Can You Use Out of Date Vape Juice? An Expert’s Opinion…


Does vape juice expire? Is it OK to vape out of date vape juice? How long does vape just last for? All these questions and more answered below…

If you buy a lot of vape juice, you might forget about a bottle every now and then. Fast-forward 12 to 18 months and, according to the vape juice bottle’s label, your vape juice has now expired.

But what does this actually mean? Can vape juice actually go bad – or expire? The short answer to this question is simple enough: while vape juice companies put best before dates on their juice, your vape juice – providing it is stored properly – will not “go bad” or “expire”.

You’ll still be able to vape it, and, no, it will not hurt you or damage your body in any way. It’s just a guide from the vape juice company, likely based on some kind of product quality guidelines. Case in point: right now, I’m vaping some juice that apparently expired 12 months ago.

And yet, here I am, living and breathing like a normal, healthy human being.

Does Vape Juice Expire?

Your vape juice bottle will almost certainly have an expiry date on it, it’ll say something like used before 2021 – or a specific date. So what happens when you reach that date? Does your vape juice suddenly turn nasty and become un-vapeable?

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No, fortunately, it does not. You can still vape e juice that is past its use-by-date and, for the most part, you will not notice any difference. It will look and taste exactly the same, providing you have kept it stored away from sunlight in a nice cool place.

If you’ve left it in your car for 12 months or more, through summer, and it has sat in direct sunlight, chances are the vape juice is ruined. Extreme heat and direct sunlight do all kinds of funky things to vape juice, so if that’s the case, chuck the bottle away – it’ll taste like ass anyway.

If your juice – like mine, from the example above – has been kept in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, the vape juice will be fine. It might be a darker color, especially if it has a lot of sweeteners in it, but that’s about the extent of the problems you’ll face. It shouldn’t affect the way it tastes.

And if it does taste a little funky, just bin it and get some fresh vape juice.

Is It OK To Vape Expired Vape Juice?

To be honest, it’s entirely up to you. If you’ve stored your vape juice in an appropriate fashion, you shouldn’t have any issues vaping it. E Juice has a good shelf-life and is designed to sit on shelves or in warehouses for months at a time – sometimes longer.

For this reason, your vape juice’s expiry date is more just a guide – a window where the vape juice will taste its best. Once you’re outside this window, the flavor can decline or, if you left in direct sunlight, the juice can go all gunky.

Providing an expiry date on a vape juice bottle ensures that the manufacturer isn’t liable for any issues that happen after it passes. For instance, say you buy some juice and forget about it. 12 months pass by and you decide to start using it and it doesn’t taste great.

Because the label has a clear expiry date on it, the company will not have to refund you because the juice is technically out of date. See how it works? It’s more of a technicality than something you should actually worry about.

Is Expired (Out of Date) Vape Juice Bad For You?

There have been no studies released that suggest vaping expired vape juice is bad for you. In fact, there is no reason why vape juice – based on its constituent ingredients – would go off in the first place.

Can You Use Out of Date Vape Juice? An Expert's Opinion...Pin

Vape juice is made from nicotine, PG, and VG – and these all have a massively long shelf-life. Technically, these ingredients cannot expire. Unless you’re talking about multiple years before you use it. There are a few things that can happen, however, once your vape juice goes beyond its expiry date.

Things That Happen To Expired Vape Juice:

  • The flavor can degrade
  • The nicotine can lose its potency
  • The color might change
  • The bottle it is stored in may develop a slight tint

You can still vape it, of course, even if you’re experiencing all of the above. IT just might not taste as good or be as strong (with respect to its nicotine levels). But that’s it – the juice is still fine.

How To Store Vape Juice Correctly – Best Practices

If you buy a lot of juice and don’t use it all at once, the best way to store vape juice is a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. A drawer in your home is fine, as is a shelf, providing it doesn’t get any direct sunlight and the room remains relatively cool year-round.

  • DO NOT store vape juice on a window sill
  • DO NOT store vape juice in your car
  • DO NOT store vape juice anywhere that a child can access it

Me? I keep all my vape supplies, including my vape juice, in a dedicated cupboard in my office. I also installed a lock on the cupboard too, so only I can access it. I have a 15-month-old son, so I need to make sure he cannot get in there.

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