SMOK TFV4 Mini Review: A Vape Tank With Few Equals


I want a tank that vapes like an RDA — a tank that has great flavour and produces HUGE clouds. I looked and looked in my search for the right one and, yes, I see other tanks out there that are great in their own right, but the one I’ve been using for a good long while now is the SMOK TFV4 Mini. And I have to say: this tank pretty much ticks all my boxes.

Below I will talk about every aspect of the Smok TFV4 mini. I hope you enjoy the read.

SMOK TFV4 Mini Review: Packaging

The packaging is nice and well done. The information on the box is more than enough to satisfy most when needing to know about the tank prior to purchase. The packaging is decent too. And you get plenty of goodies inside: two coils, one being the TF-CLP2 core (.35ohm), the other coil is the TF-S6 Core (a .4ohm), a TF-RCA for rebuilding your own coils, replacement spare glass tube, and spare parts.


Everything has its own, special place inside the box. I like how ordered and thought out everything is here, because this isn’t always the case when buying a vape tank. Sometimes it’s just you and box of weird looking crap. And that’s never fun.

SMOK TFV4 Mini Review: The Tank

Unlike its bigger brother the Smok TFV4 mini comes in at 22mmX73.5mm with a 3.5mL tank capacity and weighs in at 85g. The mini has everything you have come to know and love about the bigger TFV4. From the top swivel style fill right down to using the same coils.

The mini is a great option for those who want a smaller, but equally capable tank. With four adjustable airflow holes on the drip tip and four perfectly sized adjustable airflow holes on the base, you have plenty of options when it comes to modifying your vaping experience. Refilling the tank is easy; just move the top counter clock wise.


I should mention that the TFV4 mini comes in pieces. This is great for cleaning, but it does mean you have to assemble it yourself. The 510 threads on the TFV4 mini are buttery smooth and everything that I have put the TFV4 mini on sits nicely. You can choose between the black version or the stainless steel version and whichever one you choose I’m sure you’ll be completely satisfied.


The tank itself comes together very nicely with no problems at all. When putting in a new coil you will notice how smooth the threading is and you can tell this tank is of high quality. The engineering here is excellent, 10/10. Remember, though, when acquiring a new tank it is a good idea to clean it before using it for the first time, as there could be some machine oil on it. Tanks usually are cleaned at the factory but sometimes they miss stuff, so it is good practice to get into the habit of doing this every time you upgrade.

SMOK TFV4 Mini Review: Performance

The flavour on this tank great and the clouds are comparable to an RDA. With coils ranging from the dual Clapton to a quad there is something for everyone. You can get low wattage coils that give great performance as well as high wattage coils that also have great performance. I have tried the dual Clapton, sextuplet, quad, and triple coil. I prefer the TF-CLP2 (dual Clapton) as this coil seems to give the best flavour without too much wattage.

I run the TF-CLP2 at around the 55-68W range and that works perfect. The sextuplet coil was nice but the flavour wasn’t quite as good as the dual Clapton. I ran the sextuplet between 65-90W range when testing and that seemed to be the sweet spot for me. The quad coil is actually better than the sextuplet in my opinion. The clouds are better and the flavour seemed to stand out more compared to the sextuplet. I typically run my quad coils at the 65-110W range.


The triple coil was my least favourite; it just didn’t seem to have good flavour — no matter what E-Liquid I put in it. I did try three of these coils, thinking the first was a dud, but none stood out in the flavour department. The clouds were good on the triple coil, though, which I vaped in the 60-100W range. The juice consumption on this tank varies, as you’d expect. Higher wattages scoff more juice. This is a basic law of physics. With this being said, if you’re after a heavy hitter in the cloud-producing department the Smok TFV4 mini is DEFINITELY worth a look.

Just remember to use the TF-CLP2 coils, they work great between 55-65W range.

The RBA that comes with the TFV4 mini kit has a Clapton preinstalled and you need only to wick and you’re good to go. I use this often as I like to build my coils sometimes. It is easy to build on and wick. The RBA deck is a single style that comes with the kit. You can get other RBA decks as well such as the dual deck. The single RBA deck works great in my opinion and handles my build nicely. I typically do .2-.4ohm builds and the RBA deck takes them and runs like a champ. The coil sits horizontally and creates awesome flavour without sacrificing clouds.

SMOK TFV4 Mini Review: Conclusion

A well rounded tank that satisfies most, if not all of my wants and desires for a vape tank. From the lows to the highs this tank is sure to please. Having something for everyone this very well could be the last tank you will ever need. The only con I have about the TFV4 mini is the fact that it does drink juice at higher wattages but that is to be expected. There are other tanks out there — the UWELL Crown, for instance — that may suit some better than others but for myself and many others, the TFV4 mini is one of THE must have tanks for 2016.


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