Badger Juice Review: DAMN Fine E-Liquid From Franklin, TN

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Badger Juice: Zac delivers his verdict on Franklin’s finest

Some many e-juices, so little time. What’s a boy to do? Easy — get the hell on it and sample as many as is humanly possible. This is my endeavour, my quest — find the best e-juices, vape them, and report back to you.

I know, I know — it’s a tough life. But somebody’s gotta do it.

This week I’ve had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Badger Juice, an awesome vape company based out of Frankin, TN. But will Badger Juice make it on VapeBeat’s BEST Ejuice List?

Here’s the official line from the company itself, detailing what they’re all about:

“We pride ourselves on maintaining exacting standards in our small batch production. Small batch production means we can deliver a great variety of flavors while guaranteeing the consistency and quality our customers expect from us. Badger Juice doesn’t want to be the biggest ejuice producer on the market; we just want to be the best. Quality is what makes Badger Juice great, and that is close to our hearts.”

I’ve just finished off testing a sample pack. Read on to find out how I got along.

Badger Juice Reviews: Delivery & Condition

I received the five glass bottles wrapped tightly in bubble wrap within a 2 day priority mail cardboard box. Inside the box, a postcard that listed all the juices and their descriptions along with a company biography and contact info. They also slipped me three 2″ x 4.5″ stickers, which was an awesome surprise. It was a very neat package before I tore into it!

The bottles were steeped for a month prior to testing and properly stored upon arrival. All juices were 3mg nicotine levels. They were all tested with the same equipment at 65 watts with two different RDAs.

Blueberry Cotton Candy


As soon as you open the bottle, you know you’re in for a good time. It smells exactly like its name, and tastes just like it too. The two delicious flavours are balanced well. The blueberry is distinct and forward while the cotton candy is a little more subtle. It took a while before I figured out what it tastes like — blueberry Lifesaver lollipops! I went through 15 ml in about one day, I couldn’t myself. I DEFINITELY buy more.

Is It An ALL DAY Vape?

I like this juice a lot. It isn’t too strong or overpowering, but it does pack a punch to your taste buds. I can vape this all day, but I prefer to have another fruit flavour to switch to every so often.

7 /10



This is a blackberry flavoured juice that’s both tart and sweet. Very fruity and very crisp, but light at the same time. It’s not a candied kind of fruit’ it’s a realistic imitation of nature’s blackberry.

Honestly, it’s an upgrade of the fruit in my opinion. It was a real bummer when I ran out. I ran out fast too — 15 ml in less than a day. The honest truth is, Crackberry is officially in my top 10 juices of all time, maybe top five. I need more RIGHT NOW.

Is It An ALL DAY Vape?

You’re damn right it is. This is an all week vape. Go, get some right now.


Naughty and Nice


Yummm, snickerdoodles. I love cookies, who doesn’t?! Fresh baked sugar cookies with cinnamon. This is good stuff. The cookie flavour is full bodied and very pronounced. The cinnamon is a little too strong in my opinion, but I still like it. This is a good flavour by itself, but would also make a great mixer.

Is It An ALL DAY Vape?

Naughty & Nice is a tasty treat, but just that, a treat. it’s just a little too powerful for me to vape all day. If I mixed it with vanilla ice cream I bet it would be an ADV.


King’s Passage

kings passagePin

Strawberry and banana, classic. This is what I imagine organic fruit e-juice would be like. It’s subtle in a way that makes you want more and more, but rich and present at the same time.

I went through this bottle relatively fast and miss it already.

I definitely recommend this juice to anyone who loves strawberries and bananas. Something about this sticks out from other company’s strawberry-banana combinations, in a great way though. It tastes so ripe. You’ll know what I mean if you try it.

Is It An ALL DAY Vape?

No doubt that this is an all day vape. I did it and would do it again. It’s a simple, but enjoyable and satisfying flavor.


Leprechaun’s Jewels


This is tangy strawberry kiwi candy according to Badger’s description. It’s got some twang to it. Took me almost a week to figure out what the strawberry reminded me of, but I figured it out.

The candy everyone’s grandma had in a glass bowl.

Those hard red candies with a soft center that are wrapped in packaging that makes them look like strawberries. The kiwi really gives this juice it’s individuality. It’s barely detectable, but just enough to alter its flavour in a good way. I like this juice, but I’m unsure if I’d buy it again.

Is It An ALL DAY Vape?

It is! I vaped it by itself for two days. The truth is, it grew on me. Try some, you won’t be disappointed.




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