The Perfect Vape Tank? Meet The Falcon Tank (It’s Amazing…)

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In a sea of options, finding the perfect vape tank is kind of impossible.

The phrase, ‘finding a needle in a haystack,’ springs to mind.

The crucial thing you have to remember is this: there are literally hundreds of vape tank options out there.


Therefore, finding the best of the best is ALWAYS going to be hard.

Even more so if you’re new to vaping (as I’m sure many of you reading this are).

And then you have online blogs. I love the vape scene and most of our brothers and sisters that contribute online.

But far too often I see SMOK tanks recommended as the best vape tank options. And this is frankly insane.

SMOK tanks suck. Big time!

Yes, they’re popular. And, yes, they’re everywhere. But this is down to SMOK’s impressive distribution. Not the quality of its products.


SMOK coils are terrible and will cost you a small fortune to run in the medium to long-term.

I’m talking $30-$40 per month on them.

And that is no good. Not in 2018…

The #1 Tank I Recommend The Most…

Every country has a leader or a king. And every year, the vaping scene has a dominate sub ohm tank.

In 2017, it was the UWELL Valyrian, for instance.

And while the Valyrian is still one of the best options around right now, it has well and truly been dispatched by HorizonTech’s Falcon Tank.

The Falcon Tank

Perfect Vape TankPin
The Falcon Tank: A Flawless Sub Ohm Tank With Immense Coils (That Last AGES) And RDA-Grade Flavor. And Best of All It Retails For Less Than $30!

Nothing is perfect. If things were then we’d never have any progress.

Things can always be improved. And that’s great; it means we get new stuff year after year.

But the Falcon Tank is just about as good as it gets with respect to sub ohm tanks right now.

Why’s that?

There are four main reasons for this. And they are as follows:

  • RDA-Grade Flavor – It Might Be A Sub-Ohm Tank, But The Falcon Delivers RDA-Grade Flavor. And That is Hugely Significant.
  • Excellent Mesh Coils – HorizonTech Makes Some of The Best Mesh Coils in The Business. They Last Forever And They Kick Out Market-Leading Flavor.
  • Design – The Falcon Tank is Beautifully Designed. The Machining is Flawless and it Holds 5ML of E Juice.
  • Pitch-Perfect Airflow – The Airflow on The Falcon Tank is Smooth and Perfectly Engineered. The Vape is Smooth and The Flavors are Massive.

These four elements combined made for one of the best performing vape tanks our team of reviewers have ever encountered.

It is flawless with respect to flavor and overall performance. And the mesh coils? Forget about it! They’re stunning, easily the best on the market right now.

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The Falcon Tank is Available In A Range of Frankly Insane Color Options. There’s About 20 Altogether, I Think… Either Way, You’re Sure To Find One That is Perfect For Your Style

This is why the Falcon Tank has constantly topped VapeBeat’s Guide To The Best Vape Tanks for nearly the entirety of 2018.

There are other options, as you’ll see in the Best Vape Tanks Guide, but none can really hold a candle to the Falcon tank with respect to flavor and overall performance.

The Falcon tank exceeds in key areas that are vitally important when you’re talking about sub ohm vape tanks:

🚀It Has Long-Lasting Coils
🚀It Produces Market-Leading Flavor
🚀It Looks Great
🚀And It Isn’t Too Expensive

Nailing every, single one of these factors is tricky. Hardly no-one manages to pull it off…

But HorizonTech has managed to do it with the Falcon tank.

And this is why I believe the Falcon Tank ($29.95 w/ FREE SHIPPING) is the perfect vape tank option right now.

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For Less Than $30 (And With Free Shipping) It Is Kind of Impossible Not To Love The Falcon Tank.

No other vape tank on market right now is as good as the Falcon when it comes to coil performance, coil longevity, and flavor performance.

It really is in a class of its own.

And for under $30, that is insanely impressive!

Need Help? No problem.

We’ve helped millions of people get started with vaping. If you have any questions or just want plenty of actionable advice, hit the button below – it’s a direct line to Drake.

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