mods and find out

The Best VooPoo Mod (And How They Differ)

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Read on for more detail on each mod…

VooPoo is one of my favorite mod-makers.

But what is the best VooPoo Mod you can buy right now?

VooPoo exploded onto the scene with the VooPoo Drag.

But the VooPoo DRAG was the just the beginning – even though it is still ranked #1 inside our Best Vape Mod Guide.

VooPoo now sells a bunch of mods and they’re all very much worth your time.

But which is the best option for you right now?

Well, in order to help you find out, let’s take a detailed look at each of them and see how they differ.

VooPoo DRAG – Best Value For Money Option

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I love this mod. It’s a classic device in almost every sense.

It has topped our #1 Vape Mod Guide for almost two years on the run! Impressive stuff.

It looks stunning, features a brilliant vape chip, has excellent battery efficiency, and is super simple to use.

I could talk about this mod for hours, but rather than do that, I’ll just point you towards my review, which you can see here – VooPoo DRAG 157W Review: A Classic Mod In Every Regard.

Why You’d Buy The VooPoo Drag

  • It’s stylish and super-robust
  • It has more than enough power for most users
  • The GENE chip is utterly superb
  • Tons of vaping features and options
  • Price – it’s way cheaper than the Alpha One and VooPoo Too


VooPoo Alpha One – The FLAGSHIP Option

The VooPoo AlphaONE, A Truly EPIC Mod For Under $100

The VooPoo Alpha One is essentially the same deal as the DRAG, just with a different design which, I’d argue, is even better.

The VooPoo Alpha One is VooPoo’s second flagship mod and it serves up some very impressive performance.

It looks amazing in black, thanks to the cool red accents, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg, as once you start digging down into its features you will understand why I am constantly raving about the GENE chip.

Not only do you have full support for TC vaping and a max output of 225W, but you also have the VooPoo PC App which lets you further customize the mod’s settings as well as add a personalized logo to the mod’s display.

On top of this, you also have VooPoo’s Love Pulse Mode which is essentially a method for extending vape time, it’s done via the GENE chip and waved output, and lets the user run the mod at higher power modes (160W, for example) without destroying their coils.

The VooPoo Alpha One, like the DRAG and the VooPoo Too, is also one of the biggest hitting mods on the planet. All of them hit like a freight train and have ZERO – okay, 0.025 second – ramp-up times, so the moment you hit the fire key you’re vaping.

Why You’d Buy The VooPoo Alpha One

  • You love design and excellent build materials
  • You want plenty of control over your vaping
  • You want lots of potential power
  • You don’t mind paying a little bit more for quality


VooPoo TOO – The Stylish Option

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The STUNNING VooPoo TOO (Probably One of The Sexiest Mods Around)

The VooPoo TOO, like the DRAG and the Alpha One, also runs the GENE chip. It is the second most powerful mod in VooPoo’s current line up of devices (with the Alpha One being first and the DRAG 157W being last).

The styling of the VooPoo TOO is pretty eye-catching.

The frontage is dominated by a kind of crocodile skin-style effect which was achieved using zinc and aluminium alloy.

Because of the nature of the design, the look and feel will almost always divide opinion. Personally speaking, I kind of like it – though I’d totally understand if someone thought it was a bit much.

Like the VooPoo Alpha and DRAG, the VooPoo TOO is fully compatible with the VooPoo PC App.

You get access to all the same bells and whistles, though the VooPoo TOO does have one trick up its sleeve: SOFT mode, which lowers the damage done to coils at higher output modes, while all the while ensuring excellent flavor.

It’s also A LOT kinder to your batteries.

In addition to this, if you pair it with the VooPoo UForce sub-ohm tank, the TOO will take advantage of its quick vent feature which lets you produce huge amounts of vapor with very little power, thus extending the life of your batteries and of your coils.

Why You’d Get The VooPoo TOO?

  • The design, mainly. You prefer the way it looks versus the DRAG and Alpha One
  • 200+ W of power isn’t important to you
  • Prolonging the life of your coils is important
  • Battery efficiency and longevity is important to you


Best VooPoo Mod – Bottomline?

Here’s the thing: whatever VooPoo Mod you go for, you’re not going to regret it.

The mods, which pack in the awesome GENE vaping chip, look great, are priced excellently, and perform exceptionally well.

The VooPoo DRAG was my first experience with VooPoo and it was a very good one.

Within 30 minutes of unboxing it, I knew the VooPoo DRAG was special.

I loved the design and styling of the mod.

I also appreciated the overall quality of the build materials used in its construction; the mod itself is one of the best-looking and most robust mods I have ever owned.

I used it solidly for 9 months and it did not miss a beat.

Not once.

The BEST VooPoo Mod: DRAG, Alpha One or VooPoo Too?Pin
The STUNNING VooPoo Drag. It’s Not The Newest But In My Book, It’s Still The Best Mod VooPoo Makes (And It Costs Less Than 50 Bucks!!)

The GENE chip that powers these mods is the real star of the show, however, and I would probably say it is one of the best vaping chips on the planet right now.

Even when compared to EVOLV’s DNA and the YiHi platform.

Each one is great in its own way.

Sure, the TOO and the Alpha One are slightly more snazzy than the DRAG – but they also cost more too.

I’m a purist when it comes to my mods. And for me, the VooPoo DRAG is just about as good as it gets right now.

All I need is power, an easy to use UX, and a robust, premium design and I’m happy.

VooPoo does this on ALL of its mods.

I am a massive fan of all three, so which one you go for, largely speaking, will depend on what you’re after.

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