VAPORESSO Confirms MEGA European Expansion For 2024

VAPORESSO Confirms MEGA European Expansion For 2024Pin

In a bold move to strengthen its foothold in the European vaping industry, VAPORESSO, a leading global open-system vaping brand, has announced a significant strategic upgrade.

The company revealed its plans at the VAPORESSO Vaping Ecosystem Strategy Conference in Paris on March 24th, outlining a comprehensive approach to meet evolving consumer demands and navigate the complex European regulatory landscape.

At the heart of VAPORESSO’s strategy is the establishment of a new European branch, set to become the central hub for the brand’s operations in the region. This move signals a commitment to localisation, with the branch poised to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in serving the European market.

The company aims to work more closely with local partners, offering improved support and fostering mutual success.

The European branch will house three specialised centres: the European Flavour and Sensory Research Centre, the European Product Design Centre, and the European Marketing Centre. These facilities underscore VAPORESSO’s dedication to tailoring its offerings to European consumer preferences, from taste experiences to product design and marketing strategies.

Vaporesso Confirms DELICIU Brand

In a notable expansion of its product range, VAPORESSO is venturing into the e-liquid market with its new brand, DELICIU. This move reflects the company’s recognition of e-liquids as a crucial element in meeting consumer demands for taste and flavour.

DELICIU aims to set itself apart by focusing on authentic flavour replication using high-quality materials and manufacturing standards.

Jimmy Hu, Vice President of VAPORESSO, commented on the strategy: “Our European expansion is not just about growing our market share. It’s about truly understanding and serving the unique needs of European consumers while contributing positively to the industry’s sustainable development in the region.”

The company’s approach also emphasises collaboration within the industry. VAPORESSO plans to work closely with various partners, from supply chain to retail, to explore new opportunities and strengthen the vaping ecosystem in Europe. This collaborative spirit extends to enhancing the capabilities of retail stores, with the aim of improving the overall consumer experience.

However, VAPORESSO’s expansion comes at a time of increasing scrutiny on the vaping industry in Europe. With varying regulations across different countries and ongoing debates about the health impacts of vaping, the company will need to navigate a complex regulatory environment carefully.

As the vaping landscape continues to evolve in Europe, VAPORESSO’s strategic moves reflect a broader trend of industry players adapting to local markets while pushing for innovation. The success of this strategy will likely depend on the company’s ability to balance its global brand with local sensibilities, all while addressing the ongoing challenges faced by the vaping industry in Europe.

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VAPORESSO Confirms MEGA European Expansion For 2024Pin

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