Best Vape Kit for Beginners: The Best (SIMPLE) Vape Kits For 2020

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Best vape kit for beginners? If you’re new to vaping, you’ll want something simple that JUST WORKS. Fortunately, there has NEVER been more choice in this regard!

Best Pod Vape Systems

If you’re after an AIO (all in one) vape, then a pod mod is the way to go. Not all pod mod vapes are created equally. In fact, out of the 50-60 models we have tested, only a select few made it into our A-List which is detailed in full in the table below.

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Best Vape Mods

A good vape mod will last you years. It will also provide the best type of power combined with dual 18650 batteries. This means you can vape all day long at higher wattages without having to worry about battery life.

You can run all types of tanks on a vape mod, from standard vape tanks with pre-made coils to RDAs and RTAs – the choice is entirely up to you. I like to run RDAs at home and mesh coil tanks when I’m on the road or out on a night out.

The following vape mods are the top-rated box mods we tested during the last 12 months. The range in price rather dramatically but all are brilliant performers in every regard so you can expect topnotch performance from whichever mod you decide to go with…

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Best Vape Mod Kits (Mod & Vape Tanks)

Vape mods are great, but if you’re after a full vape mod kit – you know, one that comes with a tank too – you’re best off going with a vape mod kit.

Right now, the following setups are our favorite vape mod kits on the planet. The vape mods are all exceptional and the tanks they come with (most are mesh coil setups) are brilliant performers with coil heads that last ages.

Again, we’ve tested A LOT of vape kits. But only the best of the best make it inside our A-List Guides, which these tables are taken from.

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New Vaper Tips & Things You Should Probably Know

If you’re brand new to vaping, and you’ve just come off of cigarettes, you’ll likely be much better off using a mouth-to-lung vape device, as these types of tanks and pod systems draw just like a cigarette.

RDAs, RTAs, and vape tanks tend to be direct to lung (DTL), meaning you inhale them more like an inhaler – i.e. straight down to your lungs.

This trips up A LOT of new vapers, so if you want a sensation that is closer to smoking it is important to get yourself an MTL vape tank and vape mod. Most pod mods are MTL, so they’re fine too.

Best Vape For Heavy SmokersPin
The Innokin KROMA-A Kit Comes With A MTL Vape Tank And Is Perfect For Heavy Smokers Looking To Switch To A Vape. You Get A Fully Functional Vape Mod And An MTL Tank That Delivers Superb Flavor & Performance.

Vape tanks that make a lot of clouds are always DTL; these are great for flavor and clouds, but they don’t feel or inhale anything like a traditional cigarette.

My advice? Get yourself some Nic Salts E Juice and a pod mod. That’ll give you a solid base on which to start your vaping journey. Nic Salts E juice deliver a stronger nicotine hit too, all without tasting harsh.

Check out my current picks for The Best Nic Salt E Juice Brands for more information join what I’m using right now.

Need Help? No problem.

We’ve helped millions of people get started with vaping. If you have any questions or just want plenty of actionable advice, hit the button below – it’s a direct line to Drake.

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