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4 AWESOME Sub-Ohm Tank Options For Beginners


What’s The Best Sub-Ohm Tank For Beginners

This is a question that I get asked all too often. This is a hard question to answer when you factor everything that a sub-ohm tank has to offer.

Is there a BEST sub-ohm tank? I don’t think so personally; they’re like cars in this respect — each is unique in their own way.

What I can do is discuss several options that are considered, by myself and most vape commentators all over the globe, to be solid, reliable and, most importantly, great options for those new to the vaping scene.

A good tank needs to have great features and performance. They also need to be cost effective, have a great coil system, and they need to produce great flavour and big clouds. When you do all these things you get plenty of attention from reviewers, bloggers and vapers in general.

From a macro-perspective, I would argue that the four sub-ohm tanks listed below are just about the best tanks on the market for those new to vaping that are looking to start off on a strong footing.

Best Sub-Ohm Tank: Herakles Plus

This is perhaps the best out of the box all around sub-ohm tank. Why? The Herakles Plus gives the best flavour out of all the sub-ohm tanks hands down. As for the cloud production? Well, it does give great cloudage but some will argue that certain others can outdo it.

Herakles PlusPin

You have a unique top airflow design that actually goes down to the bottom of the coil and brings the flavour out more plus helps with cloudage. This is a great innovation by Sense. The airflow of the Herakles Plus is pretty good all around. The fact that you have a juice flow control is an added bonus because you can close it completely when you are not going to use the Herakles Plus for an extended period.

The .4ohm coils are amazing and can handle wattages up to the 110W range! The .2ohm SS coils are nothing short of the .4ohm. Very well thought out and executed design really has paid off for Sense and the Herakles Plus will be around for a long while.

Best Sub-Ohm Tank: UWELL Crown

The Crown is perhaps the nemesis to the Herakles Plus. The Crown gives great flavour and produces good clouds. The top fill is a good wide open slot design which is better than the Herakles Plus in this portion. Offering the .25ohm SS coil and the .5ohm kanthal coil gives you options for varying levels of vaping.


You can hit 110W as well with the Crown but the Crowns coils don’t wick as good as Herakles Plus coils. A knurled top gives your fingers grip which is easier for removing the top to fill your Crown. The airflow is pretty good as well. The Crown v1 is a great competitor to the Herakles Plus and rightfully so.

Best Sub-Ohm Tank: Smok TFV4 & SMOKE TFV4 mini

A league of it’s own comes to mind when talking about the Smok TFV4/mini. This tanks has way too many coils to list so I will list a few. The quad coil is great for high wattages as it gives great cloudage but lacks flavour, the triple coil is a decent mixture coil as it delivers good flavour and clouds, and my personal favourite the dual Clapton coil which gives great flavour and great clouds. The swivel top fill is neat but over time becomes loose.


The coils for the TFV4/mini are the biggest coils on the market. The airflow is almost like an RDA which is great. The drip tip has a unique look to it. Stainless Steel surrounding a glass section with a small gap between the two and a nice airflow ring. The purpose of this is simple, helps too keep your vape from getting to hot to handle. This tank is a beast of a tank in that it does perform good but it drinks juice like no other. I would recommend this tank to those who are not on a budget or who DIY ejuice.

Best Sub-Ohm Tank: KangerTech Sub Tank mini

You may be scratching your head at this one but let me briefly explain why this one made our list. This tank has stood the test of time. The Kanger Sub Tank mini (here forth referred to as Ksub mini) is great for beginners and experts alike. This tank offers everything from a mouth to lung all the way to building your own coils with the included RBA!


Really good airflow options and this tank can perhaps contend with the Herakles Plus and Crown v1 in the flavour department which really says a lot about the Ksub mini. Also, coming in a kit at the cost of other sub-ohm tanks is what really keeps the ksub mini afloat in my opinion. Some things don’t last long but when this tank came out as the 2nd sub-ohm tank to the Atlantis, it blew all other away for a while.

Yes, the Ksub mini was the all around king of the sub-ohm tanks. Until the Herakles (original) came out, in my opinion. Others were close to taking the thrown, like the Melo, but they just didn’t have the same level of awesomeness. I will always hold this tank in my collection as it still serves me from time to time.





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