How Much Are Vape Mods?

How Much Are Vape Mods?Pin

How Much Are Vape Mods?Pin

If you recently upgraded your smoking experience from traditional wrapped materials (such as cigarettes, spliffs, or joints) to vaping, you’re probably wondering if it gets any better than this. 

It does. 

A vape is a type of electronic cigarette that stimulates smoking. The device contains an aerosol, flavorings (typically juice), and other chemicals. A vape mod is the bottom part of a vape, which houses the battery and other electrical components. This allows you to modify and customize your vaping experience, so you can get the full experience from the best vape mod brands.

As you dip your toes in the vape mod market, you want to know what you’re paying for. Not all mods, or mod kits, offer the same benefits and nobody wants to overpay for a product. Below, we detail the benefits and downfalls of using vape mods, as well as the average price for a vape mod kit. 

Let’s jump in.

Pros and Cons of Vape Mods 

The popularity of vape mods is exploding because they allow users to customize their vaping experience. If you enjoy vaping with different flavors, a vape mod with multiple tanks will allow you to switch flavors without emptying your e-liquid and refilling your tank.

However, vape mods aren’t for everyone. You want to weigh the pros and cons of a vape mod investment before you start shopping.

The Pros

If you’re on the fence about purchasing vape mods or are new to vaping, these are some of the benefits of using vape mods:

  • Personalized experience: Vape mods offer more customizable options for your vape.
  • Variety: With the right vape mod, you can easily switch flavors or vaping styles in just seconds.
  • More power: Vape mods typically come with larger internal batteries than standard, unmodified vapes. This can result in flexible power options, such as the choice between having a rechargeable internal battery or removable batteries.
  • Higher tech: Most vape mods come with display information, including battery level indication, puff count, and more.

The Cons

We wouldn’t necessarily say vape mods aren’t right for everyone, but you might not be prepared for them. If you’re unsure of how to use a vape mod, you aren’t alone. If you’re relatively new to the world of vaping, vape mods may seem complicated. 

Let’s explore a few of the downsides of vape mods:

  • Cost: Vape mods and mod kits are going to be more expensive than an unmodified vape. 
  • Components: Not all vape mods or vape kits come with a tank, so you may need to purchase one separately.
  • Complicated: Setting up your vape mod is more complicated than using a regular vape. They can also be more powerful than an unmodified vape, so if you aren’t prepared for that or are new to vaping, it can be overwhelming.

Average Cost of Vape Mods

Calculating how much vape mods cost is more than just the initial purchase. For example, a standard, unmodified vape costs anywhere between $15 to $100. On the lower end of that scale, you have disposable vapes and low-quality options that require frequent replacement. On the higher end of that scale, you have high-quality, rechargeable vapes. However, you will have weekly costs in all cases, including purchasing replacement batteries and refills.

Vape mods have a similar pricing scale. Aside from the initial purchase of your vape pen, a full-feature vape kit can cost as much as $120. On the higher end of vape mod kits, that price will typically include a mouth-to-lung (MTL) tank, juice, and coils. If you purchased mid-range to high-quality equipment, you can expect to pay between $30 and $60 per month. For the first two months, you could pay anywhere between $70 to $180, with monthly costs bottoming out at that $30 to $60 range, depending on your smoking habits.

What About Disposable Vapes and Cigarettes?

While disposable vapes and cigarettes are convenient and straightforward, they end up costing you more in the long run. Disposable vapes tend to be more defective, with many users complaining about them spitting or dying after less than a week of use. They can cost you between $7 and $10 per vape, and you’re limited to one flavor. A pack of cigarettes is similar in cost or more. Depending on your smoking habits, this can cost anywhere between $40 to $60 a month, and your options are limited.

A Puff of Customization

Vape mod kits will cost you about the same as disposable vapes and cigarettes, but provide you with a higher-quality smoking experience. You’ll be able to switch flavors, check your battery life, and enjoy a more powerful experience. 

At VapeBeats, we educate smokers about the best vape products and make vaping accessible to all. You don’t need to be an expert smoker to enjoy vaping, and we’ll get you started in the right direction. For more details about vaping, including if you can fly with a vape mod, check out our other helpful articles.

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