Nextmind CT1 Vape Pod PREVIEW: Specs & Details [Self-Cleaning Coils!!!]

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The CT1 Vape Pod is a strange, strange beast. It has a party trick unlike anything else we’ve yet seen in the vape market: self-cleaning, ceramic coils.

That’s right: coils that CLEAN themselves!

How does this black magic/voodoo work?

Simple: you press a button and the coil cleans itself, extending the lifespan of their usage dramatically.

This type of technology is a first for the pod mod space (and also the vape space in general).

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The CT1 Vape Pod System (Image Credit)

Honesty, I had to read the press release a couple of times just to make sure I was understanding it correctly.

On top of this, the atomizer coil is completely replaceable too; this makes it more like a sub-ohm tank than straight-up pod mod system.

Either way, these two features are pretty darn impressive. And they’re just the tip of the iceberg!

CT1 Vape Pod Specifications

  • 3.6ml Tank
  • 650 mAh battery,
  • 1.0 Ceramic Replacement Coil
  • 1.2-ohm Ceramic Replacement Coil
  • Silicone Tank Fill Port Seal (attached to tank)
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • Certificate of Passed Inspection

As you can see, you get options for two types of coil heads, both MTL oriented, just different degrees of draw.

Both deliver masses of flavor and a focussed MTL draw. Ideal for high-PG or Nic Salts E Juice.

Priming CT1 Vape Pod Coils

Another pretty unique trick here is that you don’t really need to prime the CT1 Vape Pod’s coils.

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The CT1 Vape Pod – A Totally BADASS Pod Vape System

Simply take a few short draws on the atomizer and the coils will self-prime – this makes the setup process a lot quicker.

It Works Like JUUL (Kind Of…)

You know how JUUL has lip-sensing technology?

Well, the CT1 Vape Pod is kind of similar: as you draw it will fire the atomizer and you can start vaping.

However, it also has a button that you can press if you wish too. Either way, it works seamlessly, so whatever style you go for you’re sorted.

How The Self-Cleaning Coil Works

The manual the CT1 Vape Pod comes with is NOT good; it’s written by someone with only a very basic grasp of English – so it’s tricky to follow.

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How To Start The Self-Cleaning Process

However, we’ve got the steps you need to follow detailed below:

  • Remove the tank from the battery; next, take the plug that it comes with and screw it into the bottom of the tank; now, put the tank aside.
  • Activating Self-Clean function: press the fire button eight times within three seconds. A red light indicator should flash for 30 seconds – this is the self-cleaning mode activating. It will run for about 30 seconds.
  • As the self-cleaning process runs, there will be vapor as the coil cleans off excess E Juice residue. This is how it cleans itself. You can blow on the coil to make the process more efficient.

And that’s it – you’re coil has cleaned itself.

Pros of Self-Cleaning Coil

✅It’ll increase the longevity of the coils by weeks
✅Saves you money in the short and long run
✅Ensures you get great flavor from a single coil for weeks on end

Why You’d Get This Vape Pod System?

There are quite a few reasons why someone would go for this system over, say, something like the JUUL or Suorin Air or DROP.

But, for me, the main points are as follows:

  • Excellent battery life (650mAh)
  • Self-Cleaning Coil System – Improves Coil Life Span Dramatically
  • Design – The CT1 Vape Pod Looks Totally BADASS!
  • Overall Performance Is Very Good
  • No Priming Required For Coils

For me, this device is just about the most advanced pod system I have ever come across. It works and performs unlike anything else around right now.

There are A LOT of decent pod systems around right now (the best of which are detailed inside our Best Pod Mod Guide 2018), but I think the CT1 Vape Pod, while late to the party in 2018, is definitely going to be something that a lot of people flock towards.

I mean, the self-cleaning system for the coils in and of itself is a potential game-changer, something that will extend the life of your coils by weeks at a time.

Chuck in a great overall design, a huge battery (650mAh) for a pod system, and a great MTL draw with solid, focused flavor and you’re looking at one of 2018’s most interesting pod mod vapes.

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The CT1 Vape Pod Retails For $39.99 – And It’s Exclusive To VaporFi

Interesting is the word of the day here; pod mod devices are seldom interesting, but this one is just about the most interesting vape I’ve come across all year.

Self-cleaning coils! I just can’t get my head around this! It’s so cool (and super useful). I hope this tech starts filtering down to other styles of tanks and vape devices.

So… how much for all this mad, crazy technology?

Not too much at all; VaporFi is retailing it exclusively for the entirety of October/November for just $39.99 (and that includes FREE shipping).

Not bad for all that technology.

Spare coil packs cost $14.99, but with the coil-cleaning system you’re looking at a solid month or two from each coil head – long term, this means pretty sizeable savings.

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