This is The Best Single 18650 Mod EVER – Here’s Why…

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If you use MTL tanks or lower-power single coil RTA tanks, you can use single 18650 vape mods. But what is the best single 18650 mod right now?

As someone that essentially MTL vapes more or less exclusively, I have a pretty big collection of single 18650 mods. I love testing them out, seeing how they perform and differ. But every now and then one comes along that simply blows the rest of the competition out of water.

Earlier this year, this happened. I got sent through the Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c mod to test out. I love Lost Vape’s products – well, nearly all of them – and after using the Lost Vape Thelema for a good 12 months, I was more than ready to make the switch to the Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c.

Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c

And here I am six months later, still using this amazing vape mod. I run a Kayfun on it; again, this tank has been my sole daily driver for almost two years now. It is really that good. And it is well worth the £100 I paid for it. Paired with the Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c, however, it really came into its own.

If you’re like me, and you love MTL vaping, the Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c is well worth the asking price. It looks utterly stunning, it is super lightweight and compact, and because it runs EVOLV’s DNA 100c chipset it is super accurate and ALWAYS gives you correct readings.

Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c Battery

What type of battery does the Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c mod use? Like most vape mods, it runs on 18650 batteries – only one in this instance, though – but it will also take 21700 and 20700 batteries as well if you’re looking for more power and capacity. Me? I stick with the 18650 size batteries, as I seldom run it higher than 14W.

Another cool thing about the Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c? It’s IP68 water-resistant which means it can survive a dunk in the bath and you can even use it to vape in the shower if that’s your thang. If you have a pool and are prone to jumping in with your vape in your pocket, an IP68 vape mod is well worth investing in. I know I’ve lost a few good mods to swimming pools over the years.

Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c Performance

Because the Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c runs EVOLV’s DNA 100c chip, you’re basically getting the most advanced performance on the market, allowing you to REALLY dial in your vaping experience. The customization options are myriad and as complex as you want them to be. And its temp control vaping mode is unparalleled.

The Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c, like most DNA 250c mods, comes with REPLAY Mode as standard. What is REPLAY mode? With REPLAY Mode, you can basically design your perfect puff and then lock everything on the mod, so every subsequent puff is exactly the same. It doesn’t sound that interesting but it really does work very well.

You also have something called BOOST MODE, whereby you can increase the power delivered to the atomizer at the start of your draw. This ensures your mod always fires hard first, then tapers off as you finish your puff on your tank. Another highly useful feature that I would definitely miss if I switched to a non-DNA mod.

You also get a RAFT of safety protections built into the mod itself via its DNA 100c chipset. This means you’re basically covered for every eventuality – including accidental firing, low resistance protection, overheat protection, reverse polarity protection, and short circuit protection. Basically, if anything whatsoever goes wrong, the mod will not fire and thus spare you any potential problems.

Is The Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c Worth It?

If you use MTL tanks or low-power single coil RTA tanks, the Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c is easily one of the best single 18650 mods I have ever owned and used – and I’ve owned A LOT of them over the years. It looks beautiful, especially in Carbon Fibre Black, and it performs like a monster across the board. I honestly don’t see myself using another vape mod for the remainder of 2022.

The Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100c is really that good. And, yes, it is well worth the £119.99 asking price – just don’t tell your better half how much it costs. That’s what I usually do.

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