Vape Shop Near Me? The Best Vape Retailers In Your Vicinity

Looking for a vape retailer nearby? Ever wondered, where’s the best vape shop near me? Read on to find out!

If you’re curious about the best vape shop and smoke stores in your local vicinity, you’re in the right place.

Finding a good, brick and mortar vape shop is always a good idea.

You can use Google Maps to find them.

And, trust me, you definitely want to make sure you have a good, go-to vape shop nearby.

Why? Simple: no one likes waiting for deliveries – even next day deliveries!

Having a decent vape shop on your radar makes sense for a number of reasons.

But these are my top three:

#1 – You will never run out of E Juice again
#2 – You can get advice on stuff (new products, how to do things)
#3 – You can buy vape accessories like batteries, wires, and coils

What Is A Vape Shop?

Simple: a retailer that sells vape gear – so, E Juice, mods, tanks, and supplies.

Vape shops come in many different forms. Some are massive, others no more than a cupboard in the side of a building.

Regardless of where you live, chances are there will be a decent(ish) vape shop within walking distance of where you are.

They tend to spring up everywhere!

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The UNSTOPPABLE Rise of Vaping (Image Source)


I live in a town of just 15,000 people and there are already three vape shops within walking distance of my house. Three!

If you’re in a city, you’ll likely have more choice. And the vape shops will probably be fancier.

You might have coffee shops that are also vape shops and big chain vape stores like VaporFi or VaporDNA.

Head Shops – Also Good For Vape Stuff

As the popularity of vaping rises, head shops are now starting to get in on the action.

They mostly tend to focus on vaporisers (for weed), but the odd one might sell E Juice and CBD oil too.

If you’re in the market for a dry herb vape, and want to test it out before you buy, a head shop is definitely worth a visit, as the bigger ones tend to be very well stocked in this regard.

And Don’t Forget Smoke Shops – They Also Sell Vape Stuff Too

That’s right: traditional smoke shops are definitely a good place to look at when buying vape gear.

These businesses, keen to stay ahead of the curve, are now actively getting involved in the vape scene.

This means, if you have a smoke store near you, chances are it will carry some types of vape products.

Handy if you’re in a pinch!

What To Look For In A Vape Shop

For me, there are several factors that make a vape store good. And they are as follows:

  • Good amount of stock.
  • A range of products.
  • Competitive (and fair) pricing
  • Decent range of E Juice.
  • Knowledgeable (and friendly) staff.
  • Clean and tidy premises.
  • Customer loyalty schemes

This is what I look for when entering a vape shop. If I feel unwelcome or the sales assistant is a douche, I will never go back again.

Buying Vape Gear Online – Is It Cheaper?

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In a word, yes – it is 100% cheaper.

And the reason for this is fairly simple: there is less overhead associated with running a website than a physical store.

Stores are expensive, have a lot of fixed costs and overheads, and these costs are factored into the retail price of the product.

This is why one store might sell the Wismec RX GEN3 for $40 while another will retail it for $60.

This is why it pays to do your research; know the price before you go in, so you can haggle if needs be.

If you want the best price, you’re 100% best off doing 90% of your shopping online.

You have more choice, better price ranges, the ability to use coupons, and the freedom to shop around for the best price.

I do use physical vape shops from time to time, but 95% of my purchases are made online.

And the reason for this is simple: it’s cheaper and there’s more choice.

My Favourite Online Vape Retailers?

Glad you asked! Here’s a handy table of ALL the online vape retailers I regularly use.

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Looking For Your First Vape?

If you’re coming off the smokes right this second or thinking about it, my advice to you for your first vape kit would be this:

Keep it SIMPLE.

If you’re in the US, I’d 100% recommend the JUUL, as it perfectly simulates the sensation of smoking, just with E Juice – and it tastes fantastic.

Pod VapesPin

[letsreviewaffiliate url=”″ text=”$34.99 (Best Deal)” size=”big” rel=”nofollow” target=”newwindow” accent=”#dd3333″ border=”on”]

The JUUL is also cheap ($34.99) and SUPER simple to setup and live with. You don’t need to mess around with coils, wattages, ohms or anything else.

Just attach the kit together and, BOOM, you’re vaping.

JUUL also does a bunch of very tasty flavors, which you can save 15% on if you auto-ship its JUUL pods (this is what I do).

Other good, simple vapes? Below are the best of the rest!

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Need Help? No Problem.

We’ve helped millions of people get started with vaping. If you have any questions or just want plenty of actionable advice, hit the button below – it’s a direct line to Drake.

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