Squonk Mods UK Guide | The Best Squonk Mod + Where To Get It From

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 11/09/18 •  6 min read

In the UK?

Looking for a badass squonk mod that doesn’t cost the earth but performs like an absolute monster?


You’re in the right place: this is our squonk mods UK guide designed specifically for ALL our UK brothers and sisters.

The good news is that there are plenty of options for UK squonk mods right now. For me though, there is only one mod right now that ticks ALL my boxes.

Why’s that?

Simple: the thing you want to keep in mind when running a squonk mod is twofold (and this one NAILS both of them):

#1) You want dual-18650 cells for proper battery life and the ability to run dual-coil RDAs

#2) You want it to be regulated, so you can run it safely and not have to worry about overloading the batteries.

For this reason, I love this squonk mod, as it does all of the above and looks totally badass too.

Squonk Mods UK (What’s The #1 Best Squonk Mod In UK)

The RAGE squonker is perhaps one of the best dual-18650, regulated squonk mods on the planet right now.

It looks great, it rocks two 18650 cells, so you can run dual-coil RDAs on it, and, if temperature control’s your thang, it can do that too.

I’ve been using my RAGE squonker for a couple of months now and it has become a mainstay in my weekly rotation of mods.

If I’m squonking, I’m using the RAGE to do it. And for £59.99 (via ECIG ONE), it is also fairly cheap too (especially when you consider the specs and features it has).

I mean, just check out these specifications:

Rage Squonker Specifications

How To Set Up The Rage Squonker

Pretty simple, really.

The chassis of the mod is one whole piece, it looks awesome and feels exceptionally premium, and inside you have a 9ml squonk bottle which comes out the bottom (there’s a ring to access it).

UK Squonk Mod Guide

The Squonk Bottle (And Ring To Get It Out)

Fill the bottle up with E Juice, insert it back in, power on the device, and you’re good to go.

It’s proper straightforward; meaning this vape mod is ideal for newbies and novices alike.

Why Dual 18650 Squonk Mods Are Better

Simple: battery life. Another benefit is that you can run dual-coil RDA builds and get decent battery life.

With a single cell squonk mod, you pretty much have to run single coil RDAs.

UK Squonk Mod Guide

My RAGE Squonker Paired With Dead Rabbit RDA

The reason? Battery life – a single cell just isn’t powerful enough for dual-coil RDA builds. The battery life just gets zapped in a few hours.

With a dual-cell squonk mod, you can run dual-coil RDAs and you can run them at high wattages and still get decent battery life. In this respect, the RAGE squonker is more like a traditional box mod. Only here you got squonking abilities.

Plus It’s A Regulated Squonk Mod Too

This means you get support for temperature control vaping and BYPASS Mode, as well as a raft of protections and safety features.

A lot of squonk mods are mech mods, meaning they have zero protections built into them, so if you get something wrong it can be dangerous.

UK Squonk Mod Guide

The Best Looking Dual-18650 Squonk Mod Around

With a regulated squonk mod like the RAGE squonker, this simply does not happen.

If something’s wrong with your build, the atomizer, or the battery, the mod’s chip will pick it up and stop the power, protecting you from anything bad happening.

Things To Keep In Mind

The RAGE Squonk Mod does not come with an RDA, so to use it you will need a BF RDA – there are plenty of options, so don’t worry about this too much.

This is why the price is so low versus other, dual-18650 cell squonk mods like the USV MachON3, which retails for almost double the price. You’re paying for the RDA it comes with.

If you already have a bunch of BF RDAs, then you’re all good. If not, you’ll need to get one.

I’d recommend the following for use on the RAGE squonk mod:

Best BF RDAs

Rage Squonk Mod Performance

The RAGE squonker is a very, very good performer. And it doesn’t matter if you pair it with a dual-coil RDA or a single coil RDA like the Hermetic RDA.

There are pros and cons for both types of RDAs, but the biggest benefit of using a single coil RDA on a mod like the RAGE is battery life.

UK Squonk Mod Guide

The Settings Menu & Power Rocker

Because you’re putting less power through the batteries, you get WAY more battery life – like 30-40% more.

This is why I tend to run single coil RDAs when I’m out the house and dual-coils when I’m at home and don’t have to worry about battery life.

Use this rule of thumb and you’ll have a blast with the RAGE squonk mod.

Best Place To Buy In The UK?

ECIG One | £59.99 (Color Options: Gun Metal, Black, Red, Purple, White)

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