Do Vape Mods Need to Be Kept Upright?

Do Vape Mods Need to Be Kept Upright?Pin

Do Vape Mods Need to Be Kept Upright?Pin

You’re all packed for your trip and ready to take your vape mod on a cruise, but will your vape mod be okay in your baggage if it isn’t kept upright? Vapes mods are expensive pieces of equipment that can quickly become expensive paperweights if you use them incorrectly. 

Thankfully, regardless if you have the worst or the best vape mod brands, they do not need to be stored upright. However, this is only the mod itself. Other parts can and should be stored upright at all times. 

Which Parts Need to Be Stored Upright?

While the mod itself is little more than a heavy battery with a voltage controller, other pieces and parts of your vape kit are not as robust. 

Cartridges and Tanks Filled With Vape Juice

Before packing your vape mod, be sure and remove the tank, even if it appears empty. The tank should be stored upright to prevent leakage. You can also buy an assortment of caps for your tanks, but even the best of them will occasionally leak, especially if they are in your pocket while you’re walking around. 

Vape Juice Bottles

Much like tanks, vape bottles can become a sticky mess if not stored properly. Always store your bottles upright whenever possible. If you’re traveling with them, try and keep them in your bag in a position that will stay upright throughout your journey.

Other Precautions and Tips

Besides the obvious, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when you’re traveling with your favorite vape kit and it might not be accessible at all times.

Turn Off Your Vape Mod

Most vape mods have long press or triple press switches to completely turn them off when not in use. This is recommended when you travel, as you wouldn’t want buttons accidentally pressed and parts becoming overheated, even without the coil or the tank attached.

Remove Your Tank or Cartridge

Similar to the above advice about turning off your mod, one of the key reasons to do this is just in case you forgot to remove your tank or cartridge. An empty tank with a hot coil is a recipe for disaster. The coil can become hot if your vape has accidentally activated while in your bag.

You may have adapter pieces to make your vape cartridges compatible with your mods, and each of these adapter pieces should be removed as well. Even if your mod is off, it’s always best to remove the cartridge or tank and any accessories or adapters. 

Wrap Your Mod in Something Soft

If you don’t already have a case for your mod, you should look into getting one as soon as possible. For those without cases, be sure and wrap your mod in something soft before packing it. This will protect the machinery and help keep buttons from being pressed accidentally. 

Long-press on/off buttons can be especially vulnerable to being turned on in a cramped bag, so be extra careful when you’re packing. 

Keep Your Vape Juice Bottles and Filled Tanks in a Sealable Bag

Even the best sealable tanks and bottles fail from time to time, so keeping your vape juice bottles in a sealable bag is a great way to minimize the mess if you ever have an accident. Just reseal your bottles, rinse them off, and rinse out your resealable bag and you’re good to go. 

Wrapping Up

Vape mods are resilient, but like many aspects of travel, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Take a few simple precautions, and you won’t have to deal with a mod disaster!

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