Best Way To Vape Weed? Simple: The DAVINCI IQ

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If you’re looking for a truly exceptional dry herb and/or weed vaporizer, look no further – the DAVINCI IQ is where it’s at!

If you’re serious about vaping weed, you need a good vaporizer. This is a fact and there’s no way around it, unfortunately – trust me, I found out the hard way.

Over the years I’ve used innumerable dry herb vaporizers, most of them cheap units, and the performance was always, well… seriously lacking. I think this is what’s holding a lot of people back from giving up smoking the good stuff for good.

Vaping weed – or any other dry herbs – is INFINITELY better for you than smoking. This goes without saying, but if you’re new to this concept, congrats on taking a step towards being a healthier pot user.

Like with vape mods, you have TONS of choice when it comes to weed vaporizers – hundreds and hundreds, essentially. Not all weed vaporizers are created equally, however…

And if you’ve used a bunk weed vaporizer in the past, you’ll know what I am talking about. Today, though, I want to give a shout-out to DAVINCI for its IQ weed vaporizer, which is EASILY the best weed vaporizer I have ever used.

Why? Read on to find out.



The vapor quality to get from the DAVINCI IQ is well… unbelievable. I ended up buying one a few months back, after hearing multiple people – people I know and trust – positively rave about it.

The price is kinda high – it’s $274.99 – but once you use the DAVINCI IQ you know where all that extra money has gone. The power of this mod is incredible, as is the software that powers it which allows you to custom-control the temp for a vape that is spot-on every time.


How the DAVINCI IQ gets such flavor is simple: the DAVINCI IQ is made using the best possible build materials. The ceramic oven and the implementation of zirconium ensures the vapor is thick, potent, and full of flavor.

I came from using the G-Pen Elite to this and the difference was like switching from an eGo-style vape pen to a fully-fledged 200W box mod running an RDA with Alien coils.

DAVINCI IQ – Smart Path Technology

Aside from excellent design and build materials, what really makes the DAVINCI IQ tick is its bespoke Smart Path Technology, which lets you select from four different temp settings. This ensures the vapor is always consistent and to your liking.

On top of this, the DAVINCI IQ allows feature two additional power modes: Precision Mode and Boost Mode, with former letting you lock in a bespoke temp setting and the latter gives you even more power, if needs be.

DAVINCI IQ For iPhone and Android


Oh, and the DAVINCI IQ will also pair with your iPhone or Android handset via the DAVINCI app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

You can play around with settings in the app, augment certain aspects of the DAVINCI IQ like which mode it is running in, how much battery is left, and, basically, keep tabs on the overall performance and functionality of the DAVINCI IQ from the comfort of your phone.

You don’t need to run this app, however – it’s just a little bonus, thrown in for good measure. However, I would definitely recommend you do, as it is bloody brilliant!
You can control the Smart Path settings from inside the app, too.

DAVINCI IQ Design Features – It Looks FREAKIN’ Amazing


You have power, you have TONS of features and power optimizations, and you have excellent build materials. But the first thing you will notice about the DAVINCI IQ is just how good it looks.

The DAVINCI IQ is super-portable and beautifully designed. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it is the best-designed weed vaporizer on the planet right now.

On the front of the DAVINCI IQ, you have an innovative LED light system from displaying current temp, battery life and additional settings like Boost Mode. It’s functional and it looks badass, especially when you’re in low lit conditions.

The DAVINCI IQ is also super easy to set-up and use; simply load her up via the chamber located on the bottom of the device, pack the contents down, seal the oven, heat it up and you’re ready to go – it’s really that easy.

DAVINCI IQ Price – Is It Worth It?

The DAVINCI IQ is an expensive, premium device. There’s no way around it. But I do personally believe it is worth every dime. And not just for performance and features, but also because of the care and attention that has gone into its design and manufacture.

Everything is just top-notch.

If you are interested in picking one of these up, I would recommend you do it directly from DAVINCI, as they offer a solid 10-year warranty on the DAVINCI IQ, which is great for peace of mind when you’re paying big money.

The DAVINCI IQ is Available Direct From DAVINCI For $274.99