Weekend Throwback: The Sigelei Snow Wolf 218

Weekend Throwback: The Sigelei Snow Wolf 218Pin

There was a time when Sigelei was the top contender when it came to vape mods. Since 2019, Sigelei has been an OEM type of manufacturer. Let’s take a look at what made them stand out in 2016.

Weekend Throwback: The Sigelei Snow Wolf 218Pin

More Power, Sigelei

In 2016 nothing was more important that power. We called this the “Wattage Wars” because it seemed like every company wanted to out-do the next. More amps, more watts, and definitely more batteries! Sigelei has massive success with their original 213 mod.

The moment I saw this mod in the shop, I knew I needed it. What I did not know, was how useful it would be in the future. It has one standout feature that is hard to find in modern mods.

Specs and Features

The Sigelei 218 was packed with some awesome features.

  • Triple 18650 design
  • Stabilized Wood front panel
  • 218 watts
  • Zinc alloy and aluminum chassis
  • Temperature Control
  • Pre-heat Wattage setting
  • Centered 510 for large atomizers

Why Is This So Awesome?

The 218 mod runs the exact same PCB and interface as their previous mods, in a much larger package. So if you had used any of their previous mods, you knew the intuitive layout.

You can tell by the shape and design that Sigelei was making their own version of the Wismec RX Series. The Wismec RX has taken off in popularity, and I honestly didn’t know a single vaper that didn’t have one in 2016. Usually paired with the Smok TFV8 tank for high wattage vaping.

I loved my Wismec RX (I still have it!) but my biggest problem with the mod, was the 510 placement. The 510 was right on the edge of the mod, and you could not fit more than a 25mm atomizer on the top. This seemed odd to me…a triple battery design that cannot support a 30mm?

Hello Sigelei 218! With the centered 510, you could fit up to a 40mm atomizer! Tanks were getting larger, and Sigelei left the other larger mods in the dust with their centered 510. To this day, it’s still hard to find the right mod for larger tanks.

My Steamcrave atomizers live on top of my Sigelei 218 for this very reason! 30mm? No problem! 40mm? Bring it on!

(Picture of my setup here)

Intuitive Interface

The Sigelei 218 uses the familiar electronics from their 213 series. Three clicks of the fire button brings you to the menus. The temperature control suite is the same as the 213.

The pre-heat option allows you to set the initial hit when you tap the fire button. You can set this up to 200 watts for the first second of vaping. Out of the box the pre-heatt is set for 100 watts, so it gives the illusion that the mod fires instantly.

Temp Control is a breeze to set, and I can confirm that I never got a dry hit while using it.

Solidly Built

The “Snow Wolf” brand that Sigelei produced was regarded as being slightly more high-end than their more affordable offerings. This shows in the solid metal construction. This thing is built like a tank!

(Editor’s Note: Sigelei and Asmodus both made Snow Wolf branded products. This is because they are the same manufacturer. Just like OFRF and Wotofo today. In fact, Sigelei makes many brands even now.)

The battery door is solid and secure. There are two venting ports on each side of the mod to cool down your batteries. The sides are aluminum, while the top and bottom are zinc alloy with a plastic coating.

This was truly a Golden Age for Sigelei, as their products were all above average in quality, and many people still use them today. My personal 218 is over 3 years old, and has thousands of hits on it. I can say the same for all of my Sigelei/Asmodus products from 2016-2018. Both brands are made in the same factory to this day.

Replaceable Panels

Originally, the 218 was marketed as having replaceable panels. I never saw any of these out in the wild. I used to see them frequently on Chinese-based websites. You could change out the panel by removing the bottom screws.

I’ve tried to take it apart myself, and I see how it could work. But since I never found a spare panel, I’m stuck with the stock panel that it came with. That is fine by me, as it is a beautiful piece of wood and resin.

Is It Still Relevant?

Hell yes it is! Like I said before, when larger atomizers became more mainstream, the biggest problem was finding a mod that didn’t have any overhang. More importantly, it was hard to find a mod that could power super-subohm builds without sacrificing battery life.

These days, pod mods are all the rage. But there was a time when we all carried around these hulking bits of metal, full of power. If you like large atomizers, I would say that the Sigelei 218 is right up your alley.

You can still find them out in the wild. Unfortunately for Sigelei, the 218 never really took off. Sigelei went on to do greater things, and Wismec continued their famous RX series. But for some of us that view the vaping world with nostalgia-tinted glasses…the 218 is a giant, Hulk-sized slice of heaven.

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