Is JUUL FDA Approved? What You Need To Know

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Is JUUL FDA approved? Does it even matter? Here’s what you need to know…

The FDA has been dragging its heels on approving vapes for sale in the USA. Initially, the FDA was meant to make its judgment on JUUL in September 2020 – almost two years ago. That date came and went, however, and we’re now at the beginning of 2022 and no closer to a verdict.

The idea – and appeal – of getting a vape product FDA approved is fairly simple: it would allow JUUL to not only market its products, without duress from the government, in the USA. But it would also be allowed to make health claims about JUUL that it currently cannot.

Is JUUL FDA Approved?

As of right now, circa 2022, JUUL is not FDA approved. The FDA has delayed and delayed its ruling on JUUL. Initially, a verdict was meant to come out during September 2020. That date came and went, and we are now inside 2022 with no clear date in mind for a verdict. JUUL is not FDA approved and its chances of getting approval, based on what we know, is pretty slim.

Vape companies – like JUUL and VUSE – argue that their products are safer than cigarettes, a point that is shared and backed by the UK’s NHS, Royal College of Physicians, and Public Health England. This is why vapes are now available for free on prescription in the UK as well as inside hospitals.

Is JUUL FDA ApprovedPin
JUUL is expensive and completely rubbish. If you need a good vape, get one of these instead.

In the US, however, things couldn’t be more different. The vaping industry has been under constant threat of extinction since 2018, following a slew of stories – most of which have now been debunked – about the dangers of vaping. The emphasis, as always, was placed on kids getting addicted to vaping (something that, again, has been debunked time and time again).

As it stands, the FDA is currently evaluating over 6.5 million vape products. Most of the time, however, these products are simply blocked from sale. The FDA charges hundreds of thousands of dollars for these tests and reports suggest none of the companies that submitted are being given a fair shake of the stick. The FDA is just blocking products left, right, and center despite the science being consistent about vaping being 95% safer than smoking.

“I think it would be a public health disaster,” said Dr. Michael Siegel, a researcher at Tufts University who studies youth tobacco and alcohol use. “Vaping is not causing a culture of smoking. It’s actually replacing that culture.”

And if vaping is 95% safer, surely it is preferable to kids picking up cigarettes? I have a small child and I’d much rather he be exposed to vaping as a teenager than cigarettes, as I was. The latter is far more dangerous, more addictive, and far more damaging in the short, medium, and long term.

Similarly, smoking rates have dropped consistently in the UK and USA as vaping became more popular. And the number of kids vaping barely makes a dent in these numbers. The vast majority of vapers are adults that quit smoking and never went back. Banning a safer alternative to tobacco would undo all of this progress and only serve to line the coffers of the US’ big tobacco companies.

JUUL Sucks Anyway

If you’re reading this and thinking about potentially getting a JUUL, I have some advice for you: DO NOT BOTHER. The JUUL is an awful vape; it is expensive, it has a terrible battery life, and it will cost you an arm and leg to run on a weekly basis. You would be far better off with a refillable pod vape.

With a refillable pod vape, you can pick and choose your own flavors and strengths of juice, you will not have to worry about battery life, and it will be infinitely cheaper to buy and run in the short, medium, and long term. We test hundreds of vape products every year and the best pod vapes you can buy right now are as follows:

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