Vape Forward Cync Review – A Solid Beginner Pod Mod

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Nick takes the Vape Forward Cync for a test drive. Can the Vape Forward Cync take on the likes of JUUL in the competitive pod mod space?

All too often in the world of vaping do we forget about the simplistic way of vaping – that plug and vape setup a lot of people want. Most of us that have been vaping for some time now will remember the pen style vapes. Nothing was wrong with them per se, nor is anything wrong with any style of vape, so long as it helps you stay away from the stinkies.

Pod mods are fast becoming all the rage right now, with nearly every major player in the vape space releasing a pod mod-style kit. Can the Vape Forward Cync take on the big boys?

Using a pre-filed cartridge and a non-removeble battery makes vaping very simple. But it is better than the competition? Let’s dive down shall we.

Vape Forward Cync Review –  Package and Appearance

Nothing fancy about the Cync package. The outside of the package has the Cync on the cover with information and included accessories on the back. You will get the Cync battery and a charge cable and an operating manual. Very simple and straightforward.

The look of the Cync is actually a bit weird at first glance. The shape is a hexagonal, though it is actually very comfortable to hold. You will see a light at the bottom when using the Cync which indicates the current charge state of the battery. The refilled cartridges are a nice touch as well. Taking the same form as the battery the Cync cartridges have a window on both sides which allow you to see the E Juice level.

Vape Forward Cync Review – Performance and Battery

First, I want to start off with the performance of the Cync. This is not a Sub Ohm pen but I did get a tight direct lung hit and it’s not bad at all – even for someone like me who usually uses RDAs. It just takes some getting use to.

The flavor is right on par with some, lesser sub ohm tanks, though, and this is great news for those brand new to vaping. Considering this is a pen style vape, and the limited size of the coils you have to work with, I have no quarrels with the flavor, it’s really rather good given the size of the device’s chamber and coil composition.

Operating the Cync is nice and easy, there’s hardly any learning curve whatsoever. There are no buttons, no screen, and no extras to fiddle around with. You just simply charge the battery, install the pre-filled cartridge, and you are good to go. Just vape like you normally would.

The Cync battery is actually decent and got me through a long day at work. Not bad, especially when you consider it is only a 350mAh sell. Not 100% confident it’d make it, I took a spare just in case. I never used it though – the Vape Forward Cync held its own.

From 5am to 7pm I used the Cync. Never once did is fail, and it hit consistently each and every time. Just so you are aware, I work in a hot environment where temperatures reach 140+ and the Cync never once got warm like my mods and tanks do.

I didn’t have any leakage problems at all. The device as a whole is small enough for your pocket, light enough for you to forget that you have it, and simple enough for even the newest of vaper to use.

Vape Forward Cync Review – My Final Thoughts

The Vape Forward Cync provides excellent flavor, simplicity, and ease of use makes for a great all around device. This is an ideal setup, next to the JUUL, for anyone that is looking at ditching the smokes and wants to try their hand at vaping.

If you’re looking for a competitive AIO device, the Vape Forward Cync should definitely be high on your list.

  • Looks are a 9/10
  • Battery is a solid 10/10
  • Performance is a respectable 9/10

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