How To Buy Vape Juice Online: What You Need To Know…


A quick and simple guide to the UPS and DOWNS of buying vape juice online…

If you’re new to vaping, one of the hardest things to do is find a vape juice – or a vape juice brand – you really like. It’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack; there’s just so many brands and flavors available online and in B&M stores.

As with most things, there are plenty of PROS and CONS when it comes to buying vape juice online. But the main things to consider when buying vape juice online are as follows:

  • You need to use a reputable vape juice store
  • You need to know the product (meaning the vape juice) is good quality
  • You want to see reviews
  • And, finally, you want it to be reasonably priced

If you can get all these things, you’re in a good place. And as someone that has probably tested and bought thousands of different bottles of vape juice over the years, nailing all of these things is never easy! I’ve vaped ALL kinds of stuff, the good, the bad, and the downright disgusting!

Why You Should Buy Your Vape Juice Online – The #1 Benefits


#1 – Discount Codes!

Buying vape juice online brings with it a bunch of benefits that you don’t tend to get when you buy it via stores on the high street. But perhaps the biggest is that you can use discount codes

#2 – More Choices

The next is the choice. I don’t know if your local vape shop is anything like mine, but if it is, you’ll probably have tried most of the stuff in there and, save for a few exceptions, are now pretty bored/fed-up with the available selection. Buying online, however, opens you up to tens of thousands of potential flavors and brands.

#3 – It’s Cheaper Than B&M Stores

B&M stores have A LOT of costs. The owner of a vape shop has to pay rent on the store and pay their staff. This cost has to be applied to the price in order to cover it, and this means nine-times-out-of-ten, that you will pay more for vape juice in B&M stores versus buying online.

Case in point: my local B&M vape store sells Ruthless Vape Juice for $28 for 100ml, whereas online I can get it for $19.99 – or thereabouts. And if you’re on a budget that difference in cost soon adds up.

A Word On Quality…

Cheap isn’t usually a good indicator of quality when it comes to vape juice. You can get super-cheap vape juice from many places, but most of it is not the kind of stuff you’d want to be vaping. You’re putting this stuff in your body, so it pays to ONLY use legit companies that make great products.

A General Rule of Thumb:

  • ONLY Buy USA-Made Vape Juice
  • Buy From Reputable Companies
  • Ensure The Vape Juice You Buy Uses The Best Quality Nicotine

Need Help? No problem.

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