JUUL UK Release Date CONFIRMED (It’s Now Available To Buy In UK)

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 08/02/18 •  3 min read

The JUUL is one of the most popular vapes around, so when is the JUUL UK release date happening? 

It’s OFFICIAL: JUUL is Now Available In UK. After months of speculation and waiting, JUUL has finally come to the UK

JUUL is now widely available in the UK, after months of speculation about the company’s expansion outside the US.

If you’re in the UK and are after trying out JUUL, you can now do so via JUUL’s UK site. You can pick up the JUUL starter kit for £29.99 – and this includes four JUULpods (just pick the flavor you want).

However, the JUUL sucks. Like, really, really sucks. It’s expensive to run, the battery life is terrible, and the flavors are meh – you’re 100% better off with something like the UWELL Caliburn. It’s refillable, it has better battery life, and it’s WAY cheaper.

JUUL Starter Kit

How To Set Up JUULPin


The kit includes the following:

I’ve been using my JUUL as a secondary vape, alongside my squonk mod.

For this purpose, it’s decent enough. I like the flavor it gives as well as the hit.

The only real downside for me is the battery life – with heavy use, it ain’t great.

The UK release of JUUL will help JUUL grow even more. The company is already the largest vape brand in the world right now.

Adding in more regions like the UK and Europe will further cement this.

It’s an AIO vape device that is actually very good. And these types of devices are few and far between right now.

JUUL UK Release Date – Vape’s Biggest Brand?


JUUL has grown massively in the past 12 months. The company, which is run like a tech startup, has received millions in investment from a variety of sources in order to meet demand and cement its brand in the US and elsewhere.

The company is now producing around 20 million JUULpods per month – up from one million in 2016. This is a huge growth for the company and it shows just how far-reaching JUUL’s business model is right now in the US market.

JUUL has also confirmed that it plans on DOUBLING its output to 40 million JUULpods per month by mid-way through 2018.

And all of this combined could well turn JUUL into the Apple of the vape space. It’s professional, funded, has a great product, and is now expanding its reach through branding and investment.

JUUL UK Release Date – What The Critics Said About JUUL


JUUL UK Release Date – Best JUUL Alternative For The UK?

If you’re after something similar to the JUUL, there are plenty of options around right now that work in a similar fashion. Many of which are included in our Best Pod Mod Vapes article.

However, my personal favorite is the SMOK NOVO X which is very similar to the JUUL, both in terms of size and how it functions, as well as the flavor selection.

It’s a great option for those new off cigarettes, as it hits hard and the flavors are great.

Need more options? Check out our resource page – it lists our current #1 favorite vapes

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