The Best Vape Tanks You Can Buy RIGHT NOW: All KILLER. No Filler

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These are the absolute best vape tanks we’ve tested, so if you’re in the market for a new vaping setup… well, look no further

The Best Vape Tanks of 2016 Include:
No Make Best For Price Capacity Rating
1 UWELL Crown  All Round Performance  $28.95  4ml  10/10
2 SMOK TFV8 HUGE Clouds, Big Flavour  $36.99  6ml  10/10
3 VaporFi EDGE Biggest Capacity  $44.99  7ml  9/10
4 Aspire Nautilus Mini Mouth To Lung Vaping  $19.99  2ml  8/10
5 Sense Herakles Plus Flavour  $29.95  3.6ml  9.5/10

Best Vape Tanks 2017: Intro — What Makes A Vape Tank Great? 

Tanks. Box-Mods. Decent quality, great-tasting ejuice. All of these things are becoming increasingly popular with consumers as vaping moves from niche hobby to mainstream pastime in the UK.

Never before has there been more choice when it comes to product, both here in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

If you’re serious about vaping, chances are you’re using a tank and some kind of box-mod. If so, this article is for you — all the tanks here are absolute STUNNERS!

During the past 18 months Vape Beat has used a bunch of tanks from a variety of different manufacturers. Most were very good setups with excellent through-flow and durability.

But some, there’s always a few, were utter rubbish and should be avoided like the plague.

You do not want to waste your money on crap, so in order to avoid the same mistakes we made be sure to check out the following heads.

A good sub-ohm tank will last you as long as you need it, meaning you could technically use the same one for years, providing you take good care of it, without too much fuss.

I have a few two year old tanks in my collection and both are still firing on all cylinders. Maintenance is IMPORTANT, though, so make sure you take good care of your tanks and they well take care of you.

This list doesn’t cover ALL the tanks out there right now, as some sites like to do; rather, it lists the sub-ohm tanks we have tested, graded and rated. The tanks you will read about below have all be extensively scrutinised by our dedicated team of reviewers and are all solid, durable, high-performance setups.

We have also tried to cater to all budgets, though the price of a good sub-ohm tank, generally speaking, is usually about the same – anywhere between $20 to $30.

Where available we have listed the best prices we could find for each tank on the web. In some cases – VaporFi, for instance – it wasn’t possible, as to buy VaporFi you have to go through VaporFi.

Right: let’s do this.

The Best Vape Tanks of 2017 Thus Far…

Herakles Pro – An EPIC Sub-Ohm Tank

Sense is a name you ALWAYS associate with quality and the company’s latest and greatest sub-ohm tank, the Herakles Pro, is no exception to this rule. Nick just finished reviewing the Herakles Pro and gave it almost full marks – an unprecedented 9.5/10.

best-vape-tanks best-vape-tanks

If you’re after a new sub-ohm tank and you want the best then this is an option you should be taking a VERY close look at. The design is flawless as is the flavour and cloud production. Nothing has been left to chance here and the net result is one of the best tanks we’ve tested in the past 12 months.

Herakles Pro Specs & Features

  • Vape Juice Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Dual Fill Ports
  • Juice Flow Control Ring
  • 1.8 ohm MTL Coil Resistance Range: 20-50W
  • 0.4 ohm DTL Coil Resistance Range: 30-80W
  • Bottom Adjustable Airflow Ring
  • Compatible with Herkales Pro Coils
  • Compatible with Herkales Plus Coils

The Herakles Pro is available now with FREE SHIPPING for $26.95



VaporFi VIBE – A Truly Outstanding Sub-Ohm Vape Tank

VaporFi has been around for AGES and a lot of its products have been great. There have been the occasional clanger, but VaporFi’s 2016 campaign has been immense; they’ve released a lot of good stuff — including some truly epic E-Juice flavours.

best-vape-tanks best-vape-tanks

The VaporFi VIBE is a sub-ohm tank and like the masters of the realm — the UWELL Crown and Herakles Plus — it really is a jack of all trades. Want MASSIVE flavour? No problem. What about HUGE clouds? Done. The VaporFi VIBE does it all and it does it in exceptional style as well.

Out of all the sub-ohm tanks we’ve tested this year, the VaporFi VIBE is definitely the most surprising. Prior to reviewing, we had no expectations. After, we were left reeling as this thing is easily on a par with setups like the UWELL Crown and the Herakles Plus.

Do yourself a favour and check this tank out!

VaporFi VIBE Specs & Features

  • 3.5ml Vape Juice Capacity
  • Top Fill Tank Design
  • Top Airflow
  • 5 Airlow Holes
  • Temperature Control Compatible
  • Cup Design
  • Mouth To Lung and Direct to Lung Coils

Pick The VaporFi VIBE Up RIGHT NOW Direct From VaporFi For Just $44.99


Eleaf LYCHE Tank

The Eleaf LYCHE Tank is just about one of the best sub-ohm tanks we’ve tested in 2016. It came out of nowhere and simply blew our socks off! This is a beautifully crafted, high-performance tank that is simple to use and easy to maintain.



The top-mounted Airflow system ensure excellent, cool vaping across the board and the side-filling design of the Eleaf LYCHE is innovative and useful. Chuck in the awesome NotchCoil this thing ships with and you’re looking at one of the best value sub-ohm tanks of 2016. Bar none!

Eleaf LYCHE Tank Specs & Features

  • Dimensions: 59*22mm
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 4mL Tank Capacity
  • Top Hidden Airflow
  • Convenient Top Side Fill
  • Bottom Cup-Like Design
  • Delrin Insulated Drip Tip
  • RBA Available

Eleaf LYCHE Tank: Best Prices

Retailer Region Price
VaporBEAST US $15.97
UK eCig Store UK NA
Amazon Global NA
GearBest Global NA

Aspire Cleito

The Aspire Cleito, like the Horizon KRIXUS, attempts to do something a little, err… different. Only here, the results are superb, whereas the KRIXUS’ attempt at solving the need for constant coil changing was problematic at best.


The Aspire Cleito features a new type of coil technology, which is longer and takes up less room. The idea here is that there’s less resistance on the airflow and this creates bigger clouds and more intense flavour.

Already a favourite with reviewers around the globe and everybody at the VapeBeat towers, Aspire’s Cleito is one hell of a proposition. Whether you’re a cloud chaser or a flavour junkie, it matters not — the Cleito caters to all needs, tastes, wants and desires!


Aspire Cleito Features

  • 3.5ml Capacity
  • New Coil System
  • Top Fillling
  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
  • Available in Black or Stainless Steel
  • Celito Cuffs dissipate heat and look good
  • 0.2 ohm (55 – 70W)
  • 0.4 ohm (40 -60W)

Aspire Cleito: Best Prices From Around The Web

Retailer Region Price
VaporDNA US $24.99
VaporBEAST US $22.95
UK eCig Store UK £19.99
Amazon Global £15.90
GearBest Global NA


Building on the success of the AWESOME TFV4, the SMOK TFV8 tank is an absolute MONSTER and is easily one of the best vape tanks on the market in 2016.

Featuring enlarged juice holes, a redesigned airflow system and SMOK’s patented ‘turbo engines’ coil system, the SMOK TFV8 tank leaves very little to be desired.


With the SMOK TFV8, you can either run it as a sub-ohm tank with pre-built coils — the pack comes with 1 x V8-T8 Octuple Coil Head (0.15Ω) or 1 x V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head (0.15Ω) — or as an RBA with the included V8 Exclusive Turbo RBA Head (0.28Ω).

This tank is simply superb. Nothing else really comes close in 2016, so if you’re looking for the absolute BEST, make sure you check out the SMOK TFV8.

SMOK TFV8 Tank Features

  • Maximum Juice Capacity: 6ML (with T8-Q4) and 5.5ML (with T8-V8)
  • Delrin Drip Tip
  • Top Filling – Swivel Cap with larger juice hole
  • Stainless Steel
  • 510 Connection Thread
  • Height:50mm
  • Diameter:24.5mm
  • Glass Diameter:25.5mm
  • Weight:74g

SMOK TFV8 Tank: Best Prices From Around The Web

Retailer Region Price
VaporDNA US $36.99
VaporBEAST US $38.49
UK eCig Store UK £36.99
Amazon Global £29.19
GearBest Global NA

Aspire TRITON 2

The Aspire TRITON was a big release. The aggressive looking tank is already included on this list — you can read about it further down.


But now there is a successor model and it goes by the name of TRITON 2. This tank is slightly larger and less aggressive looking, but it is still something of a beast.

In our Aspire TRITON 2 Review, we said the following: “If you’re looking for a great all-day tank that’ll provide awesome experiences for the rest of 2016, the you’ll definitely want to check out the TRITON 2. Whatever setup you’re using, Aspire has a coil solution for you. I love this about this tank; it caters to all tastes, needs and requirements. The Aspire TRITON 2 is EASILY one of the top three vape tanks in the business right now. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!”

Aspire TRITON 2 Best Prices From Around The Web

Retailer Region Price
DIRECTVAPOR (Best Price) US $34.95
VaporDNA US $39.99
VaporBEAST US $34.95
UK eCig Store UK £32.99
Amazon Global £21.90
GearBest Global NA

Arctic Turbo Sub-Ohm Tank

Horizon’s Arctic Turbo is one of the most advanced tanks money can buy. Picking up where its predecessor left off, the Arctic Turbo Sub-Ohm Tank features made from 304 stainless steel, features a large 4mL e-liquid capacity, a Pyrex glass tank, a new sextuple (that’s SIX, by the way) coil design, top and bottom adjustable airflow control, a top turbine cooling system, a stainless steel wide bore drip tip, a silver-plated 510 contact pin, and a unique anti-leak design.


But that’s not ALL — the cooling turbine, located at the top of the tank, completely removes heat-bleed and creates one of the smoothest, most satisfying vape experiences we’ve ever had the pleasure of hitting. The sexcyuplet coil head features three independent chambers with dual vertical coils in each that can handle up to 120W.

Impressive isn’t even the word for this tank. It’s FREAKING incredible.

Arctic Turbo Sub-Ohm Tank: Best Prices From Around The Web

Retailer Region Price
VaporDNA US $19.99
VaporBEAST US $15.97
UK eCig Store UK N/A
Amazon Global £28.40
GearBest Global NA

Smok TFV4 Sub-ohm Tank Full Kit

The Smok TFV4 Sub-ohm Tank is a truly stunning piece of kit. Made from stainless steel and rocking the company’s patented triple sub-ohm coil heads, the Smok TFV4 Sub-ohm Tank is one of the very best setups currently on market.


It supports RBA heads (both, single and dual), fills from the top for ease of use and has a very precise, adjustable airflow system located on the base of the tank. It is also one of the most customisable tanks available today with 10 atomizer options ranging from single coil RBA to a six coil head. A tinkerer’s paradise, if ever there was one!

Smok TFV4 Sub-Ohm Tank: Best Prices From Around The Web

Retailer Region Price
VaporDNA US $35.99
UK eCig Store UK £28.99
Amazon Global £24.99
GearBest Global N/A

Herakles Plus Tank by Sense

Sense’s Herakles tanks are fast becoming one of the most sought after brands in vaping. The original Herakles tank was something of a beast, easily one of the best tanks on market, but now Sense has released an update and, well, it is EVEN better.


Focussing on airflow, the latest tank from Sense, the Herakles Plus Tank, sends air current directly through the coil which improves efficiency and flavour as well as keeping heat-bleed to a minimum. And, like the UWELL Crown, the Herakles Plus Tank now fills from the top as well as the bottom, making it even more practical.

For unparalleled flavour and performance, you really cannot go wrong with the Herakles Plus Tank.

Herakles Plus Tank by Sense: Best Prices From Around The Web

Retailer Region Price
DIRECTVAPOR (Best Price) US $29.95
VaporDNA US $29.99
VaporBEAST US $27.49
UK eCig Store UK £25.99
Amazon Global £27.65
GearBest Global


I do love a good top-filling tank, especially when it’s as well put together as the Crown by Uwell. This subtank is one hell of a fetching piece of kit, looking like a cross between a piece of jewelry and something you might find attached to the side of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Needless to say, VB quite likes this one.


The tank itself is a top-filling setup, rare in today’s marketplace, and has a capacity of 4ml. Uwell, a relative upstart in the vaping scene, produces a range of very decent coils, single and dual, which allow the tank to straddle anything from 10W right up to 120W. The tank itself is stainless steel and the coils we sampled were all 100% imported organic cotton.

This is a great setup for pretty much anybody, though you’ll probably want a decent box-mod to really get the most out of it. Cloud production and flavor are excellent and, mercifully, the drip tip doesn’t heat up all that much, ensuring a smooth as silk vaping experience. The price isn’t bad, either – you can pick up the Crown for just £19.99.

UWELL Crown: Best Prices From Around The Web

Retailer Region Price
DIRECTVAPOR (Best Price) US $28.95
VaporDNA US $29.99
VaporBEAST US $30.95
UK eCig Store UK £19.99
Amazon Global £22.74

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