Best Wick Liquor Flavors: Our #1 Picks [2023]

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What are the best Wick Liquor flavors? There’s quite a few options to choose from but these are the team’s current favorites…

Renowned for their innovative approach and commitment to quality, Wick Liquor has become a beacon for vapers worldwide. Its Nic Salts range is a testament to their creativity, offering loads of awesome flavours that are as diverse as they are delightful.

Based in the UK, Wick Liquor has grown rapidly over the last few years thanks to its unique approach to flavor creation and its excellent branding.

From the icy coolness of Blue Moon to the tropical allure of Deja Voodoo, each flavour is super unique and right now these are the best Wick Liquor nic salt flavors you can buy…

Wick Liquor Flavours

  • Blue Moon: The first stop on our flavour journey is Blue Moon, a blend that truly captures the essence of a cool, moonlit night. Imagine savouring the sweet, tart taste of top hat blueberries, perfectly balanced with the icy freshness of frozen ruby raspberries. It’s a flavour that dances on your tongue, leaving a lingering taste of berry goodness that’s both refreshing and satisfying.
  • Boulevard: Next, we venture down the Boulevard, a flavour that’s as distinctive and vibrant as the street it’s named after. This unique blend combines the tangy sweetness of Mardi Gras fruit punch with the rich, berry-like taste of fortified Malibu loganberry. It’s a flavourful journey that takes you through a carnival of tastes, leaving you wanting more.
  • Boulevard Shattered: If you thought Boulevard was a flavourful treat, wait till you try Boulevard Shattered. It takes the classic Boulevard flavour and adds a refreshing dash of ice, creating a vaping experience that’s both familiar and excitingly new. It’s like taking a stroll down your favourite boulevard on a hot summer day, with a cool breeze making the journey even more enjoyable.
  • Contra: As we move further into our flavour journey, we come across Contra, a delightful combination that’s as intriguing as its name. Contra blends the tangy zest of Sicilian vine citrus with the sweet, fruity notes of Porta Fortuna fruit compote. It’s a flavour that’s both bold and subtle, offering a vaping experience that’s truly unique.
  • Contra Shattered: Just when you thought Contra couldn’t get any better, along comes Contra Shattered. It takes the delightful Contra flavour and amplifies it with a cool dash of ice, creating a vaping experience that’s both familiar and refreshingly new. It’s like enjoying your favourite citrusy dessert on a hot summer day, with a cool breeze adding to the enjoyment.
  • Carnival: Next, we find ourselves at the Carnival, a flavour that’s as fun and exciting as the event it’s named after. Carnival is a delightful fusion of sweet, doughy Santa Monica glazed dough rings and the unique, sugary taste of Cholo sugar skull cane. It’s a flavour that’s both sweet and satisfying, offering a vaping experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Deja Voodoo: Last but not least, we arrive at Deja Voodoo, a tropical concoction that’s as enchanting as its name. Deja Voodoo combines the creamy, nutty flavour of Santa Barbara coconut husk with the sweet, sugary taste of Chula Vista sugar cane. It’s a flavour that transports you to a tropical paradise, offering a vaping experience that’s both relaxing and invigorating.

Which is Best?


My personal favorite would have to be Carnival and Boulevard. Contra is dope as well. They’re all good to be honest, so my advice — if you haven’t tried this line of liquids — is to buy a selection or one of each and sample them all.

You can check out my full Wick Liquor E-Liquid review for more details on what makes this UK vape brand so very special.

Each of these flavours is meticulously crafted with a balanced 50VG/50PG ratio, making them suitable for a broad range of vaping kits, pods, and tanks. They come in a 10ml bottle, with a childproof cap and tamper-evident seal, ensuring quality and safety with every puff.

Wick Liquor’s Nic Salts range comes in both 10MG and 20MG nicotine strengths, so there are options for everybody here. We love this brand so much, it is easily one of our favorites in the UK right now, next to Nasty Juice and these other awesome vape brands.

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