Regulated Squonk Mods: Are They Still Worth It In 2024?

Regulated Squonk Mods Are They Still Worth It In 2024Pin

In the right context, regulated squonk mods have a couple of key updates over more traditional vape mods – here’s why…

Squonk mods bring plenty of utility to your RDA, allowing you to ditch the dripping and run it like a vape tank and mod combo. This is why squonks got so popular way back when, and why they continue to be in 2024. 

But if you missed the squonk hype train first time around, I’m here to give you a quick overview of the benefits of regulated squonk mods (not unregulated ones, though, but we’ll get to that in a bit). 

For flavor, ease of use, and overall performance, you really cannot go wrong with an RDA and a squonk mod. If you’ve never tried this combo before, let me tell you: you’re missing out on an entire universe of clouds and flavor.


Key Points / Why Squonk Mods Matter

  1. No More Drip Drama: Remember the days of constantly dripping E Juice? Squonk mods said, “No more!” Just set up your build, give the bottle a gentle squeeze, and you’re golden.
  2. Tech-Savvy Mods: The latest squonk mods bring box-mod level tech, with dual-cell batteries and support for temperature control vaping. It’s like having a tech wizard in your pocket!


Regulated Squonk Mod Benefits: Why I Like Them

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Flavor Town with a Side of Convenience

  • RDA Tanks: Once the divas of flavor but high maintenance, now thanks to squonk mods, they’re as easy as pie. Larger juice capacity means you’re spending more time vaping and less time refilling.

I’m a big fan of flavor. When I go sub-ohm, I still like to use my rebuildable tanks, usually RDAs, and the reason is simple: they’re still the best for overall flavor out of any style tank of the market. 

I tend to use pod vapes mostly these days, and MTL tanks, but when the mood takes me, as it often does, I will happily use an RDA and a squonk mod for weeks at a time. 

This is why I always keep a few in my collection. I got rid of TONS of RDA tanks and mods last year. But I kept a select few around (the top recommendations listed out here (RDAs) and here (squonk mods) were the keepers). 

Regulated vs Unregulated Squonks Mods: What You Definitely Need To Know

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Gone are the days of the wild west unregulated squonk mods. Today, it’s all about regulated squonk mods, combining the thrill of squonking with the peace of mind of a traditional box mod.

This is a good thing too because 99.9% of vape explosions are down to inexperienced vapers messing around with mech mods (unregulated vapes). With a regulated squonk mod, you don’t need to worry about anything: the chip inside it takes care of everything.

And if something is wrong, it simply won’t fire. If you were using a mechanical, unregulated mod it’d be different story involving burns and potentially missing fingers.

Moral of the story? Don’t mess around with unregulated vapes, kids!


Why Squonk Mods Still Rule

  • All About That Flavor: RDA tanks with squonk mods take you to flavor nirvana.
  • Economical: Save your coins! RDAs are cheaper in the long run compared to sub-ohm tanks.
  • Battery Bonanza: With mods like the dual-18650 battery models, you’re looking at vaping all day without a worry.

Here’s the top-rated options right now (according to our team of testers).


Isn’t Building Coils A Pain In The Ass?

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If you’re put off from using squonk mods because you don’t like the idea of building and installing your own coils, please don’t be – it’s super easy. 

For starters, you can buy pre-made coils of all shapes and styles from alien coils to fused Clapton coils. 

Wicking is a cinch, just get some Cotton Bacon and thread it through. You can even buy coil building kits for not much money that contain all the accessories you need to set up a rebuildable tank. 

And once you experience the flavor you get from a good RDA, squonking will start to make A LOT more sense to you. And, please, spare a little thought for us old school vapers. Back in the day, we had to drip our juice every few puffs. 

Kids have got it easy these days 😂😂😂

Need Help? No Problem.

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