VapeWild Calls It Quits Before The PMTA

VapeWild Calls It Quits Before The PMTAPin

Vapewild has been a very popular vendor for years with most American vapers. They had their own line of e-juice that comes in just about any flavor you can imagine. But like many companies facing the FDA and the PMTA laws, they have decided to close their doors.

VapeWild Closes Its Doors…

The story of VapeWild is charming. Three friends got together with a plan and started their very own vape company. They wanted the VapeWild brand to be fun, colorful, and helpful to those who were looking to quit smoking. They set out to be the “everyman” vape company since they were just three vape enthusiasts themselves.

Fast forward a few years and everyone has tried at least one of their signature juices. VapeWild created a huge following on its Facebook page that cemented the feeling of community. Oftentimes their Facebook page would have a poll on what new flavors should be made. It was a unique experience, to say the least.

VapeWild eventually became known for not only their own juice line. It carried various hardware and accessories, along with many other juice companies they partnered with. The company became a known affiliate with vape news web pages and often supplied reviewers with products to review.

VapeWild also became one of the first companies to create a “sample pack”. This means you pay a small fee for several different e-juices based on the flavor profile you provide. Personally, I tried the sample packs several times and I always found at least a few flavors I enjoyed. Their fruit line was very popular and came “fresh out of the lab” or “pre-steeped”, so you could decide if you wanted a bottle that was ready to vape immediately.

Two years ago VapeWild released their salt nic versions of the most popular flavors. The rise of pod devices deemed it a necessity and VapeWild rose to the challenge with new takes on the vast expanse of flavors. These often came in “bundle” deals like the sample packs.

Last year VapeWild had some kind of partnership with R.J. Reynolds tobacco. The website started selling the popular VUSE brand of pod systems that are owned and operated by the tobacco giant. This seemed like good news when the PMTA deadline shifted. If anyone has the money to face the FDA, you would think large tobacco manufacturers have plenty of money and resources.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. VapeWild sent a message to all of their customers saying they will not be able to face the FDA when September 9th comes around. The notice reads as follows:

Dear VapeWild Family,

Yep, it’s that time. The PMTA deadline is finally upon us – September 9th. It’s been a long road, and we did our best, but, in the end, we just aren’t able to pull it off. So, September 9th will be the end of the line for VapeWild.

Dear John letters always suck, but hey, it’s not you – it’s us. And while we still have some time left together, we wanted to let you know as soon as we could so that you would have a chance to get everything you need stocked up. These are crazy times we’re living in, and they just keep getting crazier. Our sincerest hope, though, is that we have somehow made a difference in the world for the better over these last six years.

You’ll probably see emails from other places over the next few weeks with words like “it is with a heavy heart” or “with our deepest regrets”, etc. But we don’t have a heavy heart or any regrets. We did the best we could and sure enjoyed the heck out of sharing it with all of you. It’s been the greatest roller coaster ride any of us have ever been on, and it is with our sincerest thanks that we write to you. We wish you the best on your vape journey!

Thank you for coming along with us on this wild ride. <3 

You are the Best, VapeWild Fam!

— VapeWild

Time Is Growing Short

We are running out of time for vape companies to submit a PMTA. So far, we have seen a few companies rise to the occasion. Companies are running out of time to apply. I, unfortunately, believe that this is just the first of many large companies that we will see closing their doors.

The PMTA process is long. It is also extremely expensive. I cannot imagine a company like VapeWild registering their flavors. At last count, they had over 150 registered flavors and seasonal flavors.

This comes at the worst time, during the COVID Pandemic, where people are already out of work. Not only does VapeWild have many employees, but they also are affiliates for reviewers and have many partnerships with vape companies from around the world.

VapeWild is holding a clearance sale featuring 30% to %75 off regular prices.

With all of that being said, Thank You, VapeWild for the years of good deals and creative flavors. I enjoyed your flavors and your dedication to customer service and quality. So long, and thanks for all the clouds.

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