SMOK Rolo Badge vs SMOK INFINIX: Best SMOK Pod System?


I’ve been using both for a solid few weeks now, so which do I think is best in a straight up SMOK Rolo Badge vs SMOK INFINIX comparison?

Pod mod vapes are ALL the rage these days. Every man and his dog seems to be making them.

So it’s no surprise that SMOK has waded into the market with a couple of its own in the form of the SMOK Role Badge and the SMOK INFINIX.

I’ve been running both for a few weeks now, and I have some pretty solid thoughts on each of them.

SMOK Rolo Badge vs SMOK INFINIX – Design

SMOK Rolo Badge

The SMOK Rolo Badge AKA The Fingerprint Magnet

These devices look and feel very different, but the overall idea behind both is very similar: they’re refillable pod systems designed to compete with the likes of JUUL and Suorin and MiPod.

The SMOK Rolo Badge is tiny, similar in size to the SMOANT S8 Pod, and it features a refillable pod system.

You have to swap out the pods after 3-5 refills, and a new pod will cost you around $5-$8, depending on where you look.

I quite like the design of the SMOK Rolo Badge, though it is a MASSIVE fingerprint magnet.

It is small but weighty. The bulk of this weight comes from its 250mAh (non-removable) battery.

It’s smart enough looking, but I do get that some vapers might be put off by its design language, as it is, well… a little odd.

It has been very popular with my female friends, however, so perhaps SMOK is aiming this at the fairer sex? It’s certainly feminine and is perfectly suited for carrying around in a purse.


The SMOK INFINIX – A Straight-Up Vape Pen Setup

The SMOK INFINIX is way more traditional; it’s a straight-up vape pen. The design is simple and famailiar. It looks and feels well put together.

Both are available in SMOK’s usual gamut of color schemes.

My review units were rainbow (the Rolo Badge) and blue (INFINIX). Two colors I actually really dig, so no complaints in this regard.

The SMOK INFINIX is definitely more my style; it’s easy to hold, has a better battery life (though only just), and a less turbulent airflow.

It’s also really lightweight, more so than the Rolo Badge bizarrely, and I prefer using it to vape on the go.

It’s just easier to pick up and vape, whereas the Rolo Badge tends to be a little slippery.

Both devices charge via microUSB and both feature simple-to-refill pod systems, though the ROLO Badge’s is a completely different shape, as you can see below.

The Two Styles of Pod: INFINIX (Left) and ROLO BADGE (Right)

SMOK Rolo Badge vs SMOK INFINIX – Flavor and Airflow

This one is simple: the SMOK INFINIX is vastly superior.

The airflow is airier and smoother. The Rolo Badge’s airflow, in direct contrast, is turbulent and oddly restricted.

Both are MTL vapes, but the INFINIX’s airflow, in my humble opinion, is a lot better – it’s smoother and you tend to get more vapor.

I wouldn’t describe either as flavor bangers, sadly.

Neither comes even remotely close to the SMOANT S8 Pod in this regard, which is a shame as I was expecting more from SMOK in this regard.

The EPIC SMOANT S8 Pod System – Check Out My Full SMOANT S8 Pod Review

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I’ve tried multiple Nic Salts lines of juice in both, and while neither is particularly impressive in the flavor department, I think the INFINIX is the better of the two.

And this is likely down to its slightly different coil system and better airflow.

If you’re after a flavor-monster, however, you’re 100% better off with the SMOANT S8 Pod.

Or the much-loved MiPod.

Both of these systems are better than the SMOK Rolo Badge and SMOK INFINIX, in my experience.

SMOK Rolo Badge vs SMOK INFINIX – Battery Life

As I said, I’ve been using both these pod vapes for about three weeks now. The INFINIX is slightly better in the battery department.

By how much? An hour or two – give or take. But that’s it.

With moderate to heavy vaping, you’re looking at 5-6 hours with the Rolo Badge and about 6-7 hours with the INFINIX.

The SMOK INFINIX – My Favorite of The Two SMOK Pod Systems

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This isn’t great, but it is more or less par for the course when it comes to pod mod systems.

You’re meant to treat pod mod vapes like a cigarette. This is why most are designed to run on Nic Salts E Juice, not High VG vape juice.

This way, you get bigger hits and require fewer toots throughout the day.

At least, this is the idea.

I tend to chain vape them just the same, however, and end up getting the “nic sweats” – i.e. too much nicotine!

SMOK Rolo Badge vs SMOK INFINIX – Pod Life Cycle?

How long to SMOK’s refillable pods last?

A good long while. I’ve been using both for three weeks, and I’ve yet to change the pods on either.

The flavor is still OK, though it was never brilliant in the first place, so this tells me the pod’s lifecycle is pretty damn solid.

So that’s something, at least!

SMOK Rolo Badge vs SMOK INFINIX – Best Place To Buy?

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Best Pod Mod Vapes We’ve Tested So Far? 

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The following are the best-rated we have tested to date.

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