How Does the Volcano Hybrid Work? A Beginner’s Guide…

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Here’s a quick and simple guide to how the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer works and why it is one of the best and most-loved desktop vaporizers on the market…

The Volcano Hybrid is a high-quality desktop vaporizer that has been designed to provide an exceptional vaping experience. It is the latest model from Storz & Bickel, picking up where the Volcano Classic left off.

Suitable for dry herbs and concentrates, and packing in a ton of exciting new features that make it stand out from other vaporizers on the market, the Hybrid is a freakin’ beast in every possible criteria.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at how the Volcano Hybrid works.

What is the Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid?

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Before we dive into how the Volcano Hybrid works, let’s first understand what it is.

The Volcano Hybrid is a desktop vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel, a company that has been making market-leading vaporizers for almost three decades now.

It’s called the Volcano for the simple reason that it looks like one, as you can see above.

The design, an all metallic chassis, is as premium as it gets and the vaporizer itself, while expensive, does come with a life-time guarantee.

The original Volcano vaporizer was limited to balloon-style vaping, whereas the newer Volcano Hybrid will do both balloon and whip-style vaping.

Hence the branding, “hybrid”.

Storz & Bickel know you only ever have to buy one of these, and they know, thanks to the meticulous nature of its design and manufacturing process, that’ll it’ll run seamlessly for decades.

How Does the Volcano Hybrid Work?

The Volcano Hybrid works by heating up your dry herbs to release their active compounds without burning them.

This process is known as convection heating, which involves passing hot air through your dry herbs to release their active compounds in the form of vapor.

The Volcano Hybrid offers a huge temperature range to work with from 40°C right up to 230°C (or 104°F to 446°F).

How To Setup The Volcano Hybrid

How Does the Volcano Hybrid WorkPin

To use the Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid, you need to first grind your dry herbs and place them inside the filling chamber.

Once you have filled the chamber, attach it to the device and turn it on. The device will then heat up and start pushing hot air through your dry herbs.

The hot air will cause your dry herbs to release their active compounds in the form of vapor, which will then be collected in either a balloon or whip attachment depending on your preference.

You can then inhale this vapor through either attachment for an exceptional vaping experience.

Benefits of Using the Volcano Hybrid

  • Provides an exceptional vaping experience
  • Uses convection heating to release active compounds without burning
  • Versatile design allows for balloon or whip inhalation methods
  • Suitable for dry herbs


Overall, the Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid is an excellent choice for anyone that A) doesn’t mind spending quite a bit of money, B) wants the best possible performance on the market, and C) is obviously very serious about their pot smoking.

It’ll do both balloon and whip-style vaping and it is designed for use with dry herb (not concentrates). The unit itself is built like a tank and comes with everything you need to get started right away.

It costs plenty, of course, but treated right it will last you for the rest of your life.

If you want the best possible performance, the Volcano Hybrid is the best vaporizer on the market right now – nothing else comes even remotely close.

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