AVAIL Vapor: First PMTA Accepted For E-Liquid

AVAIL Vapor: First PMTA Accepted For E-LiquidPin

We have been waiting for quite a while now to hear from American companies on their status regarding the PMTA approval. This past week we have received some good news from Chinese companies about hardware. Today we finally hear some good news about AVAIL Vapor e-liquid.

AVAIL Vapor’s Application Is Accepted

AVAIL Vapor has become the first e-liquid company to file a PMTA and have it accepted today. AVAIL did not specify which flavors they have submitted in this first round of applications. The company has said they plan to file for more products before the September 9th 2020 deadline and they have had a plan in place for quite some time.

This comes at a seriously desperate time for vaping in America. The deadline is just weeks away and most companies have been silent when it comes to PMTA submissions. We have had several hardware companies commit to the application process. Until today, e-liquid companies have not released any details.

Today, AVAIL Vapor had this to say:

“We started mapping out our regulatory framework and PMTAs in 2015, before nicotine vaping products became subject to the FDA’s tobacco authority,” stated AVAIL Chairman James Xu.  “We couldn’t be more pleased that the years of hard work, investment and dedication have gotten us to this point.  Our end goal is to seek an FDA marketing order, which will allow us to continue to keep our products on the market for those adult smokers looking for alternatives to traditional tobacco products.”

Moving To The Next Step

Now the application moves on to the scientific review, during which the FDA will determine if AVAIL Vapor has scientifically proven that its nicotine vaping products are appropriate for the protection of public health. Until the scientific side of things is dealt with and the FDA makes a decision, each company can continue to sell it’s products.

In order for any company to remain on the market after September 9th 2020, they must have submitted a PMTA application and have it accepted. This is required for each flavor, and each strength of nicotine.  In the coming weeks we hope to see more companies submit their applications.

We must keep in mind that even though a product is accepted, does not mean the product is done with the FDA. The process of getting full approval can take up to 3 years in some cases. But acceptance is the first and most important step. This means a company is at least being considered.

AVAIL Vapor: First PMTA Accepted For E-Liquid

A Little About AVAIL Vapor

Over the past six years, AVAIL has grown to over 98 retail locations within Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan and Ohio.

Visit AVAIL vapor and check out their current products.

AVAIL remains true to its principals of exceptional quality and flavor. We carefully select our ingredients to create outstanding e-liquid flavors. The superior quality of the products we sell are AVAIL’s greatest focus. We apply this principal of reliability every day as we strive to make the AVAIL difference in our customer’s lives. We develop and produce our e-liquids in a state-of-the-art ISO certified class 6 clean room. At every step, policy and procedures are carefully followed to assure all our e-liquid is consistently produced.

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