Vaping vs Smoking: The Facts, The Science [Why It’s The Future]

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Vaping vs Smoking: is vaping better than smoking? Of course it is! And here’s the science, facts, and studies to demonstrate this fact!

Vaping is better than smoking.

Vaping is safer than smoking – by around 95%.

There is A LOT of fear-mongering around about vaping right now, but with the help of scientists and experts, we’ll review some of the ACTUAL benefits of vaping.

Smoke and Vape – The Main Differences

Smoking cigarettes kills approximately 700,000 people each year in the European Union alone, of which 79000 are in the United Kingdom.

While globally 7 million people lose their lives because of smoking. It is an authentic epidemic and the primary cause of preventable death in the world.

In this case, technology can be our best ally.

Vaping vs Smoking – The Best Way To Quit Smoking

Vaping has helped millions of people quit smoking.

And as a public health tool, the effectiveness of vaping has already been amply demonstrated.

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More than ten million people use vaping devices in the European Union – about 2% of the population.

However, a lack of knowledge about vaping (especially its health benefits when compared to smoking) is holding things up.

Which is why we have campaigns like VApril.

Vaping is Not “Another Form of Smoking”

There are dozens of articles and reports in the press, radio or television that have defined the use of electronic cigarettes as “the new way of smoking”.

It is just not right.

When you light a cigarette with the lighter a combustion takes place and this causes various chemical reactions that produce a myriad of carcinogenic substances.

This combustion (and carcinogens) does not exist in vaping devices.

Combustion in cigarettes causes 4,000 to 7,000 toxic substances, of which probably more than 100 are carcinogenic.

On the other hand, with vaping devices what you introduce into your body is a vapor composed of four substances:

  • propylene glycol,
  • glycerol [or glycerin, of vegetable origin],
  • food aromas,
  • and nicotine, if demanded by the consumer (there are 0% nicotine options available).

All of these substances are safe for human consumption and do little to no damage to your body.

Vaping is Less Harmful Than Smoking

The National Health Service and the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom have been unequivocal about this.

What Are The Best Vape Kits For New Vapers?


After analyzing a decade of scientific studies on vapers, they have come to the conclusion that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

To put it another way: the damage that vaping causes is, at most, 5% of what cigarettes do – and that is significant.

What About Second Hand Vape Smoke?

There are no ill effects from passive vaping, either.

Several studies have analyzed the vapor exhaled by the user of an electronic cigarette and have found just what they expected: propylene glycol, glycerin, aromas, and nicotine.

Precisely the same substances that make up the juice.

None of the carcinogens derived from combustion that make up tobacco smoke.

So you can rest assured that you’re not hurting anyone with your vapor, unlike cigarettes, that pose a severe health threat to the smoker and those around him.

Nicotine Does Not Cause Cancer

Most of the people that use vapes to stop smoking use nicotine-containing Juices.

Each user chooses the concentration that he considers appropriate, and it is often reduced as time passes and his addiction decreases.

Many users end up vaping without it, which significantly helps gradually abandon smoking.



In any case, the overwhelming fear of nicotine is unfounded.

Many people think that nicotine is a super-toxic poison, and that is entirely false.

The studies on nicotine toxicity on which we relied were of the nineteenth century, and the dangerousness of nicotine was hugely overvalued.

Dr. Bernd Mayer showed in 2014 that the dose of nicotine needed to kill a human being is much higher than established by the health authorities (ten or twelve times higher).

Vaping Can (AND WILL) Save You Money

Vaping is also significantly cheaper than smoking.

According to most studies, the first month of use of electronic cigarettes represents a saving of 50% to 60% of the costs associated with traditional cigarettes.

Smoking vs Vaping

Although scientific evidence supports vaping as a tool to reduce damage from smoking, detractors still exist.

However, the most relevant study in this regard, published by a group of researchers from Greece, the United Kingdom, and France, revealed that more than 6 million smokers in the European Union had stopped smoking and another 9 million had reduced their consumption of tobacco thanks to electronic cigarettes.

More Smokers Are Switching To Vaping Each Year

The NHS has estimated that currently in the United Kingdom there are approximately 2.4 million vapers, representing 5% of adults in the country.

Expect this number to increase dramatically between now and 2020, as the benefits of vaping become more well-known among the population.

Best Vape Kits For Quitting Smoking?

Our current picks for the best vape kits for beginners are outlined in the table below.

(PLEASE NOTE: If you’re viewing the table on a mobile device, scroll across with your finger left-to-right for more details and columns. Alternatively, flip your phone on its side to view entire column in portrait)

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