Topside Dual vs Vandy Vape Pulse Dual | Dual of The Squonk Mods…

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Topside Dual vs Vandy Vape Pulse Dual – Quick Verdict

I like Vandy Vape A LOT, but the Topside Dual is a vastly superior piece of vaping hardware. It not only looks better, but it has a better-integrated squonk system and a larger capacity (10ml). For this reason, I’d go with the Topside Dual – it’s easily the best dual-18650 regulated squonk mod on the planet right now.

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Topside Dual Pros

  • Incredible Design 
  • 10ml Squonk Bottle
  • Dual-18650 Batteries
  • Up To 200W of Power 
  • Can Handle Large Tanks With No Overhang
  • Totally Unique, Ergonomic Design

The build quality and overall performance of the Topside Dual is incredible. For this reason, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular squonk mods on the planet right now. I adore the way it looks and feels. The large squonk bottle inside it (10ml) means you can go all day without refilling, and the 200W of power under the hood means any style of vaping is possible.

Both the Pulse and Topside are great squonk mods, but for me, the Topside Dual squonk mod is just a better all-around vape mod. It has great capacity, tons of power, it looks utterly stunning, and it performs unlike anything else in the space right now.

And then you have the price: the Topside Dual retails for just $78.99 – and for a squonk mod of this caliber, that is truly excellent value for money.

Full Comparison of The Topside Dual and Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 

The Dovpo Topside Dual squonk mod and the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual are two of the hottest dual-1860 squonkers around right now… but which is the best vaping device?

Not so long ago, your options were pretty limited when it came to regulated, dual-18650 squonkers. Things have now changed though – now you have A LOT of options when it comes to regulated squonk mods.

And two of the best are Dovpo’s Topside Dual and the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual. In this post, we’ll look at both and how they differ in a bid to find out which is the best overall squonk mod.

Let’s do this…

Topside Dual vs Vandy Vape Pulse Dual – What’s The Difference?

I’m gonna start by saying this: both of these squonkers are great. But there are differences in how they look and function.

I’m going to go over each mod individually and then do a wrap-up at the end.

Cool? Right, let’s start with the Topside Dual Squonk.

Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Mod

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Created by Brian from The Vapor Chronicles and Dovpo, the Topside Dual picks up where the original Topside left off, adding in support for dual-18650s and even more power.

You now have 200W of potential power under the hood, as well as 10ML squonk bottle which should be more than enough to get you through an entire day of vaping.

It is bigger than the original, single 18650 Topside but that’s kind of a given, seeing that it packs in an extra battery.

The OLED display on this vape mod is stunning too; you can see everything you need to in a glance.

The Topside Dual is super easy to use. The squonk bottle is topped up from the top of the device, though due to its size you won’t be doing this too often.

In terms of aesthetics, the Topside Dual is a very handsome chap. It’s available in a range of colors too:

  • Gunmetal
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • Green

What’s In The Package?

  • The Topside Dual Mod
  • 2x 10ml Squonk Bottles
  • 1x Accessories Bag
  • MicroUSB Cable

Things To Keep In Mind

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The Beautiful Topside Dual w/ 10ml Squonk Bottle

The Topside Dual doesn’t come with an RDA, so you’ll either have to get one when you purchase it or using one of your existing BF RDAs.

The mod is designed for performance, and it delivers this in spades. The device itself is larger than the original, but you’ve got an extra battery life which means double the battery life, so not a bad thing.

It packs a HUGE squonk bottle; at 10ml it is one of the biggest in the business. And that is a big pro in my book.

Vandy Vape Pulse Dual

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The original Pulse was the squonk device that started it all. Since then Vandy Vape (and Tony B) have made a couple of updates to the platform, adding in a chip for regulation and more power.

The Vandy Vape Pulse Dual, however, is the biggest evolution of the Pulse platform we have seen to date. It is a massive overhaul of what came before with WAY more power and support for dual-18650s.

These are both significant additions. The latest Vandy Vape chip brings 220W of power with it, as well as support for temperature control vaping, something the Topside Dual does not have.

The design, finish, and styling of the Pulse Dual is all very much on point, as you’d expect from Vandy Vape and Tony B.

The Pulse Dual is also smaller than the Topside Dual squonk mod, though this is likely down to its smaller squonk bottle (7ml). It does, however, have more power (220W versus 200W).

And it comes with an RDA in the form of the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA, and this is again significant because the Topside Dual does not come with an RDA.

The original Pulse 24 RDA was great, delivering masses of flavor via its excellent build deck. The Pulse V2 RDA picks up where this atomizer left off, adding in a new deck that can handle dual-coil builds (of any size).

What’s In The Package?

  • Pulse Dual Squonk Mod
  • Pulse V2 RDA
  • 1x 7ml Squonk Bottle (No Spares, Sadly)
  • 1x Accessories Bag
  • 1x Spare Parts Bag

Things To Keep In Mind

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The KING! The Pulse Dual + Pulse V2 RDA – A Killer Combo…

First and foremost is the price: the Pulse Dual is quite a bit cheaper than the Topside Dual (and it comes with an RDA too).

If value for money’s your thang, then the Pulse Dual is the winner in this context.

The Pulse Dual has more power as well. Not only that but you also get support for temperature control vaping, Bypass Mode, and Curve Vape Settings as well.

If you’re after the full package, and you need an RDA, the Pulse Dual squonker is pretty much perfect. It’s cheaper, more powerful, and has more features than the Topside Dual device.

Wrapping Up… Should You Buy The Dual Pulse or The Topside Dual Squonk Mod?

As noted above, the Pulse Dual offers A LOT more bang for your buck.

It looks just as good as the Topside Dual, comes with an RDA, and has more power and features.

For this reason, it comes highly recommended.

The Topside Dual is no slouch though; it is beautifully designed and performs exceptionally well.

The only downside, for some, will be that it doesn’t come with an RDA.

This is NOT a negative for me personally; my fave squonk ever is the RAGE squonker and that doesn’t come with an RDA either.

The Toughest Decision You’ll Make In 2019…

For this reason, I am completely torn on which is the better vaping device…

On the one hand, you have the Pulse Dual which has masses of power, comes with an RDA, and has more features (TC, Curve Mode, Bypass Mode).

But then I LOVE the way the Topside Dual looks. I also really like how it operates and the fact that it has a 10ml squonk bottle inside it.

You will need your own RDA for the Topside Dual, and it will cost you more money than the Pulse Dual as well.

If I had to make a choice right now, and I could only have one, I’d probably go with the Pulse Dual, simply because it comes with an RDA – and you can never have enough of those.

Plus it’s cheaper and has more power and features.

That’s my ¢2, hope it helps you make a decision on which squonk kit to go for…

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