Can I Put a Vape Cart on My 200W Mod?

Can I Put a Vape Cart on My 200W Mod?Pin

Can I Put a Vape Cart on My 200W Mod?Pin

Wondering if you can use your vape cart with your recently bought 200W mod without burning the flavor or causing damage to your expensive vape cartridge? You aren’t alone. 

Let’s explore the ins and outs of using vape carts and mods, whether you can use a vape cart with a 200W mod, and how to avoid a less-than-ideal vaping experience. 

Understanding Vape Carts and Mods

A vape cartridge, or cart, is a glass container pre-filled with smokable cannabis oil. It comes with an atomizer that heats and evaporates the oil when powered by a battery. Some vape carts contain full-spectrum cannabinoids, while others come with specific extracts like CBD, THC, and others. 

On the other hand, a vape mod is the chunky bottom part of a vape that houses the battery and atomizer. The highest rated vape mods modify the vaping experience, have a larger internal battery, are equipped with intensive atomizers, and enable you to easily switch flavors. 

Most people buy mods when they’re feeling underwhelmed by the performance of an electronic cigarette or vape pen, and want something more intense. 

Can You Put a Vape Cart on Your 200W Mod? 

Vape carts and mods are easily interchangeable as long as they have the 510 male-female connection. But you might run into a problem if your mod has a wattage range that your vape cart can’t run on. 

For instance, if you have a 200W mod, a 0.25-ohm coil, and a wattage range of fifty to 100W, your mod will probably burn the coil. If that doesn’t happen, your mod may never reach its potential. 

But if your coil is rated above 0.7 or 1.0 ohms and can easily handle 150W, you can breeze through your vaping experience without running into any burned flavor or nasty THC. 

So, always check your vape coil’s wattage before using it with the new mod you just bought. You could also use an online calculator to find out how much wattage your vape coil can handle. It’ll save you the hassle of returning your vape cart.

Why You Should Match Vape Carts and Mods

Wondering why you should match your vape carts and mods? Here are two reasons:

Intense Experience

When you match your mod with your vape coil’s wattage, it works at its full potential, meaning you get the burst of flavor you’ve been longing for. You can also go as intense or as mild as you want when your mod’s wattage matches your cart’s range, helping you tailor your experience to your mood.

Increased Safety

Your mod has a lower risk of burning through your vape cart’s coil when you’ve matched their wattage ranges. For instance, if you’ve paired a 70W mod and a 0.15-ohm coil, your mod will have almost zero chance of causing damage to your vape coil. However, if you’ve paired the same vape cart with a 150W mod, you might be in trouble. 

Things to Consider Before Matching Carts and Mods

While matching a vape cart to a mod isn’t all that difficult, consider the following before getting started: 


The higher the wattage, the more power is given to the vape coil and the hotter it gets. If the vape coil gets too hot, it could burn your vape e-liquid, causing it to taste acrid and unpleasant. It might also burn the coil if you’re not careful. 

So, when buying carts and mods, make sure they have a similar wattage range, especially if you want to make your e-liquid “pop.” For instance, if you’re using menthol-flavored carts, you should go for a mod with a lower wattage to make the most of the experience. 

But if you’re going for “dessert” e-liquids, you should select mods and carts with higher temperatures because they’ll allow you to pick up on subtle flavor notes. 

Coil Resistance

Coil resistance is what makes sure your coil doesn’t burn if you go a little too high with your wattage. It also determines how hot your vape coil gets. The higher the resistance, the less electrical current will be able to pass through the coil, and the hotter the coil gets.

So, to keep your coil from burning your e-liquid or damaging your device, you should make sure your mod’s wattage matches your coil’s resistance. 


Airflow can make the difference between delightful and disaster. If you’re using a higher-wattage mod, make sure your vape cart has an adjustable airflow ring. This will ensure your vape coil doesn’t get too hot and burn. 

But if you like to chase danger and get a tighter draw, get a mod with a lower wattage. It’ll help you get the intense throat hit you’re looking for. 

Next Steps With VapeBeat

Vape carts can be compatible with your mods, but use discretion. Always make sure the wattage is compatible with your coil resistance. For more helpful information, check out our posts on why your vape mod is popping and spitting and tips for taking a vape mod on a cruise!

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