10 Reasons You 100% Need The Mighty Vaporizer In Your Life

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 04/15/19 •  5 min read

The Mighty Vaporizer is a BIGGER and BETTER version of the Crafty. Both are made by Storz and Bickel – vaporizer Royalty, basically. Below, you’ll find out just what makes this exceptional weed vape tick…

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1) Battery Life – It’s Freakin’ HUGE…

Any vaporizer worth its salt lives and dies by how good its battery life is. Most suck. Some are OK, but the Mighty Vaporizer transcends all in this regard. Pound for pound, you’re looking at around 90 minutes of continuous usage – that is HUGE.

Use it intermittently throughout an evening and it will never run out of battery life. This is why I ALWAYS take the Mighty Vaporizer with me to house parties. I know it will never run out of juice, regardless of how long I’m there.

2) Vapor Quality Unlike Anything Else

The vapor quality this thing kicks out is INSANE. Even compared to other, super-good vaporizers like the PAX 3 and Davinci IQ. It’s thick, dense, and packed with flavor.

Nothing else in the portable space comes even remotely close to the Mighty Vaporizer for overall vapor production and quality. It’s crazy-good in this regard. And that’s likely one of the main reasons why it is so beloved by potheads all over the globe.

3) So, So Simple To Use

Vaporizers like the PAX 3 and the Firefly 2 can be fiddly to use. You have to use a phone app to get things going and this, while handy, can and does create its own problems: what if your phone battery dies!?

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You also have to be REALLY precise with how you load the Firefly 2, for instance, whereas with the Mighty Vaporizer you can pack it however you damn like – course, finely ground, it matters not. Oh, and you don’t need a phone to run it.

4) Robust Design. Damn Thing’s Built Like A Tank

The Mighty Vaporizer is big. It’s bigger than the Crafty, the Davinci IQ, and the PAX 3 and the Firefly 2. But this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Case in point: if you take it out with you and drop it… it won’t shatter into a million pieces. It also feels reassuringly solid in the hand too and while some may view its size as a disadvantage, I’d argue it actually works in its favor.

5) Uses Conduction and Convection To Vaporize Weed

This is the reason the Mighty Vaporizer kicks out so much darn vapor. It’s a hybrid vaporizer that uses both conduction and convection in its own to vaporize your weed.

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This ensures maximum flavor and vapor density. If you’ve only ever used a convention or conduction vaporizer before, the combination of the two working together will almost certainly blow your socks off!

6) Can Hold Precise Temperature For Long Periods of Time

Another HUGE feature of the Mighty Vaporizer is that, once it maintains temperature, it can hold it perfectly for prolonged periods of time.

If you are hiking, for instance, and you set it to 280º, it will heat up to that in about 90 seconds, and then simply hold it there for as long as you want.

This means you can take cheeky puffs at your leisure. Combine it with the vaporizer’s awesome battery life and you’re in a very good place.

7) Super-Precise Controls

The controls on the front of the device are super-simple to use. You have an up and down key for adjusting the temperature. And that’s it.

This style of control makes it super simple to quickly up or down the temperature.

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Say you’re getting towards the end of the bowl, all you have to do is whack up the temperature to finish it off.

No phones required!

8) The Mighty Vaporizer is Almost As Good As A Desktop Vaporizer (Almost…)

With its hybrid heating element, insane battery life, and superior vapor production, many have argued that the Mighty Vaporizer is almost as good as Storz and Bickel’s tabletop Vaporizer, the Volcano Vaporizer.

They ain’t lying, either. The Mighty is a truly exceptional performer in ALL contexts. The only difference, really, is that the Volcano is mains-powered and uses balloons to collect the vapor.

Save for that, they’re damn close when it comes to performance.

9) It’s Got A Bowl Filling Aid

You know when you fill up your vaporizer and it makes a load of mess? Well, Storz and Bickel have thought up a solution for this which is imaginatively named the Bowl Filling Aid.

It’s simple to use and it saves on mess (both when you’re loading and emptying) which is always a good thing.

10) You Can Use It While It’s Charging

Because of the Mighty Vaporizer’s bigger internal battery, you have to charge it via a USB plug that is connected to the wall. But don’t let that put you off because you can still use it while it’s charging.

That’s right: so long as you have a USB cable long enough, you can toke away on the Mighty while it’s charging.

The total charge time from dead to 100% is around 90 minutes (give or take).

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