DashVapes YouTube Has Been Deleted. This is Not Cool…


Popular vape retailer DashVapes has had its YouTube channel deleted by Google. The company had over 500,000 subscribers.

Google-owned YouTube is a great place for those interested in vaping. You have thousands of great channels and few, well-known vaping celebrities on there. From Grimm Green to the always-divisive RIP Trippers, YouTube, for many vapers, is the best place to get new info on products.

During the past 24 months, though, things have changed quite a lot. Google is clamping down hard on vaping channels, citing the bunk science pushed by the FDA and CDC which, bizarrely, is completely at odds with health bodies in the UK.

The most recent victim of Google’s new China-style censorship initiative is DashVapes, a popular Canadian retailer that has, over the last few years, grown its YouTube channel from zero to over 500,000 subscribers. The company confirmed that Google has deleted its entire YouTube profile, including all of its content.

This sucks. Imagine working and investing on content, only to have it all taken away without warning? This is basically the risk ALL YouTubers that make content about vaping undertake. And I predict this will get worse. Biden is surrounded by anti-vaping zealots, so don’t expect things to get better any time soon.

Here’s a statement from DashVapes, which the company posted on Reddit:

We’ve been heavily invested in vaping education. Ensuring that not only our customers; but the entire industry can benefit from well-produced content that new users and veterans alike can benefit from.

DashVapes on YouTube amassed nearly half a million subscribers before YouTube deleted our channel with little warning, including our entire catalogue of videos that we’re working very hard to recover.

As they say; when life gives you lemons, make lemonade – and that’s exactly what we did.

We’ve created a robust in-house platform to house our videos, but it will need your help to reach the common folks as our videos did on YouTube.

We’d like to introduce DashVapes TV – a place that we hope will continue to teach, debunk and make you laugh – the same way our YouTube channel did.

We’ve submitted an appeal to YouTube and are still awaiting a response sadly.

I think it’s time we followed DashVapes’ lead and turned out backs on YouTube once and for all.

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