An Evening With The G.O.A.T: Jared The Vaping Goat Interview

An Evening With The G.O.A.T: Jared The Vaping Goat InterviewPin

Jared The Vaping Goat has made a big splash in the reviewer community. His videos started as quick vlogs about whatever he thought was cool in the vaping world. Showing off whatever he was using at the time and giving his unique opinion about products.

These short vlogs quickly turned into full, detailed review segments that catered to the budget vaper. Jared was the first Youtube reviewer I came across that looked out for the underdog, and people that were looking to start vaping without breaking the bank. Initially relying on donations and borrowing devices from friends, Jared began to make a name for himself. Over the past two years, Jared has managed to make thousands of in-depth review videos. He has gained tons of popularity in the vaping community, and even sponsorship from several big companies.

Talking Turkey With Jared The Vaping Goat

Jared The Vaping GoatPin

I had the opportunity this past week to catch up with Jared and ask him a few questions about how he got started, what he thinks the future of vaping may look like, and his always absolutely abundant “buffet” of current vape setups. Let’s catch up with the Goat!

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today, Jared. As your catchphrase says “Your time is money, thanks for spending it with me.” As a former tobacco user, what got you into vaping? How long did it take you to quit tobacco all together?

“My kid got me into vaping, honestly. He brought up how well vaping had worked for him, the benefits of it, and his want for me to stop smoking. I immediately transitioned to vaping when I started. I purchased a Joyetech EGO AIO, hated it, and purchased an Innokin MVP4 mod with a SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast sub-ohm tank. I immediately went to sub-ohm vaping from smoking. I truly wanted to stop smoking and I did. It didn’t take long at all!”

Your channel started from the ground up, literally. You’ve managed to make light of a bad situation considering your disability. I’ve had the pleasure of watching your channel grow over the years, even in a saturated market. Tell me about those first videos. How did you get started?

“Well, my channel started with 2 Facebook groups. I had only been vaping for 4 months when I would post little silly 1-3 minute videos about devices, juices, or the community. I was dared to try and start a YouTube channel from there and finally caved in about a month later. I honestly had no idea that people would really care or even notice me on that platform, especially given how many reviewers there already were on YouTube.

It’s been quite the ride of staying true to myself, to the viewers, and overall just remaining grounded at all times. Understanding that I am truly no one special nor am I/will I ever be better than any other vaper out there. That’s why I put passion in what I do. I don’t care about the status quo of things in regards to video lengths, professionalism, etc. People don’t walk around vape shops acting like CEO’s or that they’re the almighty master of knowledge, so why should I ever try to be anything other than myself with my channel? People deserve realism and truth for reviews and that’s how I have always remained with my videos. “For the people.”

That being said, you have a very thorough review style. You really stand out from your peers. How did you develop your unique approach?

“My review style is definitely not for the faint of heart for sure, because I truly do not care what people think about it. If I feel the need to cuss the entire video…I do! If I believe that a video is only properly reviewed with a 45-minute review, then that’s how long it will be. I’m not trying to be edgy, but informative. And the beauty of it is that I try very hard to make sure that people always understand that there’s no obligation to watch ANY review that doesn’t pertain to their vaping style and/or likes. If they hate pods…don’t watch the videos on pods.

I don’t care about subscriber count, views, or negative commenting because in the end, it all gives me a solid perspective of how people vape and what they like. It tells me how I can continue to improve upon what I already do. I don’t really follow any of the “rules” that people say you should follow. It all comes down to the fact that I don’t want to be just “another reviewer” but a reviewer that people can trust.”

Which products have come across your desk lately that really wowed you?

“Man…products that have wowed me lately? That’s a tough one! I would say at this exact moment I’m quite the fan of the Steam Crave Hadron mod with the squonking backpack attachment, The Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA, Steam Crave Ragnar RDTA (spoiler alert: LOL), Vaporesso Target PM30 starter kit, and the Vaporesso Target PM80 Plus starter kit.”

You’ve done a great job with advocacy during your ‘It is what it is” segments. What do you think is our biggest challenge going forward?

“There are so many challenges for the vaping industry moving forward that I think I could write a novel. The corrupt nature of the US Government is an absolutely monstrous issue that we have to fight head-on if we are to even stand a chance on keeping vaping as a legitimate industry in this country.

The slander/libel against the industry from politicians to sway public opinion against the industry is still, hands down, THE MOST damaging thing to have had happened for our industry. Scott Gottlieb’s entire point in being the FDA Administrator was to damage the public eye on vaping in every way possible, and he played that game masterfully…unfortunately for us. That’s the largest damage that we must overcome if we are to even remotely stand a chance. We need public support. We need the advocacy groups to stop fighting for personal gains and to join forces, and we need to find a way to press this on the governing body to survive.”

I cannot agree more with how you feel. The PMTA deadline is looming here in The States. What do you think the outcome will look like? What is the future of vaping in your opinion?

“I personally believe that the first 6 months after the PMTA deadline hits will be a massive sell-off from B&M shops and online retailers. after that, I don’t see anything good happening. Perhaps companies abroad changing their shipping tactics in order to still be able to sell products to the citizens of the USA. The industry is about to undergo a massive seachange and I think a great many smaller manufacturers are going to either go bankrupt or sell out to the larger companies.

I think that the entire juice side of the industry is going to go into an underground black market that could potentially cause far more harm than good for us. And I truly believe that there will be gradual inflation of costs for nearly everything vape related due to the lack of availability of products in the USA.”

Switching gears a bit, let’s have a little fun. Where did your YouTube name come from?

“Well, my name is Jared…I vape…and my nickname is Goat. So I became Jared The Vaping Goat. Simple and easy. HAHA!”

What was the setup that made you fall in love with vaping?

“The first absolute fanboy setup that really made me kind of go off the deep end for vaping was the Wismec RX 2/3 with a Freemax Fireluke sub-ohm tank. That’s what sent me into the spiral of personally owning so many products and wanting so many different flavors at the ready at all times.”

I can understand that! I have a Wismec RX200 that I will never let go of. What about fellow reviewers? Who are your favorite reviewers/personalities? The people who inspire you?

“Grimm Green, Mike Vapes, Vapn Fagan, The Vaping Bogan, TVP, Jai Haze, Vaping With Vic, Empire Vape Co, TenaciousTX Vapes, Daily Vape TV, Vaping With Ken, Heavy Metal Vaper, DJLSB Vapes. I find subtle things with each one of these guys that really gave me more to think about. There is the technical side, the humorous side, the personal connection side, educational side, passionate side, and just not giving a damn side of things that I took away from each of these folks. Each one to assist me with how “I” wanted to do things.”

What’s your current go-to setup? Mod and atomizer?

(editors note: I knew this was a loaded question. Jared always has quite the collection)

“Ummmm…there’s A LOT! My buffet includes 38 different device combos or pods with a wide variety of juices.”

  • Swell Mod w/Rebirth rta
  • Cultura mod w/Pharaoh rta
  • G150 mod w/Profile Unity rta
  • Humvee mod w/Kylin M rta
  • Swag II mod w/Gear rta
  • Captain PD270 mod w/Glaz v2 rta
  • Cold Steel 100 mod w/Kelpie rta
  • Valyrian mod w/Rebirth rta
  • EVDILO mod w/Fatality M25 rta
  • X217 mod w/Aries 30 rta
  • Tenacious Unicorn Mech Kit
  • Warlocks Hammer Mod w/Bonza 1.5 rda
  • Gen Mini mod w/Intake rta
  • Titan Mod w/Titan rdta
  • Target PM80 PLus starter kit
  • Hadron mod with backpack w/Variant rda
  • Cold Steel 200 w/Dead Rabbit rta
  • Shikra mod w/Aromamizer Lite rta
  • Battlestar squonk mod w/Nefarius rdta
  • Topside Dual squonk mod w/Voltrove 30mm v2 rda
  • JDMods SPWM mod w/ Voltrove v2 LE rta
  • Aegis Legend mod w/Aromamizer Plus v1 rdta
  • Gen mod w/Diesel rta
  • VX200 mod w/Trilogy rta
  • V200 mod w/ Aromamizer Plus v2 rdta
  • Switcher mod w/Ragnar rdta
  • Titan mod w/Titan rdta
  • Minikin 3 mod w/Zeus X rta
  • Titan 02 series mech mod w/Peacemaker XL rta
  • Aegis Solo mod w/Peacemaker rta
  • Saga series mech mod w/Titan rdta
  • MVP5 mod w/Revolver rta
  • Zip Mini mod w/Glaz Mini MTL rta
  • Xtra Pod starter kit
  • Osmall pod starter kit
  • Cosmo Plus starter kit
  • Degree pod starter kit
  • Dull Dime Parallel Mech mod w/Littlefoot rda

Well, I guess that is just enough to get you by! One last question for you…what is your favorite fellow reviewer designed product?

“I would have to go with 2 honestly. For single coil usage, it’s the Kelpie RTA (Vaping with Vic). For dual coil usage, I have to pick the Rebirth RTA (Mike Vapes).”

You can check out Jared on his Youtube Channel for honest opinions, advocacy, and a twisted sense of humor.

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