RDA Tips For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know To Vape Like A KING

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Pound for pound, an RDA is the best vape tank option around – they’re easy to use and they produce the best flavor. Follow these handy RDA tips for beginners to get the most from yours…

#1) Make Sure You Get The Right RDA

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The Awesomely Sexy Recoil Rebel RDA – This One Comes From The Mind of Grimm Green

First and foremost: get yourself a decent RDA. There are many to choose from across a variety of price points. You don’t need to spend $100 on one; most sub-$40 RDAs are perfectly suitable and deliver all the flavor and clouds you’ll ever need.

My personal favorite RDAs are listed below. (You can read more about each of them in our Guide To The Best RDAs).

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#2) S’All About The Airflow, Man…

How do you want your RDA to hit? Do you like swooshy, open airflow or a tighter more restricted draw? It’s important to know this before you buy an RDA, as they’re all made differently.

Me personally, I like my RDAs wide open with the wattages cranked nice and high. This ensures plenty of flavor and tons of clouds. If, however, you prefer a more restricted hit from your tank, you’ll need to factor this into the equation…

I tend to find single coil RDAs better suited for more restricted hits, while dual coil RDAs are better for a more swooshy, open style of vaping. You can change the way the air flows using the AFC on an RDA, but some are built with certain styles in mind.

Rule of thumb: single coil RDAs tend to be better for restricted hits; dual coil RDAs are all about power and swooshy, less restricted airflow.

#3) Dual or Single Coil – And, Yes, It Makes A Difference!

Dual coil RDAs and single coil RDAs are both great. I love and use both types of RDA most weeks. Single coil RDAs tend to run at lower wattages and produce slightly smaller amounts of vapor, while a dual coil RDA can be run at higher wattages.

Both styles can be used on squonk mods, though you’ll get way more mileage from your squonk mod’s battery life by using a single coil RDA, as it uses less power (there’s only one coil to power after all).

RDA tips for beginnersPin
The EPIC Goon 1.5 RDA – My Current Daily Banger For All My Dual-Coil RDA Needs.

Thanks to dual-18650 squonk mods, however, you can now use dual coil RDAs on squonk mods without any battery issues. The only time I wouldn’t use a dual coil RDA is when I’m rocking a single 18650 vape mod – it just puts too much demand on the battery.

Both styles of RDA deliver incredible flavor, but a dual coil RDA will always be more potent; just as a 4-liter car will always outpace a 2-liter one. More coils mean more power and that means more vapor.

#4) Use The Right Cotton For Your Wicks

This is key; I like Cotton Bacon. I’ve used it for years and it has never let me down. It’s cheap, easy to use, and it wicks great and produces excellent flavor.

You can get all kinds of cotton for your builds, but as with most things in the vape market, it pays to go with established brands as you then know what you’re getting.

#5) Make Sure You Use Decent Coils

You can make your own coils (I don’t; it takes too long) or you can buy pre-made Clapton or Alien coils. I tend to use Clapton coils mostly but there are tons of different styles available, ranging in price from very cheap to $30 a pair!

If you’re serious about your RDA, and you want the best performance, it is 100% advisable that you invest in some moderately decent coils. They fire better, are less likely to break, and, if treated correctly, can last months at a time.

#6) Do You Even Squonk, Bro!?

Squonking basically removes the need for you to drip E Juice into your RDA. How it works is simple: you get a vape mod, this vape mod has a squonk bottle inside it, you squeeze the squonk bottle, and it sends E Juice up a tube into your RDA, saturating the cotton.

I love and use squonk mods pretty much all the time. I don’t mind dripping E Juice, but for practically a squonk mod makes life a hell of a lot easier. Especially when you’re out and about.

Rule of thumb: drip at home, squonk on the road.

Right now, these are the #1 top-rated squonk mods on the planet. They’re all 100% regulated and they all run on dual-18650 batteries, so you don’t have to worry about battery life.

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#7) Get The Right Vape Juice For Maximum Flavor

If you’re going to be vaping with an RDA, you NEED to make sure you’re using the right type of E Juice. Ideally, you want something that is very heavy on the VG front – 80% and up, basically.

I tend to run 80% VG E Juice with 3mg of nicotine. For me, this is the sweet spot: it’s smooth, it tastes great, there’s tons of flavor, and you get enough nicotine to keep you from crawling up the walls. Right now, I’m mostly vaping Freeman Vape Juice – it’s cheap ($19.99 for 120ml) and it tastes utterly fantastic. 

Avoid higher PG juices in RDAs, and try and keep your nicotine below 6mg, as it can and does affect the flavor, making the E Juice taste too harsh. And you definitely don’t want that when using an RDA.

#8) Don’t Mess Around With Mech Mods

Mech mods are unregulated vape mods. There is no chipboard to regulate the current which means there are no safety measures. It’s just you, a battery, and your RDA. In the right hands, mech mods are great. In the wrong hands, you could have a pipe bomb.

For this reason, if you’re new to vaping, NEVER use mech mods. Always go with regulated vape mods until you thoroughly understand Ohm’s Law, Battery Output, and how to check your build’s resistances. Failure to respect any of the above can result in terrible accidents.

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