VooPoo DRAG 3 Release Date & Specs – All The Details…

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 03/16/21 •  4 min read

The VooPoo DRAG 3 is now official – here’s everything you need to know about its release date, price, and specifications

The OG VooPoo DRAG was one of the most popular vape mods ever created. First launched in 2017, VooPoo is now onto its third instalment of its GENE-powered box mod. And fittingly, the VooPoo DRAG 3 is exactly what you’d expect…

The VooPoo DRAG 3 got a release date in 2021; in the UK and Europe, it can be picked up via New Vaping for £45.99.

In the US, the vape kit costs $57 (w/ FREE shipping).

That’s a bit pricier than the DRAG 2 but when you see some of the improvements VooPoo has made this time around, you’ll understand why it costs a little more.

Let’s take a quick look at the VooPoo DRAG 3 specifications first, then from here we can see how it compares to the outgoing VooPoo DRAG 2 series.

VooPoo DRAG 3 Specifications

As you can see, the VooPoo DRAG 3 packs in a bunch of new stuff. The most notable of which is the GENE FAN 2.0 chipset that brings a host of new vaping modes into play – you now have native support for Super Mode, Smart Mode and RBA Mode.

The DRAG 3 ships with VooPoo’s TPP Tank which uses VooPoo’s TPP atomisation technology which is designed to deliver maximum flavor and clouds. The TPP coils are designed to last longer, prime faster, and produce better flavor for longer.

And you get two coil options in the box:


The VooPoo DRAG 3 is positioned as a performance vape mod. It runs the latest GENE chip and will fire instantly – less than 0.001 seconds. You have 177W of power to play with as well as a selection of vaping modes.

The TPP tank is designed to work seamlessly with the DRAG 3 too, so as soon as you install the tank, the mod will know exactly what power setting to run at, removing any and all confusion for new vapers.

All you have to do is install the coil, fill the tank up with vape juice, and insert it on the vape mod. The VooPoo DRAG 3 will do the rest, adjusting the power so as to ensure you don’t burn out the coil by using too much power right off the bat.

Like the OG Drag and the Drag 2, the DRAG 3 runs on 2x 18650 batteries. It also has USB Type C too, so you can quick-charge it if you’re in a pinch and need some additional battery power quickly, although we wouldn’t recommend this. You should always charge 18650 batteries in an external charger.

What You Get In The Box?

As you can see, VooPoo includes everything you need to get started. You have a tank, some spare coils, a cable for charging and firmware updates, and even a manual in case you get stuck.

As vape kits go, I think the VooPoo DRAG 3 could prove very popular with vapers, new and old, as it packs in a ton of performance inside a good-looking premium-style vape mod.

I’m also really interested to test out VooPoo’s new TPP tanks. The coils on the DRAG MAX were insanely good, so these should be phenomenal!

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