ADVKEN Mantra Tank Review | Weird Design, Great Mesh Coils

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The ADVKEN Mantra Tank is one weird looking piece of hardware. It’s all angles and protruding glass. It’s certainly divisive in that regard, but do its mesh coils deliver the goods? I spent a month with it to find out…

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The ADVKEN Mantra Tank is my first experience with ADVKEN, and, no, I’m not entirely sure how you pronounce that word.

Putting a “V” and a “K” next to one another never seems like a good idea, unless you’re Finnish, of course. Then it’s just another, normal word or phrase.

Either way and weird brand names aside, the MANTRA tank is yet another mesh coil sub ohm tank that is vying for your hard-earning dollars in 2018.

Competition is REALLY stiff right now, so does it cut the mustard?

Is it good enough to make our Best Vape Tank Guide? 

I just spent a few weeks testing out the MANTRA tank, running through its coils, in a bid to see how it stacks up against 2018’s biggest players.

Read on for my full report.

ADVKEN Mantra Tank Review

ADVKEN Mantra TankPin


This is probably the weirdest looking sub ohm tank I have ever tested. It looks like some kind of bizarre crystal you might find on Superman’s home planet.

The bubble glass is frosted over with hexagonal patterns that match the drip dip, and the glass itself is rather squat.

The rest of the tank is made from stainless steel and you have three, adjustable airflow slots at the base of the atomizer.

Branding is kept to an absolute minimum here; all you have is a tiny little symbol towards the top of the tank and some discreet logo work on the base.

The top-fill mechanism here is top notch; you just slide it sideways to reveal a large, kidney-shaped port. Filling up is a breeze and completely mess free. Kudos to ADVKEN on this front.

ADVKEN Mantra Tank Review | Weird Design, Great Mesh CoilsPin
Told You It Was Weird Looking

At no point during my testing period could I make my mind up about this tank; I found myself just looking at it, wondering who the hell designed it. It just looks completely alien to my eyes.

Design is always subjective. What I like, you may hate. And vice versa. Personally speaking, I’m not a fan of the ADVKEN Mantra’s design language. It’s just too busy for my tastes.

It is definitely unique though, and I can see a lot of people actually quite digging its styling. And if that sounds like you, please, do not let my boring sense of style and design put you off.

I just prefer more traditional designs for my vape tanks. I don’t mind bubble glass, but I can definitely live perfectly happily without it.

Beyond this, the tank itself is very well put together. It feels premium, like a lot of care and thought has gone into its design and construction.

The bubble glass will hold 4.5ml of E Juice, not sure if there’s a TPD compliant version yet, and it is available in either black or silver. My test unit was silver, though I do think I prefer the way the black version looks.

ADVKEN Mantra Tank Specifications

  • Size: 24mm * 45.7mm
  • Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Resin and Pyrex Glass
  • Coil: 0.16ohm Mesh Coil, 0.2ohm Mesh Coil (compatible with Dominator Tank, FV8 Baby Tank and NRG Tank, etc.)
  • Pin: Gold-plated Pin
  • Connection: 510
  • Color: Black, Stainless Steel

One of the coolest things you’ll notice from the above specifications is that the MANTRA tank can (and will) run third party coils, mesh coils, from SMOK and Innokin.

This is very cool. It’s also something I wish more sub ohm tank companies would do; it’s easy as well – just make them a similar size and with similar threading. You can’t patent threading or size, so it’s an easy thing to add to the design process.

ADVKEN Mantra Tank Performance

ADVKEN Mantra TankPin
The Airflow Control

How’s it vape? Very well, actually. The airflow is nice and smooth and the flavor is very good, indeed.

I actually tested this tank alongside the outstanding OBS Draco kit and while I do prefer that sub ohm tank, the ADVKEN Mantra Tank is almost as good with respect to flavor and airflow.

It does get through a lot of E Juice, more so than the OBS Draco, which is odd given that it has more Juice capacity (4.5ml vs 2ml). Either way, this is a small thing. Plus: all sub ohm tanks are thirsty. It’s what they do.

I did really enjoy using this sub ohm tank. Like all the best mesh coil tanks around right now, it delivers thick, swooshy vapor that is packed with flavor. You can really taste your juice with this tank.

ADVKEN Mantra Tank Coils

The ADVKEN Mantra Tank comes with two coils in the box, one preinstalled:

  • 0.16ohm standard coil
  • 0.2 Mesh coil

As you’d expect, the mesh coil is the one you want to be using. The flavor is bigger, the vapor denser.

The wire coil is no slouch either, but it is definitely the inferior coil head of the two.

I’ve been rocking both anywhere between 80W and 50W, and they both performed great.

ADVKEN Mantra TankPin
The Top Fill Slider

They prime-up really quick too; just apply some juice to the cotton for installing it, let it sit for five minutes, install the coil, and start vaping.

I got a solid 12 days from the mesh coil. And even then, it was still going strong. I just really needed to test the wire coil.

The latter performed very respectably as well – around 8 days before the flavor flattened out.

And this was good enough to secure the ADVKEN Mantra a spot on our Best Vape Tank Guide.

I didn’t try any third-party coils in it, as I didn’t have any, but this is a very handy attribute of the ADVKEN Mantra Tank, as it means, if you’re in a pinch, you could, potentially, pick up some SMOK coils from a vape shop.

ALL vape shops sell SMOK coils, they’re everywhere, so this is definitely a USP of the ADVKEN Mantra Tank.

What I Liked

  • The Mesh Coil is Superb.
  • The Wire Coil is Very Respectable Too.
  • Top-Notch Flavor + Thick, Dense Vapor
  • Great Quality Build; No Wonky Elements
  • Decent Sized Tank (4.5ml)

What I Disliked

  • I’m Not 100% In Love With The Design
  • They Could Have Made It 5-6ML Easy

Best Place To Buy Online? 

VapeSourcing | $28.90 

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